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Game of Thrones - S6E9 - Battle of the Bastards

Previously on Game of Thrones, “No One”

This was so worth the hype and it was extremely satisfying. My heart is as full as Ramsay’s dogs’ bellies. This episode slew harder than Grey Worm’s double throat-slice. It was more lit than the Great Masters’ ships. It was fiercer than Sansa’s final smile. 

I loved it.

Images: HBO

Images: HBO


After Tyrion explains to Daenerys why her city is being attacked by the Great Masters, he talks her out of taking the scorched Earth approach for revenge - sort of.

While the Great Masters look on in stunned disbelief and soiled underpants, Daenerys mounts Drogon, does a fly-by the catacombs were Rhaegal and Viserion have had just about enough of captivity and break free, and then proceeds to light some of the attacking fleet on fire, Blackwater-style.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Drogon in Flight

Meanwhile, Daario leads the Dothraki in chopping off the heads of the Sons of the Harpy.

The Masters soon surrender, offering up one of their own as an apology per Daenerys’ command, but Grey Worm kills the two who offered up the third by slicing both of their throats in one fell swoop. The survivor is told to go home and remember what he’s seen today - and then tell his friends to stay off these Mereeneese streets.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Tyrion

Yara’s Iron Fleet didn’t save the day, but her offer is too sweet for Daenerys to pass up. After Tyrion gets his petty out for all the shit Theon talked to him back at Winterfell, the two women strike a deal. The Greyjoys will lend her the ships and their men, pledge their allegiance, and give up their pillaging and raping ways, and in return Daenerys will give Yara rule over the Iron Islands. Oh, and she’ll help them kill their no-good, ain’t-shit uncle.

Battle of the Bastards

I’m just a girl and do not know the ways of war, but for some reason both sides typically meet before a medieval battle to … give the other side a chance to come to their senses? I don’t know, but Jon and Ramsay meet on neutral ground and Ramsay offers peace if Jon will bend the knee and return Sansa.


Game of Thrones - S6E9 - Ramsay

Jon offers a man-on-man fight, sparing the lives of their men. Ramsay’s heard about the ass whippings Jon has handed out like candy so he takes a hard pass on that. Jon points out that Ramsay’s men may not be too keen to fight for a commander who won’t for them.


His bitchassness properly revealed, Ramsay plays the only card he has left to end this without a fight: Rickon. After showing Shaggydog’s head (where was he keeping that for all these weeks?) as proof, Ramsay expects the Starks to back down. But he didn’t get the raven that Sansa did not come to fuck around with these heauxs. She won’t negotiate, tells him he will die upon the morrow, and then rides off like a boss.

Can we take a moment to talk about Lady Mormont mean-mugging on her My Little Pony? Adorbs.

Can we take a moment to talk about Lady Mormont mean-mugging on her My Little Pony? Adorbs.

That night, at their strategy session, Jon and company devise a plan to make Ramsay come to them and make it so that they cannot be flanked. Alone with Jon, Sansa scolds him for not seeking her advice. After all, she knows Ramsay better than all of them. And while she may not know battle strategy, she warns him to not allow Ramsay to use Rickon to bait him into a trap.

Game of Thrones - S6E9 - Sansa and Davos

After a chat with Tormund where they both lament losing their kings and Tormund offers up some yummy sour goat milk, Davos takes a walk and finds the pyre upon which Shireen died. He knows it’s the spot because he finds the stag he made for her in the ash.

Mellie, you in danger, girl. 

Speaking of, Jon asks Melisandre not to resurrect him if he dies again. She doesn’t answer to him, though, and figures there’s a reason she was given the power to bring him back. This is also what Thoros of Myr said to Sandor Clegane last week.

For the first time, Melisandre talks about her visions in the flames with uncertainty. She admits that she interprets them the best she can. Hope this is good enough for Davos when he comes for that ass next week.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Ramsay and Rickon

The next day, Jon does exactly what Sansa warned him not to do: He rushes in to save Rickon from Ramsay’s arrows, but fails. And when Rickon dies, Jon finds himself stranded in the middle of the field - well outside of where his men expected the battle to take place. He seems to accept his fate, and like several characters from the last two episodes, he’s ready to go out fighting. Fortunately, Davos sends their men to Jon mid-field and they arrive before Jon is plowed down.

