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Game of Thrones - S7E2 - Stormborn

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Dragonstone”

So many characters I never expected to see again: Hot Pie! Nymeria! Reek!


As a storm rages outside, Daenerys gets down to the business of questioning Varys’ loyalty. Remember that time you served my father and then his usurper? Remember that time you conspired with Illyrio to make my ain’t-shit brother the king of Westeros and sell me to the Dothraki? Remember that time King Robert ordered my death and you hired an assassin?

Varys knows better than to ask, “Why you bringing up old shit?” Instead, he convinces her that his loyalty lies with what’s best for the realm (a callback to season one and certainly inline with his actions throughout the series), and he believes that is Daenerys. If ever she begins to fail the people he swears to tell her to her face and not conspire behind her back. She swears to burn him alive if he ever betrays her.

Good talk.

Melisandre arrives and tells Daenerys she believes she has a role to play when The Long Night comes, and that she should meet with Jon Snow. Since Tyrion can vouch for Jon Snow’s character, Daenerys agrees to send a raven to Winterfell. This is payoff from an idea that Tyrion had last season when he used the Red Priestesses from Volantis to calm the uprising against Daenerys while she was with the Dothraki. Because of that, Daenerys is willing to listen to what Melisandre has to say. Missandei offers up an interesting correction on the Valyrian phrase, “the prince that was promised,” That noun has no gender in High Valyrian so it could mean prince or princess. It probably means “the auntie and nephew who were promised.”

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Next Daenerys meets with the heads of her allied forces (Ellaria, Yara, Olenna) and her small council to discuss a battle plan. Yara, Olenna, and Ellaria were promised fire and blood so they’re ready to roll up on Kings Landing with the full squad and dragons. However, Tyrion has warned Daenerys she doesn’t want to be queen of the ashes. She can’t go all Targaryen yet. They need a more strategic plan that doesn’t involve killing the people she wishes to lead. It is decided that the Iron Fleet will take Ellaria to pick up the Dornish army in Sunspear, then, along with the Tyrell army, they will lay siege to the capital making it harder for Cersei to sell that they’re being taken over by foreigners. Meanwhile, the Unsuillied and Dothraki will attack Casterly Rock. Alone with Daenerys, Olenna warns that she might not want to listen to the menfolk advising her because men are stupid. This may sound harsh, but her son was Mace Tyrell, sooooo…

“The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

Before he leaves for Casterly Rock, Grey Worm has a naked goodbye with Missandei and shows her what that tongue do.

Kings Landing

Cersei is no stranger to using fear to her advantage and has gathered several lords to gain their commitment to side with her when the crazy Targaryen arrives with her dragons, eunuchs, and savages. This seems to work because these lords all look like Trump supporters, and none more so than raggedy-ass Randall Tarly. Jaime promises to make him warden of the south if he’ll go against his sworn oath to the Tyrells and fight with them.

Qyburn takes Cersei to the dungeon with all the dragon skulls. He’s had a special weapon made that can penetrate dragon bone. This assures we’re losing at least one dragon, y’all.


Daenerys’s raven arrives, but Sansa cautions that despite Tyrion being a different breed of Lannister, this could be a trap. Jon then gets the raven from Sam telling him how Dragonstone is basically Dragonglass ‘r’ Us, so Jon tells the Northern lords he’s going to parlay with Daenerys. This infuriates most for several reasons: can’t trust a Targaryen, they need their king, the last time they made a Stark king he rode south and Starked it up till he lost his head.

But no one protests as loudly as Sansa, who was warned not to contradict Jon in front of company. But she is Catelyn’s daughter, sooooo…

Jon quiets some of Sansa’s concern by leaving her in charge in his stead. Y’all, I can’t wait till Davos sees Melisandre at Dragonstone. He better not say shit either because she rode south just like they told her to do.

Jon makes a stop in the crypts to say goodbye to his dad, pray for guidance, or just sulk, I don’t know. Here comes Littlefinger doing that weird whisper shit he does. Jon doesn’t fall for it one bit and when Littlefinger talks about how much he loves Sansa, Jon grips his ass up by the throat.

“Touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself.”

So many first season callbacks in this episode, including the look on Littlefinger’s face after Jon assaults him. He knows that Starks are quick to anger and fond of using their fists. Just like he did with Ned, it’s a guarantee he’ll try to make Jon pay for that attack with the only weapon Littlefinger has: his ain’t-shit ways.

The Shitadel

Jorah’s examination by Archmaester Ebrose brings bad news: his infection has spread a lot (no shit), and he’ll die. First, he’ll go mad. They’re not sending him to live out his days with the Stone Men, but he can’t stay there either. When Sam learns Jorah is a Mormont, he does some digging and finds experimental treatment performed by an Archmaester who eventually died of Greyscale, but it is said he did have success in curing two cases. Ebrose forbids Sam from trying to help Jorah because Ebrose is a hater who is just there to do the bare fucking minimum. Ugh. I hate he!

Sam sneaks to Jorah’s room and tells him he knew his father; because of that he won’t let him die. After liquoring them both up and putting on about 2,042 pairs of gloves, Sam proceeds to follow the writings of the dead Archmaester and cut the infected skin off of Jorah.

Those Aren’t Our Dogs Anymore

If someone’s traveling along the Kingsroad, you know we’re gonna stop at everyone’s favorite tavern: where Micah the butcher’s boy was killed, where Hot Pie works, and where Brienne once searched for Arya. Sure enough, Arya stops for a meal and sees Hot Pie, who hooks her up with free pie and ale, and news that her brother is now king in the North. Arya bids him farewell and warns him not to die. He says he won’t because he’s like her: a survivor.

RIP, Hot Pie.

