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Game of Thrones - S7E1 - Dragonstone

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Winds of Winter”

House Frey Go Away

In 61 episodes we’ve only gotten three cold opens; the third being the way we usher in season 7. At first, you’re wondering if it’s a flashback. Perhaps the night Walder Frey gathered his family and plotted The Red Wedding. Nope. It’s present day and Walder Frey is alive and well, his neck very much intact. It’s been two weeks since they feasted to celebrate Jamie Lannister retaking Riverrun, and now Walder wants to thank his family for being their own special brand of ain’t shit. They toast with the finest Arbor wine as Walder reminds them that they made one mistake: they didn’t kill all of the Starks. The Freys begin to choke and die one-by-one.

“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” 

Walder removes his face to reveal Arya Stark, who instructs Walder’s surviving young wife to tell anyone who asks that the North remembers and winter came for House Frey.

Arya just wiped out an entire bloodline and it was amazing.

I wonder if she let uncle Edmure out of the dungeon.

Winter is Coming

Bran flexes his three-eyed raven muscles and watches as the Night King’s army of the dead continue their march south. They got ice giants, y’all. Ice.Fucking.Giants. My certainty that we’ll see ice spiders just went up 15%. *pours one out for Old Nan*

New Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Dolorous Edd, allows Bran and Meera entry after they confirm what Edd already knew: shit’s about to get real.

The magic in the wall keeps out the White Walkers, but the Night King branded Bran last season, which allowed him entry into the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave. Did Bran just Stark it up again without even trying?

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King in the Norf Jon Snow tells his northmen they’ll need to work overtime to find dragonglass, and this includes having young boys and girls mining and preparing to fight. He assigns Tormund Giantsbane and his wildlings to man Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the first stronghold the Night King is most likely to encounter when he reaches the wall.

When Jon proposes that the living heads of houses Karstark and Umber re-pledge their loyalty to him, Sansa openly disagrees and suggests that their houses be given to Northern families who remained loyal during Ramsay’s reign. Jon refuses to punish the children for the sins of their fathers, and Alys Karstark and Ned Umber pledge their loyalty to House Stark once more. Sansa seethes; Littlefinger watches.

Not many are here for more Stark infighting so close to the end of the series, but Sansa and Jon’s open and frank conversation after their public disagreement gives me hope that any future turmoil won’t lead to their ruin like it did for Catelyn and Robb. Sansa knows Jon has the trust of the Northmen and that he’s a great military mind, and Jon seems to understand that listening to Sansa every now and again might not be a bad thing. His reservation, though, is warranted because Sansa (by her own admission) has learned a lot from her time in Kings Landing and from Cersei. In her defense, she has also suffered personally at the hands of Cersei, Joffrey, and Ramsay; it makes sense that she’s in a kill first and ask questions never kind of mood.

Cersei’s royal command that Jon and Sansa appear before her and bend the knee is a reminder that they should also focus on threats from the south and not just the Night King from beyond the wall. Where they should apply their forces and attention promises to be yet another area of contention between the two.

And Littlefinger is still slinking around Winterfell, whispering in Sansa’s ear and claiming to want nothing but her happiness. Thankfully, for now, Sansa is curving him. Hard.

“No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever.”

Kings Landing

Queen Cersei does everything extra so a simple war room won’t do. She’s having a map of the entire realm painted on the floor of one of the royal courtyards, and literally steps on the regions in open rebellion as she and Jaime consider their options… which are few. They know Tyrion is Daenerys’ Hand and that their fleet of Greyjoys, Unsullied, and Dothraki are most likely headed for Dragonstone, Daenerys’ ancestral home. Cersei does not rule seven kingdoms, but three at best. They need allies, Jaime warns, but Cersei has already invited a possible ally: Euron Greyjoy.

Euron: “I have a thousand ships and two good hands.” Jaime: *see GIF*

Euron pleads his case (ships in exchange for Cersei’s hand in marriage) and throws shade to Jaime when he questions Euron’s usefulness and ability to be loyal. Euron takes his leave and promises to return with a gift for Cersei that will prove his worth.

This “gift” is cause for concern if you’re not #TeamCersei.

The Citadel

Sam learns this Maester-in-Training life is not all it’s cracked up to be. He spend his days tending to the sick, which includes collecting, dumping, and cleaning bedpans. He has no access to the restricted area of the library that holds the information he came to learn.