The battle is bloody - as we knew it would be.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Battle

It’s not long before Jon and his men are surrounded by Ramsay’s calvary and a wall of their own fallen soldiers killed by arrows. Yet, they still fight. Tormund’s crazy ass rushes in and takes out a few. Wun Wun rips a man in half. But it’s still not enough. Tormund yells for their men to retreat and Jon is trampled in the stampede.

Jon surfaces, gasping for air, just in time to see Tormund being beaten by Smalljon Umber, his other men dying around him, and Wun Wun still going despite numerous arrows protruding from his body.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Tormund Fighting

Then a horn blares. It distracts Umber long enough for Tormund to go all Rick Grimes on his neck and then stab him to death… well, more death. A new army provide to Ramsay’s men what Jon and his men feared would happen to them: a savage mowing down by opponents on horseback.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Knights of the Vale

It’s Sansa, Littlefinger, and the Knights of the Vale. Ramsay looks over like:

Last Supper 2

He turns tail for Winterfell, but Jon, Tormund, and Wun Wun are not far behind. Just as Ramsay is sure they are safe behind the walls, Wun Wun bangs on the door. Repeatedly. It begins to buckle and Ramsay looks at the door like:


Once inside, Wun Wun falls to his knees. Whether he could have survived his injuries we’ll never know because Ramsay puts an arrow through the giant’s skull. Jon proceeds to beat the shit out of Ramsay, only stopping when he sees Sansa watching.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Jon in Winterfell

The Bolton banners are taken down as snow falls, and the Stark banners are raised. Melisandre looks on, pleased that her vision has finally come to pass. Rickon’s body is taken to the crypt to be buried alongside Ned.

Game of Thrones S6E9 - Rickon Dead

Sansa asks to see Ramsay.

Dis Gon B Gud

Ramsay is tied up in the kennel where he taunts Sansa because clearly he doesn’t know he’s lost yet. She makes it very clear he’s going to die, his family name is going to die, and that none of this could happen to a more deserving piece of shit. When his dogs appear, Ramsay is still confident. His loyal dogs wouldn’t dare attack him. Maybe not before, but Sansa reminds him of a threat he’d made earlier. He starved his dogs for seven days in preparation of eating Jon and his men. So, now, any flesh will do. And sure enough, despite his commands of “Down!,” his dogs eat him alive.

Sansa watches, walks away, and smiles.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this incorrectly listed Tormund fighting Karstark.

Here are some other great photos from the episode:

Game of Thrones S6E9
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30 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E9 - Battle of the Bastards


    Re Dany it sounds like if she gets the Iron throne -will she give the kingdoms their own statehood for lack of a better word? I know she wants to take back Westeros , but I’m with Darrio I don’t think she really wants the day to day ruling. And clearly she has never
    Been to the Iron Islands-the reaving and the roving is all they’ve got.

    Look Jon is my favorite , book and show, but I also love the character of Sansa. I didn’t get why she didn’t speak up during the war council. Jon has shown he is not the type to tell her to hush and let the men figure it out.

    I hope I am right that Jon will see that she obviously contacted littlefinger and then didn’t tell him.

    The way the battle went down was fantastic. I could not have asked for more. Jon walked right into Ramsey’s trap because sometimes that all you can do.

    Loved that Jon had the composure to
    Go from beating a man to death with his fists to taking one look at his sister and stopping so Ramsey could be take prisoner so she could decide his fate.

    Next week on…so do we think Baelish wants to bed Sansa or to have Sansa marry Robin? Does the crown care at this time of the Starks hold Winterfell?
    Bran finally gets to finish his Tower of Joy sequence next week right????

    Thanks for all the amazing GoT podcasting this season Nina, John and Anton!

