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Game of Thrones - S7E3 - The Queen’s Justice

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Stormborn”

Welcome to Dragonstone

Jon and Davos’ sea-Uber drops them off on the shores of Dragonstone where they’re greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. The welcome is warm and the request to hand over their weapons is swift. Jon agrees and they begin to make the massive trek up to the castle. Daenerys should really invest in some shuttle service cause this is ridiculous. However, this provides something I’ve been dying to see: a genuine Westerosi reaction to seeing live dragons. Jon and Davos did not disappoint.

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Once inside, Missandei introduces Daenerys by her 50-leven names and Davos announces Jon as Jon. Just Jon. King in the Norf. What follows is the jockeying you’d expect from a Queen looking to usurp the current Queen with the help of a King in open rebellion of said current Queen. They each need the other, and even though Daenerys could take whatever she wanted with fire and blood, she’s trying to not go the Mad King route. She offers an apology for her family’s past transgressions against the Starks, but she still expects him to bend the knee. As a newly appointed King, Jon can’t just go bending the knee all willy-nilly, especially not without a guarantee of assistance from Daenerys. Their first meeting ends abruptly when Varys brings news of Euron’s victory at sea.

Speaking of, Theon is rescued by the surviving members of Yara’s crew and they know immediately that he went full Reek. What this means for his place in Daenerys’ alliance (or among his own people) is unclear.

Though Jon isn’t technically a prisoner on Dragonstone, he’s not allowed to leave either. He and Tyrion have a cliffside heart-to-heart and Tyrion urges him to ask for something a bit more reasonable. Daenerys didn’t come all this way to help him fight snarks and grumpkins. Tyrion takes Jon’s dragonglass request to Daenerys, who later agrees to allow them to mine it; she even offers any extra men or resources Jon may need. He doesn’t need to bend the knee… yet. Whether or not she truly believes his story about the white walkers and Night King is left unsaid.

Dany wants to go full dracarys in retaliation against Euron, but her council won’t let her. They still have the Casterly Rock attack in play.

Side note: Melisandre makes herself scarce when Jon and Davos arrive. She tells Varys her presence would only be a distraction and admits to making mistakes. She’s headed to Volantis, but she’ll be back as it is her fate to die in Westeros… as it is Varys’.

Kings Landing

Euron presents his prisoners to Cersei, and of particular interest, of course, is Ellaria and Tyene. Cersei declares that with Euron leading their naval fleet and Jaime leading their army, they’ll bring peace to the realm yet. Euron’s like, “Yeah, yeah, what about that marriage?” Cersei promises his heart’s desire once the war is won and Euron is smart enough not to argue. I can’t help but think of Viserys’ insistence on getting his golden crown. Be careful what your heart desires, Euron. After one last inappropriate dig about sleeping with Cersei directed at Jaime, Euron takes his leave with Yara.

In the dungeon, once you saw Cersei in that bright-ass red lipstick, you had to know what was coming. Ellaria and Tyene are chained to opposite walls and gagged. Cersei monologues as Ser Gregor watches. Finally, she kisses Tyene just as Ellaria kissed Myrcella, delivering the same poison to her lips: The Long Farewell. Ellaria will live in that cell forever, watching her daughter die and then rot. As much as I didn’t want Cersei collecting any Ws, Ellaria had this one coming. You can’t be murdering people’s babies.

Cersei engages in some celebratory incest with Jaime, even going so far as to allow her handmaid to see Jaime in her bed the next morning. Much like Loras ignoring Margaery’s warning not to flaunt his relationship with Oly, I have a feeling this might bite Cersei in the ass later.

Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss) arrives from Braavos wondering when Cersei is going to pay back the mountain of debt the crown owes the Iron Bank. She promises to return what they owe within a fortnight in exchange for his assistance in the wars to come. Where does she expect to get this money? Hold that thought.


Sansa’s in charge and making good decisions, so far. Predatory Littlefinger is still whispering in her ear, advising her to consider all things happening at once, all over, so she’s never surprised by any outcome. Wouldn’t you know it? Moments later, Sansa gets a surprise. Bran’s home!

And he just so happens to know everything that has ever happened, that is currently happening, and that will happen all at the same damn time. Soooo, does this mean we can kill Littlefinger now?

