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Game of Thrones - S6E8 - No One

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Broken Man”

Since the end of last season, I’ve been saying that season seven of Game of Thrones should be its last. If the rumors are true, the final seasons will be split into a shortened seventh and eighth at seven episodes each. It certainly feels as though that’s the case as we near the end of season six. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, but the characters I want to be on the right side of the great war to come (Arya, The Hound, Jon, Sansa, Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys, etc.) all seem to be moving into place to make that happen. Of course, this is Game of Thrones so at least three of those characters could be dead in the next two episodes. We’ll see.

“I’m good at putting holes in them.” 

Arya was Arya. No tricks. No glamour. No face wearing. She carries her wounded self to the one person in Braavos she is certain won’t try to kill her and owes her a favor: Lady Crane. She stitches Arya’s wounds and says Arya should travel with her and be an actress. Arya has had enough of pretending to be other people and says her future lies elsewhere - west of Westeros, possibly the end of the world, to be exact. But first, Arya must sleep and Lady Crane’s Milk of the Poppy helps her do just that.

This is a sweet moment and supplied Arya with some much needed maternal care.

When she awakens, she finds the Waif has killed Lady Crane and she still has one more name to collect for The Many-Faced God. The Waif chases Arya through the streets of Braavos where no one bats an eye at all the running, jumping, stitches busting, and bleeding going on.

Images: HBO

Arya eventually leads the Waif to the small room she’d been bunking in, and she seems resigned to die fighting. Armed with Needle, Arya extinguishes the candle in the room, bathing them both in darkness.

Later, Jaqen follows a trail of blood the Wall of Faces and finds the Waif’s face has been mounted there. He doesn’t seem too broken up to learn that Arya killed her. He tells Arya she is finally no one.

“I am Arya Stark of Winterfell,” she says, “and I’m going home.”

Jaqen just nods and smiles like: “You right.”

“You’re shit at dying, you know that?”

The Hound did not come to play around with these heauxs. He finds four of the BWB and cuts off heads and slits throats. The one with the yellow cloak isn’t there so he continues to hunt. He eventually finds his prey about to be hanged by Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and his new man-bun, and the other Brotherhood Without Banners.

Game of Thrones - S6E8 - The Brotherhood

They negotiate a deal: The Hound can have the honor of killing two of the three men, but only by hanging. No chopping, slicing, or gutting. Reluctantly, The Hound takes what he’s given and then joins the BWB for a meal, during which Beric tries to talk him into joining their cause. Since he uses much of the same language as Septon Ian McShane, it’s a safe bet that The Hound will say yes.

“I choose violence.” 

The Mountain is finally allowed to flex more of his considerable muscles when members of the Faith Militant (led by Lancel) try to take Cersei to the Sept against her will. Before anyone can say, “Now, now. Let’s not go losing our heads,” someone loses his head and the FM are sent back to the Sept without Cersei and down one in number.

Almost immediately Cersei regrets her decision when Tommen makes a royal announcement: Hers and Loras’ trials will begin soon, and after much prayer the crown has decided there will be no more trial by combat.

Daaaaamn, Tommen.

Cersei isn’t completely out, though. Qyburn informs her that his little spies have confirmed a rumor is true, and this pleases Cersei. Anything that pleases Cersei is usually bad for everyone else. My guess is that they’ve discovered the caches of Wildfire the Mad King hid under and throughout Kings Landing. And wouldn’t it be just like Cersei to decide if she can’t have the capital, no one will? I wouldn’t be surprised if Cersei dies this season or early next, killed by Jaime much like he had to kill The Mad King to keep him from making everything go kaboom.

“Do you think they’re fucking?”

Upon discovering the siege at Riverrun, Brienne seeks an audience with Jaime. She offers a deal: Allow her to speak with the Blackfish and she’ll convince him to give up the castle in exchange for safe passage to the North to help Sansa. Though this is goes against anything Cersei would want, Jaime isn’t keen on staying away from his sister longer than he has to, and it appears as though he truly would like to have this done without bloodshed. He agrees and also understands that if it doesn’t work out, Brienne is sworn to defend Sansa’s kin.

While Pod catches up with Bronn, Brienne meets with the Blackfish. Despite learning that Jaime did keep his word to Catelyn by sending Brienne to find Sansa, the Blackfish still refuses to leave. His men won’t be much help to Sansa and he’s not giving up his home. Pod sends a raven to Sansa informing her she shouldn’t expect assistance from the Riverlands.