  2. For the Podcast —

    For me — this has been the best season of the show & THIS amazingly EPIC episode has been THE BEST EVER!!

    I loved everything about it!!!

    But, of course, Dany’s starting to work my nerves.

    Drogon &’Em were long overdue for dracarys’n the Meereen shit show.

    Grey Worm is HAWT [full.stop]

    Looks like Yara might could be hook’n up with Dany after all!!!!😊

    I also LOVED Little Lady Mormont’s stankface!😂

    LOVED Sansa warning Jon not to go in & Stark up the battle — of course he didn’t exactly listen, but I loved the fact that she let him know & then proved that she is a valuable resource.

    I dunno what was in Mellie’s Resurrection Magic, but it must’ve included an arrow blocker 🤔😒

    Beast-mode Jon — can we get more of that?!?!

    …Wun-Wun & done😢… The last of his kind😢… But he made damn sure Jon got home!

    Sansa’s shit-eating ghost-smile was

    Also, I watched the “Anatomy of a Scene:” & the Horse Mistress (forgot her name) said that first scene in the middle of the battlefield after Rickon dies & the horses are barreling towards Jon

    That shit was AMAZING! (…I’ma watch it again!!)

    Ps - sooo I’m gonna reach for the stars & ask:

    …Do yawl think we’re gonna see DemDragons flying over Kings Landing next week?


    I don’t even have to say this-it was great. I was worried when we started in Mereen but it paid off.

    The Battle of the Bastards was everything that was promised and more. The scene of Jon almost being trampled to death nearly killed me until he was pulled up. Wun Wun dying wasn’t a surprise but it still hurt-he was ride or die to the end. Ramsey so smug talking about no siege weapons-FOOL A GIANT IS A SIEGE WEAPON!

    I see a lot of folks are pissed at Sansa but I don’t know why. She couldn’t be assured that Littlefinger would show up, even having sent the raven, so why give Jon that hope and have him hold out only to have them attacked and slaughtered? Best to keep quiet instead of giving false hope until you have a sure thing-which in this case wasn’t until they showed. Littlefinger isn’t going to risk word of his shenanigans getting back to Lannister or Bolton ears so he wouldn’t send a raven in response because any raven sent TO the Wall or their encampment would be intercepted. .

    Anyhoo, it was breathtaking and exciting and sad and satisfying. I know others will cover the other stuff I love (Ramsey tar tar anyone?) Can’t wait to hear the podcast and your thoughts!


    This episode was every fucking thing! I loved that it stayed isolated to only two locations it made for more focused story telling!

    The pre game battle with in Mereen was awesome! The budget was all over the screen and it looked amazing. Danerys Tubman ended slavery completely and got a fleet again! And I’m pretty sure by some kind of magic Greyworm grew his dick back because he was swangin! Hopefully now Dany can finally leave and go take on Westeros now that she got the Greyjoys on her side! Speaking of Yara body looked bangin’ in all that leather! She was spitting that good game at Dany! I see you girl!

    Now on to the main event! ALL WINTER SIXTEEN… ALL WINTER SIXTEEN

    Just like Jamelle said this was everything that God promised! Bastard Bowl 2016 lived up to the hype.

    First of all y’all know I said I fuck with Ramsay from day one. But when Jon confronted him on some straight up man to man shit. He turned bitch and I was like naw nigga now you gotta die slow! But it was looking real scary there in the battle when the Bolton and Umber forces had them all pinned together taking them out. I was legit crying. But my nigga Littlefinger came through in the clutch! Took his ass long enough!

    Sansa really should have let Jon know that this was a option so that all those good men wouldn’t have died! We lost Wun Wun behind this shit!

    Loved seeing that they got those Stark banners out of storage and hung them back up. Those opening credits next week better change back!

    Looking forward, you think Arya will find out that Winterfell is back under Stark control and have to decide either to go home or complete her list?

    Now that Ramsay is dead who is going to be the next villain?

    Will Tommen legitimize Jon?

    Anyway that’s all I got. Bout to go find some good Chicago Chicken Wings!

    Love y’all!