Bran insists it’s too hard to explain to Sansa what being the Three-Eyed Raven means, but doesn’t exactly try to use his words to explain it. Instead, he talks about the night she was first raped by Ramsay because he saw it. Understandably, Sansa goes back in the house. Good talk, Bran. Good talk. I hope he’s a bit less creepy when he tells Jon about his real parents. Like, don’t lead with, “I watched your mama bleed to death…”

The Citadel a.k.a Just Rub Some ‘Tussin on It

Guess who’s cured? It’s a miracle! Sam cured Greyscale. You know, that incurable disease they’ve been telling us since season two is… incurable? Yeah, that one. Now we know about two people who’ve been cured, by two different means. So, maybe they want to lower the threat level on this particular disease and get some maesters cracking on following directions in the This Is How You Cure Greyscale manual sitting on the shelves of the library, written by a man who also cured it twice. Just a thought.

Sam’s reward for going against orders and saving a man’s life? He’s not expelled from Hogwarts.

Casterly Rock

The impregnable Casterly Rock lives up to its name when the Unsullied storm its shores. Unfortunately for the Lannister army, Tyrion was in charge of designing the sewer system and created an entryway for his secret women to come, come again, and go. That’s right. The Unsullied take Casterly Rock because Tyrion got them to use the ho entrance.

Still, the battle is easier than they expected because most of the forces aren’t there. As Euron’s fleet burns the ships the Unsullied arrived in, Grey Worm wonders where the other men are… and just how the hell they’ll get home.


The rest of the Lannister forces are with Jaime and the Tarly army, taking over Highgarden. When Jaime finds Lady Olenna alone inside, she warns him that his sister is a disease and she’ll be his undoing. Of course, Jaime already suspects as much, but he doesn’t care. He loves her crazy ass. He serves Olenna a glass of poisoned wine and promises there will be no pain.

Good, she says, chugging the entire glass. She tells him she wouldn’t want to die like his son did. She had no idea the poison would be so painful when she plotted to kill the little cunt.

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Game of Thrones S7E3
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"The Queen's Justice"

Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Mark Mylod | Written by: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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15 Comments on Game of Thrones - S7E3 - The Queen’s Justice

  1. Did they overdo Missandei’s eyebrows in the opening Welcome Nephew scene to try to get us to not notice Cersei’s lipstick in the slaying smooch scene? This episode was so damn good. I can’t wait to see what Sam discovers as he digitizes all those old scrolls. And Olenna! She still got her revenge as she washed it down with the painless poison. Jamie’s face 😳😥😶😤😡

    Hey Nina and PF crew, whew well……Cersei is giving L’s to EVERYONE before going out sorry Nina 😫. Euron (*insert screaming Nina voice* ARE YOU READY TO PAR-TAAAY) asking Jaime does Cersei like a finger in the booty took me out! Bran becoming the medieval professor x, do you guys think he’ll tell Jon the truth of his birth mother? Lady Olenna stayed petty till her death! I’ll miss the queen of thorns. Shout-out to Tyrion helping Daenerys before she crossed Jon off as an ally. Love the podcast as always!

  3. Some Stark Thoughts: I like seeing Sansa step up as de facto leader in the north and take care of the shit that the men forget about, like FOOD. I don’t know what she’s gonna do about the fact that her brother has turned into this stone faced weirdo but I sincerely hope she uses him to predict the future so she can prepare. Not that Jon is gonna believe her… Also Arya better get to winterfell quick because littlefinger is getting creepier and creepier the more desperate he realizes his situation is. Maybe she can decipher Bran code after she offs his creepy ass.

    Some other thoughts: does dragonfire melt gold? Because there’s a lot of gold exposed in the reach right now and I feel like the army protecting it is toast. Literally.

    Love the podcast tell Anton I’m still mad none of y’all know how to bone a lady without using a dick (besides the obvious answer the show gave) but I’ll get over it. 😘

  4. For the podcast

    The only win Cersei deserved was against Ellaria cause she was wrong for what she did to Marcella. But Cersei is crazy af! And way kinkier than I thought too. Torture makes her horny. Eww! And Euron is gonna capture Grey Worm & do horrible things to him, isn’t he? Damn! That crazy ass fool is winning and is gross but funny at the same time. RIP Lady Olleana. You went out like a boss & I’m gonna miss you.

    I’m glad Dany is letting Jon mine the dragon glass but are they ever gonna see eye to eye?

    Ok. Bran creeping me out. He looks old af with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Since he knows everything, clearly he must know Littlefinger set up their daddy. Maybe he’s holding onto that info for when Arya gets home so she can kill his ass!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And this season is moving too damn quickly but it’s so damn good!