Jaime tries one last attempt at a peaceful resolution by threatening to kill Edmure’s son born to him and his Frey wife. Sooo, somewhat peaceful. Edmure is sent to the castle gate where he demands to be let in. Blackfish is smarter than your average fish and instructs the men to ignore Edmure, but he’s the Lord they answer to - not Blackfish. Sure enough, once inside, Edmure orders his men to stand down and turn over the castle and the Blackfish. The Blackfish is busy providing Brienne and Pod with an escape from the castle, then returns inside to die fighting, which he does.

Jaime sees Brienne and Pod paddling away. Instead of turning them in, he and his former captor exchange head nods and waves.

They’re never going to see each other again, right?

“The most famous dwarf in the world.” 

Tyrion is feeling quite proud of himself. Meereen is thriving once more and a new Red Priestess spreads the word that Queen Daenerys is the Lord of Light’s chosen one. Seems making a pact with fanatics has worked out better for Tyrion than it did for Cersei.

After a sentimental goodbye to Varys, who’s heading off on a secret mission meant to gain support in Westeros, Tyrion finally peer pressures Grey Worm and Missandei into a drinking game. The game goes like this: Everyone drinks and tells jokes. Just when I thought I was going to at last hear the punchline to Tyrion’s honeycomb and jackass joke (I’ve been waiting for that since season one!), the Great Masters put an end to the good times by attacking Meereen.

Like Arya and The Blackfish, Grey Worm, Missandei, and Tyrion prepare to die fighting, but Daenerys returns via dragon just in the nick of time. Now someone needs to explain why her kids are off punishment, her ships are gone, and why the lawn is on fire.

Game of Thrones S6E8 = 8.5/10
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16 Comments on Game of Thrones - S6E8 - No One

  1. For The Podcast:

    Hey Nina, John & Antwan

    I can’t believe people ain’t like this episode. OhMyGAWD, I loved it. The hound was chopping off heads, and he had the coldest line of the show with “two” I don’t even know why I love the Hound so much right now. But I think it has something to do with knowing he tries on clothes like my Grandma, he put them shoes to his feet to see it they were even worth trying on, he probably hold shirts up to his neck and stretch one arm out to see if they fit too and I am here for it!

    The Mountain was pulling off heads at the jaw. Oh and by the way. Cersi may have played her hand too soon but Tommen a problem; Cersi is gonna kill him, she gonna kill him dead and then Jaime gonna put her down.

    Edmure stupid, Frey don’t like you! You will NOT be seeing that baby, you ain’t met that baby. That baby was expendable! The have burned children I would’ve understood!!

    And Arya got that vengeance and that’s were I think the show lost some people. The Waif was running through the streets like a Terminator and with each scene the hatred for her was building and you wanted to see Arya get that win. I ain’t gonna lie I wanted to see it too. When Arya popped up with needle I was like “OMG it’s on!” then it went to black… Y’all I thought the credits was about to come up! Then it came back and I saw that blood, and I stood up and inched close as fuck to the TV and I seen that face on the wall and I was satisfied with that. Then Ayra reached deep down and channeled her inner Kunta Kinte and reclaimed her name and it was lit!

    Y’all think Arya passed? Do you think she’ll have the powers of the Many Faced God?


    Hi guys! I loved the parts with the Hound and the Mountain had me waking up the babies again. I screamed HOLY SHIT when we saw ole boy’s head come off. And did you see the look on Lancel’s face when FrankenMountain was not fazed at all by that hatched in his armor? Cue the Bill Duke meme!

    The Arya resolution was fine. We knew she wasn’t going to die-at least not yet. I see them killing Sansa before they kill Arya. I was kind of hoping to see Gendry with the Brotherhood but he still out there rowing. 🙁

    I feel like the thing with Cersei and the elimination of the trial by combat is part of Margaraey’s plan to eliminate Cersei and keep her permanently separated from influencing Tommen-if so it’s brilliant and I’m here for it. There is just the question left of how she will deal with the Faith Militant.

    I did not like the Riverrun resolution for The Blackfish. I’m hoping it is a bait and switch but I get the feeling it wasn’t. At the same time, I don’t see the guy who originally defied The Blackfish by letting Edmure in turning around and killing him indiscriminately-I”m hoping he got free, but that army is a no go. for the Starks.

    Entertaining-not as intense as the first several episodes of the season but still satisfying.