    I am usually bored to tears by big battle scenes and action in general, and would probably rather watch a small council meeting than a fight scene, but every now and then action is done so perfectly and realistically that I have no choice but to stare in awe. The battle of Winterfell was reminiscent of Braveheart, and the Dany riding Drogon stuff was good enough to be in something like Lord of the Rings, and so much better looking than it was in that hilarious scene from last season. It’s a shame that every battle in Game of Thrones has to end the exact same way, but we knew it was going to happen so there’s no reason to harp on it much I guess.

    Yara is my favorite character on this show now. Every word that comes out of her mouth tingles my nethers. I’m so glad they finally decided to make her a main character, because Gemma Whalen has been fantastic since she first appeared in Season 2, and Asha is one of my favorite characters in the books and now that she’s with Daenerys it makes that character infinitely more tolerable. I will accept her being queen of Westeros, so long as Yara gets to be her Master of Ships. Or Yara kills her and takes the throne for herself, which is my preferred outcome.

    This is going to be an episode that I watch probably close to 20 times, and unlike Hardhome, I won’t just be watching the last 20 minutes. This whole episode was balls out fantastic from the very beginning, and an easy 9 out of 10. The only thing that would have made this a perfect 10 is if it was Stannis vs. Roose. This is going to be such a fun episode to listen to, can’t wait to hear you guys talk about it.

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: Hi Nina, John and Anton! I thought my husband was going to have me committed. I whooped and hollered through the entire show. When the Dragons Attack is for real. Drogon coming over the cliff….EPIC! Then the Bastard Bowl DID.NOT.DISAPPOINT. Good LordTT!!! Sansa came through big time. Little Finger still ain’t ish and this is all about his own play but I’ll take the Win and will run it on into the locker room. Jon Snow…woosah. I loved Tormand and Davos. RIP Wun Wun. I’m glad Ramsey is gone but is Sansa with child? Let’s see…love the podcast. As I said, I was screaming with delightful glee throughout. I thought I would pass out when the Knights of the Vale showed up! Grey Worm killing the masters had me jumping up out of my seat. Yes, Epic, episode, in the top 3 but probably the most satisfying overall!

  7. “Mellie, you in danger girl” and mean mugging Lady Mormont are my favorite parts of this review!

  8. For the Cast:

    It was beyond epic. From Dany with Drogon and his Bros bbq’ing asses to The master having to kneel for Grey Worm. And Danyara is now a thing.
    Make it so. Please make it so.

    The battle was impossibly great.
    But Sansa you can’t be holding shit like that to yourself.
    “We don’t have the men!”
    Jon. “Well do you know anyone with another army that will suddenly ride in and save our asses? Huh? Say?!”
    And she ain’t say shit and this is the 2nd time they’ve had that conversation. But I love that callback to the Roman defeat by Hannibal.

    But the end with Ramsay getting hell beat from his ass. No. Ass Wupped. Was great. Only thing is in my family we’d all be stomping that ass.

    All in all an epic episode and I’m glad we got some W’s.


    Omg I LOVED this episode. I stayed up late to watch it because I KNEW I didn’t want to wait. I work 12 hour shifts from 3 am to 3 pm and I’m also moving, plus full time school, staying up is huge for me

    Anyways, the ship roasting was awesome and the masters’ faces were epic. I loved grey worm killing both those men with one swoop make my heart swoon

    I’m straight, but I can appreciate yara’s smokin body in her leathers and her not so subtle flirts. Mm that girl so hot!

    That battle though. Whoo!! I don’t think I breathed through the whole thing. Did anyone else notice the look of relief but also maybe betrayal when he looked over and saw Sansa with littlefinger? I think she should have at least let him know the possibility of the vale coming.

    I was more than satisfied with Ramsey’s demise. And so glad that Sansa got to witness it and rub it in his face that he lost, forever. What an ass! But I kinda got this feeling that maybe she is pregnant?? And if not, then how the fuck ain’t she pregnant?!

    This was too good and I almost cried through the whole thing. I love it!