Though he’s warned them of the Night King, none of the Maesters believe Sam except one: Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent). The problem is that he also believes the world has kept spinning despite “end of days” fears before, most notably Robert’s Rebellion, The Long Night, and when the Targaryens conquered the Seven Kingdoms centuries ago. His basic attitude is “this too shall pass.” Thanks for nothing, Ebrose. Luckily, Sam doesn’t follow rules and sneaks the books he needs anyway, and learns there’s a mine of dragonglass below Dragonstone. He rushes to send word to Jon.

Later, while serving the quarantined sick, Sam encounters a man with an arm covered in greyscale. He asks Sam if the Dragon Queen has arrived yet. Ser Jorah still outchea living his worst life.

A Boy Band of Lannisters

On her way south, Arya encounters a camp of Lannister soldiers on their way to the Twins to keep the Queen’s peace. She breaks bread with them and listens as they lament the conditions in the capital and missing their families at home. When they ask her plans in Kings Landing she replies, “I’m going to kill the queen.” Everyone laughs because they don’t know Arya like we know Arya.

These men are sworn to the family that started all of the trouble that befell the Starks, but they’re just soldiers doing as they’re told. Arya probably killed them anyway. *Kanye shrug*

Finally, a Gravedigger

Sandor Clegane may have never had much use for religion, but damn if it doesn’t seem as if religion wants him. Last season, Septon Ian McShane tried to tell him it was never too late to do the right thing, to be a better man and Beric Dondarrion tried to convince him the Lord of Light has a purpose for him. Still traveling with the Brotherhood Without Banners, The Hound has not yet accepted this.

When they come upon the farm of the man and his daughter who The Hound robbed in season four, he learns his prediction that they’d be dead before winter was true. Starving to death, the father killed his daughter and then himself. Kinda hard to convince a man there’s divine purpose when a young girl was starving to death, but Beric Dondarrion has cheated death numerous times.

The Hound finally looks into the fire at Thoros of Myr’s request and sees the Night King attacking Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. He is now a believer and we are going to be granted with scenes between The Hound and Tormund Giantsbane. What a time to be alive.


At the end of last season, some people actually thought Daenerys’ fleet wasn’t leaving Meereen in the final shot but actually arriving in Westeros. Ridiculous. There’s no way we’d be denied Daenerys’ arrival in full, especially since we’ve been waiting for this for seven seasons.

Her homecoming did not disappoint. This episode had some of the best cinematography of the series, and it’s in large part to these scenes of Daenerys seeing the place where she was born for the first time; Daenerys touching the sand; and her long walk through the gates and up the side of Dragonstone. The halls and throne room are adorned with large carvings of dragons, and the dragons have come home as well.

Daenerys wastes no time in getting down to business once she enters the war room.

“Shall we begin?” she asks Tyrion.

I just hope she sanitizes that table because that’s where Stannis and Melisandre conceived their murderous shadow baby.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

Game of Thrones S7E1
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    Plot - 9.5/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Performances - 9/10


Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa | Written by: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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21 Comments on Game of Thrones - S7E1 - Dragonstone

  1. for the podcast: Hey guys, this might be all over the place I just did a rewatch: Sansa is such a savage bitch I love her attitude towards Littlefinger. Lady Mormont continues to slay as usual. that opening scene was DOPE i love Arya I can’t wait for her and Sansa to reunite and be bad bitches together and TORMUND! SLIDING INTO BRIENNE LIKE HEEEEY GIRL if they don’t get it on i’m writing Benioff and Weiss a strongly worded letter. The cracks in Cersei/Jamie are already becoming apparent. Am I the only one who sees significance in Cersei being the only full blonde one now? Jamie has darker hair and so does Tyrion. I hope they have the budget for more Ed Sheeran because as much as i love that ginger, I want Arya to kill him. can’t wait for the podcast LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina , PF Crew (& guest): HOLY SHIT! I’ll just state what I loved to try to make this quick: We got white walker giants! ohhhhhhh my god. Hound where was this wall you saw in the the fire? Daenerys did not come to play with you bitches. Arya the assassin can kill the whole seven kingdoms I love her being a bad ass killer. Lastly hope we see more of the mad king from the past. Love the podcast !

  3. For The Podcast: I know this wasn’t Hardhome level awesomeness, but I kinda love this episode. I liked Jon and Sansa and the fact that their disagreement felt real and not a Sansa being manipulated by Littlefinger or jealousy about Jon’s position. I liked that they both made good points, and it wasn’t just a situation where Jon was made to look stupid by ignoring her good advice. This episode also made it clear to me that LF is in trouble and he’s not making it out of the season. I loved crazy ass Euron Greyjoy and the shade he was throwing at Jaime, and I think he’s about to make it harder for Dany to sweep through Westeros which should be fun. Winter coming for the Freys was great, but I don’t want Arya to just be a killer and I hope she changes course and heads north because I don’t think she’s going to kill Cersei. Ok I’m writing this on my phone so I can’t tell how long this is so I’ll stop here.