  5. For the Podcast:
    Hi Gang.

    1. Do you think Rhaegar was the dragon that buzzed over Jon? It would be fitting wouldn’t it?

    2. I wrote an intro for Jon:

    “Jon Snow of House Stark*, King of the North, Commander of the Nights Watch, Friend of the Wildlings, the Resurrected, Champion of the Battle of the Bastards, knows nothing”

    What do you think?

    Can’t wait till next week!

  6. Hey yall! Likes, Irks and All:

    - Davos trying to get some of that good hair
    - Jon and Davos having what I think we should now call a dragon-gasm
    - Davos being the worst hype man until he actually thought for 5 minutes
    - Dany getting her hair done and dress revamped specially for seeing Nephew Daddy Snow.
    - Me expecting Cersei to say that Qyburn was leading her airforce for some reason, because Qyburn can just do anything apparently.
    - Mycroft’s rendition of “Bitch Better have my Money!”
    - Me Remembering that in last week’s feedback I should have mentioned how Dany was like “Dragonstone in the rain?! That sucks!!!!”
    - Sansa stepping up as King Adjace.
    - LittleFinger telling Sansa to basically be Neo from The Matrix. “Be everywhere, Know Everything”
    - Everyone in the world being excited and then immediately disappointed that it was Bran arriving instead of Arya
    - The MeeraMobile arriving 42 years later with an elderly Stark.
    - Bran turning into an emotionless trash ass android, he said, typing from the safety of his iPhone.
    - Bran’s race against time to meet with Jon and prevent Incest from happening
    - Realising that Bran is the three eyed raven but still couldn’t have the foresight to send a raven ahead to Sansa. These Starks aren’t about reunion episodes, are they?
    - Hoping that Jorah infected Sam, because I hate both of these characters.
    - Those Lannister soldiers smelling the Missandei on Grey Worm’s breath. I ain’t shit, it is known.
    - Robb managing to “Stark it up” for Dany’s team (via Jaime learning) from beyond the grave
    - Olenna being a badass motherfucker to her last breath. May she be reborn on The Strain as “Madam Petty Shade”.

  7. For the podcast:
    Hey beautiful podcasters, Nina, Jon, and Antwon! I’ll get right to my questions/thoughts:

    1. What do you think Melissandre was talking about when she said her and Varys were destined to die in Westeros?
    2. How the fuck did Cersei outsmart Tyrion? I am REAL sick of her not getting any L’s. Poor Elyaria, although I guess karma is a bitch.
    3. Bran is being all creepy and shit. Why, of all things to convince Sansa about his powers, would he bring up her rape? That is just messed up. He needs to chill.
    4. Casterly Rock is literally the DEATH STAR, having a fatal flaw by the creator. Loved it.
    5. Olenna’s death was one of the best yet - do you really think she died though, or do you think she maybe had the antidote introduced a couple of seasons back by the Sandsnakes in the Dornish prison when they were fucking with Bronn? I’m probably reading too much into it, but I hate when we don’t see a body (like with Stannis).

    Much love to you all, thanks for an amazing podcast! <3

  8. For the podcast:

    Pour a little liquor out for our homie Oleanna-gloriously and wonderfully petty to her last breath.

    I have a few questions:

    1) am I the only one thinking Varys is a mole and still backing the Baratheon/Lannister house? I know we are short in episodes but Dany taking all these losses this quick? Someone has to be feeding their movements to Cersei.

    2) does Jamie tell Cersei that Oleanna killed Joffrey?

  9. For the Podcast: Hi Nina, Jon and Anton! RIP to big mama Tyrell; she came, she saw, she ethered. Lady Olenna used the power of greyskull and petty to spite Cersei one last time, and my was it glorious. Auntie Olenna, may we never forget that your pounded yam and peppa soup will always be more seasoned than Cersei’s artisanal twincest loving stew. I’m really enjoying how the parallels between Dany and Cersei is playing out. Both women have gentrified the 7 kingdoms but the pace at which they are building Starbucks across the street from each other is interesting. Do y’all think this a lowkey hint that they cancel each other so neither of them will sit on the iron throne? Special shoutouts to Bran for being the living embodiment of a magic 8 ball, Sir Davos for coming correct with the hot 16, and Euron Greyjoy for his constant trolling of Jamie, he was asking Jamie questions like he was a quiz in Cosmo trying to find out what sexy new move he should try in the bedroom. Thanks again for the podcast! Nina you the MVP and pineapple on pizza is delicious Okay, byeeeeeee