  10. Forthepodcast:

    Yara is everything. She was looking fine and talkin strong. Dany was feeling it when she asked if there had ever been a queen of the iron isles. When she heard yara’s breaking some glass celings, Dany starts smirking. I love it! They’re going to have to fix their family motto though. .. without all that reaving and raping, the ironborn may just have to learn to sow…

    Hey guys! Love you all and I’m so excited to hear you talk about this. All I have to say is pour one out for my dear love Wun Wun. He was the real MVP. The “Ramsey getting his ass handed to him” scenes were the most cathartic things I’ve EVER seen. Lord it was better than Joffrey choking to death.

    One quick thing:
    I feel like this confrontation proved Ramsay is good at breaking people mentally but he’s not a fighter. I can’t remember if we’ve seen him fight anyone who wasn’t already broken or best someone he wasn’t stabbing in the back. Anyone remember? Either way he couldn’t handle it when Jon got right in his face. Loved it.

    One more: Fuck the Umbers! I thought they would pull an okie dokie. The North ain’t really loyal.



    This episode in all its epic awesomeness solidified the reason I have never liked Sansa’s punk ass. She had plenty opportunities to tell Jon that backup was coming. But no. She got half Jon’s army killed, and gambled with Jon’s life. If Jon Snow wasn’t an impossible white man, two of her brothers would have died that day. She should have just told him to postpone the fight until after brunch. Fcuk Sansa forever. She better not try and cast Jon or have a rift grow between them over Winterfell. That’s going to piss me clean off.

    While Ramsay’s death was delicious, I’m a bit disappointed Ghost wasn’t the one to eat him. I thought that would be a little bit more poetic. Either way, it was great.

    Dany still ain’t coming. She’s probably gonna wait for Euron Greyjoy to get to Mereen and take his ships…and THEN go over in the series finale. I’m calling it now.

    BTW: Missandei, Grey Worm, and Tyrion are the Targaryen Dream Team!!

    Ding Ding the sociopath’s dead
    And the Starks reclaim winterfell

    RIP Rikon

    Battle b/t bastards army was riveting-sad about losing wun wun a true warrior

    So happy Jon let Sansa finish Ramsey who went down like a bish-Bon appetite doggies- it wouldn’t shock me if they regurgitated his remains

    With due respect to Jon, Sansa is a boss!! She correctly called him out for failing to consult w/her on how to deal w/Ramsey. She should be commander or co-commander of the nights watch.

    Dary & her dragons won battle & war-enjoyed the exchange
    B/t her & yara-& darys doesnt seem to want things to continue as in the past but wants better for the future.

    Looking forward to podcast!


    It has now been 13 hours since that got damn episode and my 🍆 is still HARD!!! I’ve contacted my physician and he said he couldn’t help me😭😭!! I’ve also consumed a case of 🐊 aid and my electrolytes are still not replenished, can u guys help me?!?!

    To be real with you guys Dany’s 🍆 wrecking was my favorite part of the episode!! That whyte savior had me ready to run through a fucking wall, speaking of fuckin please let Yara and Dany!!! The whole time they were looking at each other I just yelled “PLEASE KISS”

    Lastly I wanna tell everyone to put some GOD DAMN RESPECK ON SANSA MOTHER FUCKING STARKS NAME!!! She didn’t need to tell Jon’s dumb ass about LF and to be fair what would that change? Jon was gonna stark regardless he can’t help himself!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, oh and speaking of Father’s Day who did have a worse father Dany, Tyrion, or The greyjoys? My 💵💰💸💶💴💷 is on Balon he got most of his children killed bc he’s an idiot!! ✌🏾️


    *Will Smith’s Voice from Bad Boys 2* NOW THAT’S HOW YOU DO A 9TH EPISODE!!!!