  4. For the podcast:
    Cold open was fantastic; thought it was a flashback
    Arya is a cold blooded assasin yet after the red wedding massacre an eye for an eye revenge seemed appropriate
    Cersei is just a cold stone-now that her kids/most family are gone, she’s going 2 do whatever the f*** she wants-not going to end well for her.
    Overall the women of ruled 2 night-Sansa trying 2 reason w/Jon re loyalty etc; lady marmot admonishing her grandad when he questioned giving her weapon, dany finally getting home.
    As for Littlefinger, he’s so pervy around is Sansa-I’m like she don’t want u but may use his interest as a means to an end.
    Cool to see winter arriving in form of the white walkers-this battle is going to be awesome.
    Great premiere/that’s all I have-hope it’s not 2 long.

    Dany: Shall we begin?

    Me: Yes we damn well shall!

    GREAT EPISODE! I was actually bored with the Sam parts, but the reveal that Jorah is convalescing there is interesting-but how he beat Dany…never mind.

    Sansa dropping knowledge, Euron dropping bars. This show seems to still have it!

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: WE ARE BYKE! I don’t think there’s ever been such a well-paced episode. Down to the transitions. I loved every minute even the Sam 💩. My question for you guys: now that they’ve laid out possible meetings who are you most excited to see interact? Dany and Jon? The wildings and the Brotherhood of Banners? Olenna and Dany? Or someone else.

  7. For The Podcast:

    Hey Queen Nina, Hand of the Queen John and Archmaester Anton!!

    Things I loved:
    — Arya slaying, literally
    — Sansa, Brienne and Davos loving Lyanna Mormont as much as the internet does
    — Sansa curb stomping LittleFinger out the metaphorical Moon Door
    — Brienne getting a little flustered because she saw Tormund was watching
    — Euron slimming down because he obviously has a fight scene later in the season
    — Everyone talking about the wall not falling down, which means it’s going to fall down
    — Sam taking a page out of Harry Potter 6 and asking Slughorn about the books in the restricted section of the library
    — The Hound acing his divination test on the first try when Mel is slipping out her in these Northern streets
    — Dany employing a new Stairobics workout.
    — Nymeria and #SandJoy in the preview!

    What I didn’t enjoy so much
    — Sam having a shit montage, which summarises how I feel about his character
    — Realising that Jorah could have started an epidemic via Sam just because he didn’t wear a full body condom
    — Ed Sheeran out here redeeming Lannister folks. I would be okay with Arya murdering his ass.

    Cheers for the coverage!!

  8. For the Podcast: IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT

    That cold open scene itself could win this show an Emmy. Absolutely incredible; I was hollering, and so was my dad.

    Sansa had some good points, but calling Jon out in front of his followers is pretty fucked up, and I was annoyed. I think they’ll be okay though, at least they’re calling each other out on each other’s bullshit.

    Euron sucks, but he got Jamie good. What do y’all predict his gift will be??

    Ed Sheeran in that random Lannister boy band?? I asked why, but I guess it was a surprise for Maisie Williams, who loves him. I didn’t realize that producers would give into white nonsense (love your favorite white boy!)

    Also Dany said “Shall we begin?” and I shouted “FUCK YES QUEEN!!”

    Sorry if this was too long, thank y’all for the incredible podcast! ❤️


    I knew it was you, Arya!! Do we think she went through with it and killed Ed Sheeran and his background singers?

    What did the Godfather say, Sansa? NEVER go against the family…especially in public.

    I saw Greyjoys and blacked out. Moving right along.

    Do we think Sam knows that Jon moved to Winterfell? Some time seems to have passed, considering Jorah made it to Westeros General Hospital.

    The Hound has the greatest insults ever! I’ve always said it: White people EXCEL at cussing. They are unmatched.

    Dragonstone has so much Chinese symbolism. Dragons, the steps leading up to the castle looking a LOT like the Great Wall, and the intricate designs on the walls and tables.

    Alright that’s all I got for now! Until next time…farewell!

  10. Hello Nina, Anton and John,
    The North Remembers.

    Euron thinks that the way to Cersei’s heart is to chop off Tyrion’s head, right? Cersei is sooo small in her thinking that she can not think past her petty so it’s all about her hatred for Tyrion right??

    The Hound does not need redemption. He has always done what was necessary even if it was considered bad. Will the Hound die or is he going or will he be able to make it out of this shit alive and hopefully, find peace?