    For me, episode was on the slow side until the end

    Arya stark we speak yr name even Jaquen gave respect-And the waif on the losing end of arya’s sword chased her like the t1000 from Terminator2

    Cersei feeling herself early in defying the Septon courtesy of the mountain only to be punched in the gut by her own son

    Tyrian & barracks of mereen enjoying an afternoon wine break was fun- grey worm “that was a bad joke” his idea of a joke??
    Danys return-was that her WTF look?!?

    Hound reuniting w/BWB-the ones hanged were rogue?

    RIP blackfish-went out like an OG

    Brienne/Jamie’s honor, respect-whatever u call it but their chemistry is amazing!

    Finally, pod & bronn-couldn’t help think of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown

    That’s all I have- eagerly awaiting the podcast

  4. All my comments are really for the spoiler section:

    • I love GOT but this wasn’t my favorite episode, though I have to admit that my disappointment is likely because I was expecting some mystical things to happen.

      Was I the only person that thought those rogue Brotherhood members were with Lady Stoneheart? especially dude with the beard, I thought he was Lem the Lemoncloak for sure.

      Also I was expecting some Lady Stoneheart stuff period because you has Brienne and Jamie in the same place as well as the blackfish.

      Is it possible that Brienne and Pod run into her? I dunno it seems unlikely now, I mean Beric Dondarion is still alive and I figure with so few episodes left this season it’s unlikely.


    I don’t think Edmure capitulated like the craven loser he is because of his son and wife. I think he really wanted a hot shower and to sleep in a big feather bed. ( yes I know Westeros doesn’t have shower

    I approve of the decision to not show Blackfish’s last stand. I imagine the actor isn’t up for fight scenes and body doubling might not have looked as real.

    I enjoyed the invading army marching into the castle it has a WW2 Nazi invasion vibe that I thought worked well.

    I’m looking forward to Cersei burning KL down.

    I’m interested to see
    What Dany does next. -and usually I’m not that interested-But now that I think about it-i
    Guess the Dothraki are gonna have to fight the

    The situation with Arya is fine with me-now she can get
    Her ass back home!

    Is there going to be a LS? The suspense is killing me!

    Finally I’m very concerned that Ramsey is going to survive the battle next week. **im freaking out*** -

  6. For The Podcast:

    Bronn and Pod, yaaaaaas (shoutout to Kay Tbgwt). This episode was great I wanted more action but I know the next episode will satisfy that itch. Can we please talk about Tommin? This kid is the worst. When he said the faith and the crown were the pillars I asked “why?” What the hell can the faith militant do to help the Lannister family besides putting everybody in jail? And he took away the trial by combat! Cersei is going to do 5-10 since the Mountain can’t help anymore.

    Was it just me or was anybody else hoping that Grey Panther and Missandei hooked up? I know I laughed at her joke because she fine, no shame in my game.

    Right as I was tweeting about Danny being late because she had to catch a connecting flight she shows up on the balcony! I’m happy she’s back but why doesn’t Danny carry any weapons with her? She’s been gripped up enough to know better. How do you think she’ll take the news about her dragons and the 7 extra years of slavery?

    I’ll end by saying I heard “atomic dog” in my head as The Hound was slicing fools. Great recaps as always y’all.


    This episode was a bit everywhere but it’s still better than 95% of television right now!

    Tommen Lannister (You see what I did there) is really a teleprompter king. I sometimes don’t even know if he’s fully aware what he’s doing or saying. I body rolled when Kevan told Cersei she’s no longer VIP and had to stand with general admission! Also- I never thought we were getting Clegane Bowl. I knew a curve ball was coming!

    Edmure Tully is the grown up version of Tommen. Period.

    I’m glad Brienne didn’t cheat on Tormund!

    I don’t know if I said it in previous feedback or not, but I TOTALLY called Bronn giving Pod a friendly noogie!!

    BTW- Now that Dany’s back, you do realize she’s going to stay for like, 5 more years to straighten Mereen out. She’s never leaving. Her credit score keeps getting lower, y’all!