    *Normal Voice*
    I watched the episode twice on Sunday and I was floored at how technically impressive it was — there was A LOT going on visually in this episode and I’m pretty much willing to fight anyone if GoT doesn’t get some sort of Technical Excellence award for what we were blessed with yesterday. There were so many, “Oh shit” moments that I’m sure will be covered by other ProFans in this feedback section. I’ll only mention one — ALL HAIL Dark Sansa, Queen Of The North, Queen of the Scorned, One who isn’t here for anyone’s shit, first of her family to cover all bases. Seeing Sansa get her revenge on Ramsay was so fulfilling. She’s been through too much not to get some shine. Also I peeped how pragmatic she became when she already knew Rickon was dead as fuck. Poor Rickon, we literally hardly knew ye. Tough break bruh.

    Appreciate the reviews and I might be legit upset that we only have one more left this year. What the hell am I doing after GoT? What poor, unfortunate show has the duty of picking up after that? The Strain? NOPE, only gotta offend me but once. Peace y’all.


    My gods, this episode was AMAZING. But let me focus on Sansa: At first I thought her not telling Jon about asking Littlefinger for help was just bad writing meant to create suspense. But I got to thinking after the show ended - Sansa really needed the element of surprise on her side. I don’t know much about medieval battle, but I imagine that it would be considered dishonorable to just surprise your enemy with a whole ‘nother army? I don’t think Jon would have agreed to it. So they would have delayed battle until The Knights of the Vale arrived, which would have given Ramsey time to send a raven to Jamie and call in the Lannister army for backup. Instead, the main battle that we saw was basically a distraction, and those men fighting for Jon were sacrificed so Ramsey would think that he’d won. I don’t think the knights just showed up at that moment - they waited until Ramsey sent the last of his men onto the battlefield, then mowed them down with horses. It’s a brilliant plan, but not one that Jon would have approved of. Sansa’s been learning from her captors, and she did exactly what she told Jon to do - don’t do what he expects you to. Which was, behave honorably in battle.

  17. For the Podcast: Hi Nina, Jon and Donanton!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! What i witnessed last night was some next level shit! We got Dany outchea with her dragons! She had them babies performing blowing fire and shit because she got company over; Sansa got her Mary j blige not “gon’ cry” shades on; Lady Mormont giving the best stink face; Jon on the battlefield like it’s a lord of the rings redux; Bran running in straight lines like it’s the Olympics when his ass should have been zig zagging and Ramsey becoming the human version of dentastixs for them dogs. In honour of Karen from TBGWT, all i can say is “I loved it!” For the first time, in a long time, it was team stark because no one got ‘tab up with a knife…just arrows. The plot has been moving so well this season! This show has been saying Winter is coming for a smooth 9 years (i’m adding the books in this damn bish). As a Canadian when you say “winter is coming” we G up…my body is ready Grey…I mean I am ready for winter. Ugh cannot wait to watch this again! Special shout outs to Tormund and that don’t give a fuck beard, Wun Wun bustin’ through doors like you mama trynna catch you doning something you shouldn’t be, and Yara greyjoy for the lowkey flirting/sisterhood of the travelling to reclaim my kingdom with Dany scenes. Can’t wait for next weeks episode! byeeeeeeee

  18. FOR THE PODCAST: This was a beast ass episode. Everything about it was beastly. From Dany flaming niggas up to Lil Lady Mormont’s Ice Grill to Ramsey’s men getting in formation and dick wrecking. It was all Beast Mode. The Dragons and Ramsey’s hungry ass dogs were literally beasts. And that Beyonce, Angela Basset type stroll Sansa had after killing Ramsey was… Say it with me people… BEASTLY! I’m out! Peace!

  19. For the podcast: Well I see where all the dead direwolf money went to…this MOTHERFUCKING PERFECT EPISODE! They betta leave Ghost alone though. Can I just say this damn episode had me sweating, screaming and breathless! My sister came into the family room and asked me what the hell was wrong with me. I told her dem thrones trying to kill me nigga! It was all perfect from Dany and Yara joining forces to that realistic as fuck Roman phalanx that Ramsey’s forces did to Sansa “what now bitch” smirk when Ramsey said his dogs wouldn’t eat him….perfection!