    Littlefinger is the man I love to hate and I think he’s going too far with Sansa but, of course, he has to keep trying. Who does he die at the hands of, Arya, Jon, or Brienne??

    So those sweet Lannister guards are getting kilt by Arya, right? Ed Sheeran will be the first to die, yeah?

    That’s it for me. Soooo excited about the balls to the wall that should come with this season.
    Can’t wait for your thoughts.

  11. Hello cousin Nina, John, and Anton,
    I loved this episode. The cold open was the best! Arya is here to tell everyone “The north remembers.” And to show that motherfuckin’ winter is here!

    I’m not here for Stark on Stark bickering. I need someone who knows to tell Sansa how LF was involved with Ned’s ultimate demise.

    Dany at Dragonstone, loved it!

    Euron wasn’t as annoying to me. I believe he’s going to try to bring Tyrion’s Hess back to Cersei as a gift. There was too much time spent on Oldtown for the info we got.

    Not going to spoil, but did you noticed a certain something in the preview for next week. I completely lost my 💩 when I saw it!
    Love you guys,
    We’re back!

  12. FOR THE PODCAST: We’re back, mutha fuckas! The best show on TV is back and all you other shows better get in Formation! I won’t even take up too much time on this one, but i will say that I LOVED that cold open. My girl Arya beasted on those punk ass Freys! And if that wasn’t enough of a hot start, they have us White Walkers after the opening credits. And not just regular White Walkers and Wights, we got ICE GIANTS!!!! I’m telling you right now, WHEN we get Ice Dragons Nina won’t be the only person laid out on the floor like an old black woman. I’ll be right there with her. Passed out on my way to the “Uppeerrrrrr Rooooooooooooooooommmmmm” in my John voice. A couple other quick points. Sansa was wrong with how she challenged Jon in front of company, but she made lots of great points when they spoke privately… Lil Mormont is my homie. I love that lil girl. She’s a G… Also, bring on that black lovin’. And finally, yes we SHALL begin, Dany. Let’s ride!!!!!!!!

  13. For the Podcast: It is so good to be back in Westeros. My problem with Sansa is that she’s acting like Cersei worrying about petty revenge and not looking at the big picture. Look dem white walkers are literally around the block you don’t have time for dis petty shit. They need ALL the soldiers they can get and they don’t have time to alienate the few they already have by taking away their ancestral homes. When Aegon Conquered Westeros he didn’t give all the castles to his boys. He let Torhen Stark keep Winterfell and named him Warden of the North. He let the Lannisters and Tyrells keep their homes even though they fought him at the Field of Fire. Even Harren the Black, who caused massive losses to his army before Aegon had Balerion burn Harrenhall, was offered the Lordship of the Iron Island if he submitted (which he stupidly didn’t) I can understand giving those castles to families you’re trying to woo into your army but to people you already have makes no strategic sense. I’m not even going to get into how stupid it is to suggest to go fight Cersei at King’s Landing instead of preparing for the real threat. As for Arya, I think something is going to go down with those Lannister boys and Nymeria is going to make her return by saving her. Also if Arya meets up with the Hound you think their roles are going to be reversed where Hound is the one helping Arya with her Humanity. Anyway can’t wait to hear ya’ll comments and never forget the “North Remembers”

    Sup fam; 👋🏾 nina you know your(😏) my favorite!!

    Couple of questions
    1. Did Cersei and Jaime smash during the break? I feel like they had to, I know anyone as crazy as cersei has to have 🔥 nootsie!!

    2. What will euron bring her as a gift?

    3. How long would y’all last on scholarship at the citadel..?!? I would’ve dropped that 💩 as soon as I saw the syllabus tbqh!! I couldn’t em tell the 💩 from the food!! I like how they gave y’all some dick doe!!

    4. Did jorah’s arm aids look burned to you? Is he gonna be like Victorian in the books?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!! Oh and arya is the MVP!!

  15. For the podcast:

    It took me 3 hours to watch this one hour show. Imma stop being cheap and get HBO. This show is worth it.

    1. Didn’t WunWun die at Winterfell. If so, how did he become a white walker

    2. Why is Jon acting brand new with Sansa, like he wasn’t wrong last time and Sansa didn’t save his ass?

    3. Did cersi call euron just to reject him?


    Pretty solid return for the penultimate season. I was surprised to see that this was your standard fare season premiere as far as pacing goes- lots of set-up for the rest of the season. From everything I read this offseason, this was basically going to be the ESPN Highlights version of GOT. Instead, we ended up spending a lot of time with Sam on shit duty just to see him learn something that he and us as the audience already knew 2 seasons ago, and then act surprised about it which I thought was pretty goofy. Obviously that’s not the end of Sam’s discoveries at The Citadel, but one that I thought was kind of pointless.