  8. For the Podcast: Hi Nina, Jon and Donanton (hedging my bets that they are both there)! This episode filled my petty heart with so much petty gold. From Cersei, Uncle Blackfish, Sandor “Sunflower” Clegane to the waif, all of the petty was cashed in. Why does Cersei never learn (smh)? Was the PETA equivalent of a Westeros shaming not enough to know that you never show your hand? That’s why she has to great debate her ass into freedom. Sandor got new boots and is about to slay! The waif was channeling her inner Tom Cruise, sprinting way too hard, and proving that this mission was very impossible. Special shout out to Uncle Blackfish for putting on his “about to grill the hell out of these meats” sandals and sword, and fighting to his death. I almost forgot, Greyworm’s face during the comedy hour scenes reminded me of black folks at a comedy show, Tyrion would have to work hard for those laughs. It was also cute to see his joy at Misandei’s laughter……this damn show is going to kill him aren’t they? Okay, can’t wait for this week’s podcast. byyyeeeee. Also, gendry where you at girl?

  9. For the podcast :
    Arya got her nametag back. It should say Rocky, cause she takes a beatdown that should have killed her and wins against a better opponent. I guess.
    I’m thinking Margery wants to bring down all the Lannisters. Do you think she still cares about remaining the queen? Messing with Cersei never ends well.

  10. For the podcast: This was an excellence episode and came at a time when I really needed to enjoy myself, Arya is Arya again, The Hound out here dickwrecking people, literally. And Brienne and Pod met Jamie and Bronn again! Did any of y’all detect that sexual tension between Brienne and Jamie? I was with Bronn when he was like dey fucking right?😂😂 What is Cersei’s problem? Why would you show off your champion before the trial?? She needed to keep Frankenmountain hidden and instead showed off then got her wig snatched when Tommen abolished trial by combat smh

  11. I feel really cheated that Arya has been getting her ass kicked this whole season and then she finally wins…..but we don’t get to see it! Wtf? Do y’all think that if Jamie gets word about Cersi having to stand an actual trial that he will disobey orders from the king/his punk ass son and leave river run to try to save her? If so, maybe it will come out in trust about her sleeping with Lancel and this will make Jamie mad at Ceresi like he is in the books. Any guesses as to who Varris is going to ask for support?

  12. For the podcast:

    This gonna be real short cause the delivery dude was late with my dinner and I missed the Hound kicking ass! Not happy about that!

    Glad the waif aka “that bitch from work” on TBGWT podcast is DEAD! She was freakin Jason Voorhees one minute doing the slow walk catch up to turning into the Terminator. So clearly Jaquen wanted a girl to win and remain Arya Stark of Winterfell. So how is Arya getting home? Is that ship still there?

    RIP Blackfish. I liked that dude. Wished he could have left with Brienne & Pod. Oh well. And Jamie is only partially human when he’s around Brienne. Maybe now she’ll give Tormund a chance. She needs some good loving from a good man. Do you think they’ll run into the honorable Brothers without Banners on the way back North? And it sounds like they’re going North to fight the white walkers. Will the Hound join them?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I’m sorry Lady Crane died such an ugly death. Damn!


    Hey y’all! Welcome back Anton! My feedback is short, I just want you all to know that I loved this episode. I know some folks think the Arya thing feels pointless but those long ass meandering chapters in the book were pointless. D&D have made some missteps in the past but they untied that Meereenese knot and they’re taking us out of the House of Black & White and we didn’t have to wonder where whores go for a whole season. I’m still all in for Bastard Bowl this season. Nina I’ll send you an email for spoiler section comments.

  14. For the Podcast:

    Now that Arya is going back to Westeros, how is she getting there? Charter another boat? Use a Braavosi coin to seek passage? When she arrives in Westeros, who do you think she’ll meet first?


    Hello, hello, hello.
    You’ll probably have asked and answered these questions already but just incase…

    Where is Varys going and why? I hope he’s not going to get ships. I know that Yara and Theon probably don’t have the thousand that Daenerys needs. But if that’s what he’s doing, does it need to be a secret?

    What is this rumour Qyburn had been investigating? Has Arya been spotted in Braavos? Has news of the wildling army reached King’s landing? I’ve heard some suggest it’s got somethings to do with wildfire. But why would Qyburn need his birds to tell him that?

    Is Jaime going to take the Tully and Lannister armies to Winterfell? Jaime promised Brienne he would allow the Blackfish to take his forces to Sansa. When he called for the Blackfish to be brought to him, it could have been so he could honour this promise. The faces Jaime pulled while watching Brienne float away confirmed this for me. Remember, the Bolton Lannister alliance ended when they married Ramsey to one of Joffrey’s assassin. I think Jaime could be marching on Winterfell.

    Special mention to Lancel and Jaqen for backing down from their threats after letting their friends die for their religion.
    And Missandei for laughing at her own jokes.

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