  20. For the podcast

    Since there are 18 comments already, all I’m gonna say is why didn’t Sansa tell Jon she sent a raven asking for aid when they were talking alone in the tent? Would Jon have had a better plan if he knew they had reinforcements? Or delayed it and then maybe saved poor little Rickon?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear this podcast cause as my coworker said about the episode, it was epic! And this podcast will be epic too!

    Oh, I just want to add that Ramsey is a punk bitch coward who never had a real fight & knew Jon would beat that ass!

  21. For the podcast:

    When it opened up in Meereen I was like what the hell, get to the bastards! But I was pleasantly surprised. Tyrion was shaking like a stripper trying to explain to Dany what was going on, but they worked it out. And as much as I loved the dragons, I really liked it when Greyworm cut those masters’ heads clean off, he was like the Nat Turner of Westeros.

    Oh and when the Greyjoys showed up in Meereen there was a whole lot going on. I really couldn’t hear the dialogue because Katy Perry’s - I kissed a girl was playing in the background or maybe in my head…I’m not sure. Daario might have just his lost position.

    The Battle of the Bastards was more than I could have ever hoped for. Jon was Starking it up at the beginning. But his impossible white man powers kicked in and he has some straight beasts on the squad. Tormund and Wun Wun were great. I got a basketball reference that y’all might not fuck with but Wun Wun was like Kyrie Irving in Game 7. He’s the real MVP.

    So much respect for the director of this episode, I truly felt like I was in the battle. When Jon was getting trampled and struggling to breathe. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t there and that I could breathe on my own.

    I didn’t realize how emotionally tied I am into this show until Jon started punching Ramsey and I yelled out. Beat. His. Mother. Fuckin. Ass. And I was throwing punches in between every word.

    But I have questions, Littlefinger and the Vale came through, and Sansa was looking like a genius by the end of this. But what do you think he wants in return? Her hand in marriage?

    Also, why have Jon and Sansa been so shady towards each other?

  22. For the Podcast

    Lady Mormont’s resting cub face was so adorable! I just wanted pinch her little pouty cheeks.

    Sansa and Jon had the equivalent of the “what do you want to eat tonight?” fight.

    Sansa: why didn’t you ask me what I thought about the plan?

    Jon: what’s your plan ?

    Sansa: I don’t know but yours sucks.

    Jon: 🙄

    We men are dumb, Sansa. We need specifics. Saying he’s cruel and smart and to watch out, ain’t gonna cut it.

    However, when Jon gets out in the middle of the battlefield, you can almost see the thought bubble over his head say “Oh……that’s what she meant. Welp time to Stark it up”

    That’s all I got. Ready for Tommenn to die next episode.

    Love you guys and the podcast

    P.S. How did they get all those bodies to stack up like that?

  23. I was clutching my imaginary pearls the whole episode! Do y’all think is Sansa pregnant? Bc Ramsey said he is apart of her now? Or did he just mean bc he’s affected her life so much? God I hope she isn’t. If she is and it’s a boy, would it rule as a stark or a Bolton?

  24. For the Podcast:

    wow Wow WOW!!!
    Loved the episode. Women ruled the day this episode and it was awesome! Daenerys, Yara, Lady Mormont(sitting her little ass on that horse) lol and Sansa! I know she turned up that Drake *looking for revenge* as she walked off. All the build up for THAT payoff! I needed a cigarette when it was over. I’m exited for the season finale can’t wait until Arya gets back to Westeros. Love this show and love the podcast.


    The only thing I want to comment on is the Sansa hate, I agree I didnt like her not telling jon about the raven in earlier episodes but goddamn the stark men are so dumb I dont think it would have even made a difference with jons lack of patience.

    Like Sansa said he didnt ask her advice, she tells him not to fall for his trap and at every moment he decided to prove his starkness by doing something both equally brave and yet foolish.

    If she had told him about LF he would have chastied her even though in war you need to swallow your pride. And why should she trust him when he doesnt fully trust her. Hopefully that ass whooping he got during the battle will show him to respect Sansa’s input and chill the fuck out. Other than that great fantastic episode.

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