  10. For the podcast:
    Dany/Jon-for me, their 1st meeting was fascinating-like two fighters circling each other in the ring. I chuckled at Davos attempting to flirt w/Missendi 😄
    For Ellaria-payback=torture watching her daughter die a slow, agonizing death @ the hands of that evil b**cersei whose own comeuppance will be fierce & satisfying!😡
    Sansa/Brah odd reunion Sansa’s emotional; bran responds as if he just saw her a minute ago.
    Battle of Casterly Rock or rather not-Tyrion’s theory didn’t go as planned-Dany w/command of dragons, thousands of dothrski & unsullied is 0-2 in battles thus far. Does Greyworm make it?
    RIP Lady Olenna U r a true G! She won the battle & war. I wished she could’ve faced cersai to tell how her how she poisoned that demon seed Joffrey & we know how horrific his death was.
    That’s all I have for this week.

  11. Hello beautiful podcasters!

    (1) I need Cersei to send Jaime north to fight the Winterfell forces so someone can push his simple ass out of a tower window (even though I loved seeing Jaime on horseback for the Highgarden scene-he rides really well);

    (2) Could Theon please push past his PSTD and free Yara and stab Euron?

    (3) Dany’s speech to Jon reminded me of slave-owning plantation descendants: my ancestors did wrong but it is my BIRTHRIGHT to be wealthy…girl, chill. I saw that tiny gleam of madness and entitlement in your eyes.

    (3) How do you think Jon will react when Bran tells him he’s half-Targaryen and half-Stark, so—Stargaryen (50% insane + 50% slow…)

    (4) what could Sam discover as he hand photo-copies the mildewing scrolls, and what could Sansa discover as she reads the Raven receipts?

    The podcast will be fire!

  12. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina, Anton and John. All I have to say is: THIS IS HOW YOU CLOSE OUT A SERIES! I’m here for this every week. #BarsAndBattles. Other than Cersei catching these w’s, I love everything about how this is wrapping up. And even with Cersei, her string of wins just let’s me know her downfall will be glorious. And if it isn’t D&D can catch these hands. Can’t wait for the podcast. I know Anton is going to be so excited. Besos y’all.


    My amusement with pirate rockstar Euron Greyjoy is at its end. I need this guy to go away now. His dialogue is off-the-rails terrible. Any time he was on screen this episode I was pulled out of Westeros and into a 2005 frat house.

    My initial excitement to see Jon arrive at Dragonstone was immediately wet-blanketed by my own brain due to the creeping realization that I was about to have to watch Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington act with one another. To my surprise, it wasn’t so terrible for the first meeting between The Brooding King and The Queen Who Never Blinks. It’s a shame that nobody can figure out what to have these two say besides “I am the rightful Queen of Westeros” and “The Nat King is coomin.”

    And lastly, we finally got the answer to the age-old question of whether there is a cure for greyscale. Raise your hand if you had ‘ointment.’ Let’s hear it for Weiss and Benioff guys-


    If this doesn’t win Best Storyline Ever at the Oscars then nothing ever should again.

  14. FOR THE PODCAST: I’m not sure if I’m getting this in on time to make the show, so I’ll keep it short. This was another beast ass episode. It was really dope to see Jon and Dany on screen together. One of the things I love most about this show is the scale of it. It’s so big that you literally had to wait 7 seasons to see 2 of its major characters on screen together. That’s crazy. Anyway, all their stuff was cool. I also liked seeing Bran and Sansa reunited. They haven’t seen each other since season 1. Bran was pissy, but oh well. His 7 foot tall ass was there. I know she’s Anton’s girl, but this muh fuckin Cersei gotta die. I am so sick of her getting these early wins. It was kinda ill that she returned that kiss of death on Elaria and the Sand Snakes tho. Anyway, I’ll be glad to see her die slowly and painfully. And last but not least, standing ovation for my girl Lady Olena. I love that woman and the shit she talked. Her nickname should have been redwood cuz she brought nothing but ALL the shade! She went out like a G too. Taking sips and talking shit. I loved every minute of it. And Jaime’s punk ass better deliver her message to Cersei too. Aight, I’m out for now. Peace!

  15. For The Podcast: I’m not sure if theirs anything to add that no one has added except, oh my god how cute is it when Lady Mormont meets Arya?!?! Thats it, can’t wait to listen! Y’all rock.

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