    Other than that, It’s just nice to be back with these characters, and finally having them all on the same continent for the first time ever.

  17. For the podcast

    I swear I’m keeping this short Nina.

    What will Euron’s gift be? I know folks think he’ll try to bring her Tyrion but I think Highgarden would be more appropriate. They need the food.

    Did Arya kill the Lannister boy band? They fed her & gave her drink. Would that break the rules about killing people who invite you in or something?

    That’s it. Hope it’s not too long! Glad you guys are back!


    Solid return for the penultimate season. This was the type of standard fare season premiere that we always get- lots of setup for the rest of the season, but acting like they don’t have 3 less episodes to work with. I wonder if this means we’re just going balls out from here on. We spent a lot of time with Sam on shit duty just to see him learn something that he and us already knew two seasons ago, and then act surprised about it which I thought was pretty goofy. Obviously that’s not the end of Sam’s discoveries at The Citadel, but it really had me scratching my head. He even says something like “Stannis told me this before” and I’m sitting there like “What are we doing here, guys?”

    Euron’s Eric Draven impersonation was a welcome change from whatever the fuck he was doing last season. I don’t know how they built that many ships that fast, but his fleet looks like it would tear right through Theon and Yara’s.

    Jon and Sansa’s confrontation felt genuine and well written for both characters. I agreed with both of their points, and ultimately felt Jon made the right call in the end. Still not here for any legitimate infighting between the two, though.

    Emilia Clarke is so frustrating to watch. She may as well have been a potato on a stick throughout that entire final scene. This is where you were born dude, try to feel some kinda way about it.

    Other than that, fuck Ed Sheeran and it’s nice to be back with these characters after such a long wait, and finally having them all on the same continent for the first time ever.

  19. Love this review.

    For the podcast: HI Y’ALL! I MISSED YOU. Skip over points already covered if it’s too long.

    - My mom called the cold open before the rest of us. +1 point. Then she bragged about it. -1 point.
    - Look, I’m legit worried for Arya’s soul, but damn that was sweet justice. And her walking away with a smirk mirrored Sansa last season with Ramsey. Sestras.
    - “Not just the boys” could be the theme of the episode.
    - Sansa basically saying what we’re all thinking: DON’T STARK THIS UP, JON.
    - Are all the key players wearing black now? Interesting costuming choice.
    - Most extra fleet of ships ever, Euron, you creep.
    - Oh yeah, that Wall’s coming down.
    - I hate Littlefinger. He’s that creepy guy in college who follows you around, professing his love, being like, “Smile!” The guy you’re only nice to because you don’t want to end up on his Hit List.
    - I wish they didn’t have Sheeran. Totally brought me out of the story.
    - Sarcastic Hound is my favorite Hound.
    - “Why are you always in such a foul mood?” “Experience.” I howled!
    - Look, I geeked out going to see my ancestors’ castle in Ireland. I can’t imagine what Dany’s gotta be feeling.
    - She walked straight past that throne without taking a seat. And THAT is why she is the shit. She knows what’s important.
    - That’s the longest Tyrion has ever gone without speaking.

    Coming next week: Notice how they said Targaryens can’t be trusted with Jon as the focal point? Hmmmmm.


    Solid return for the penultimate season. This was the type of standard fare season premiere that we always get- lots of setup for the rest of the season, but acting like they don’t have 3 less episodes to work with. I wonder if this means we’re just going balls out from here on. We spent a lot of time with Sam on shit duty just to see him learn something that he and us already knew two seasons ago, and then act surprised about it which I thought was pretty goofy. Obviously that’s not the end of Sam’s discoveries at The Citadel, but it really had me scratching my head. He even says something like “Stannis told me this before” and I’m sitting there like “What are we doing here, guys?”

    Euron’s Dave Navarro impersonation was a welcome change from whatever the fuck he was doing last season, but god damn this is such a stupid character 😂😂

    Anyone else notice that Jaime is carrying Widow’s Wail now? Add another Valyrian sword to the fight.

    Emilia Clarke is so frustrating to watch. She may as well have been a potato on a stick throughout that entire final scene. This is where you were born dude, try to feel some kinda way about it.

    Other than that, fuck Ed Sheeran and it’s nice to be back with these characters after such a long wait, and finally having them all on the same continent for the first time ever.

  21. My thoughts are too scattered so all I’ll say is I can’t wait to listen to what Y’ALL think!! 😁

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