Arya is headed home, but stops to set up camp. She’s surrounded by direwolves, the biggest of which is Nymeria. Once she recognizes Arya, Nymeria becomes more docile, but walks away with her pack when Arya asks her to come home with her to Winterfell.

“That’s not you.”

Arya recognizes that Nymeria has changed. Leading her own pack is who she is now; not Arya’s pet.

Once a Reek,… 

On their voyage to Dorne, as the Sand Snakes argue over who gets to kill Cersei, Yara and Ellaria engage in a bit of flirting below deck. Theon prepares to make himself scarce cause he knows where it’s leading: someone’s about to get their tits fucked off.

They’re suddenly attacked by Euron’s fleet, and he boards their ship like he’s Donny fucking Wahlberg hitting the stage at a New Kids on the Block concert circa 1990. Obara and Nymeria are killed, but Ellaria and Tyene are taken hostage.

Yara seems to know the battle is already lost, but still fights valiantly until Euron gets the upperhand. With a blade to his niece’s neck, Euron taunts Theon to save her, but he doesn’t. Theon goes FULL Reek and jumps shit like a rat.

That Bolton PTSD is a bitch.

My predictions

Euron will present Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene to Cersei as both proof that he’s willing to kill his own kin to be her ally and that he can provide her with the personal revenge she desires. Yara will be killed, with a body part or two sent back to Dragonstone. Yara’s fleet is completely gone so neither she nor Theon are of any use to Daenerys now. Ellaria and Tyene will be held to keep the Dornish army in line and force them to bend the knee to Cersei and fight for her when Daenerys attacks. With Randall Tarly’s bitch-ass in play, I fear for Olenna’s safety should she return to Highgarden. And Daenerys may have to go full dragon whether she wants to or not.

Game of Thrones S7E2
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 8/10
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    Performances - 8/10


Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Mark Mylod | Written by: Bryan Cogman

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18 Comments on Game of Thrones - S7E2 - Stormborn


    I’m talking about nothing but Grey Worm and Missandei, I hope you know! I’ve always loved giving these two former slaves more to do than be 100% loyal. They’re now becoming their own people, having their own thoughts, and feeling their own feelings outside of Daenerys. Which is something they’ve never been able to do before! The fact that he’s a eunuch means their relationship is so much more pure and precious! Question: Who do you think told GW about “swan diving?” My guess is Tyrion. BTW y’all know he’s gonna be late leaving for Casterly Rock!! Missandei went full black woman coming in like “So you just not gon say BYE?” too. I know he better text her when they land at Casterly Rock.

    All I got, love you guys!!

  2. Not my feedback yet but that Donny Walhberg line had me dying!

  3. Hey PF crew!! Can I just say..that was one dope Pirates of The Caribbean scene! It was lit and I don’t even like the Greyjoys like that!
    Also, walking up all those stairs really paid off for Grey Worm and Missandei cause they got nice asses! I need to get on that Dragonstone workout plan..🎂 🍑

    Hey Nina and PF Crew! So the Greyjoys played who sunk my battleship and I was here for it. Sam trying to fix Jorah but never operated on anything?? Good luck! Sansa looked all “who me?” When given the power while Jon is away (does little finger smirk) and the ladies favorite… Greyworm said before I taste battle I’ll taste you Missandei. Great episode Project Fandom love you all!

  5. FOR THE PODCAST: Hi, Nina, John, and Anton! First, let me shout out #blacklove cause Missandei and Greyworm are outchea re-enacting the notebook by a sensual fire instead of the down pouring rain. For being a man of little words, Greyworm really knows how to use…you know what, let me not. I really rate the war room scene with the cast of Set it off 2: electric boogaloo. The women identified characters have lost so much to the burden of war but like my aunty, Mary J Blige, we are getting a 14 track album of “Not gon cry cause I got ships, dragons and a fitted black leather jumpsuit with matching thigh high boots.” Also, everyone at that table comes with some form of trauma that somehow connects to Cersei and House Lannister, I wonder what means for Cersei and her burgeoning “can I speak to your manager” haircut? Thanks again for the podcast! y’all awesome. Okay, byeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Varys being all James Comey when Dany demanded loyalty. I bet he even took detailed notes after that meeting 🙂

  7. FOR THE PODCAST: Dany dying this season…right? Cause she can’t keep taking these cyclical Ls and rebounding without us calling it las pendejadas.

    I was hoping for a Gendry sighting. I’m not giving up on that until the final credits roll at the end of next season.

    Sam don’t need to go above and beyond the way he did-just saying. The real question now, how long until Littlefinger gets stabby stabby on Jon?

  8. Hola Prima, John, and Anton,
    If the last 2 episodes are any indication on this season, I’m gonna end up laid out on the floor for months when it’s over.
    So Cersei is in King’s Landing tweeting out alternative facts. I knew Sam’s dad is an ain’t shit Trump supporter! All Jaime Pence had to tell him is they were going to keep brown people out.
    Nymeria hurt my feelings, but I understand she’s been out on the King’s Road streets for years. She’s not the stay at home type anymore. Hot Pie may know the wonders of butter, but does he know about spices and seasonings?
    Speaking of wonders: Missandei and Grey 🐛! Need I say more?
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
    ❤️ you guys.


    Look at Pirate Dave Navarro out here doing the Lord’s work, killing off all the characters we hate and the plot lines that we don’t have time for. I lost it when that fucking idiot came riding down on top of that boarding bridge. The only thing that would have made it better is if the whole thing was accompanied by a guitar solo. Cool plan Tyrion, you’re starting off with a bang.

    I can’t abide characters not communicating properly with each other. It’s absolutely my biggest pet peeve. It’s not more dramatic to do it this way writers, it’s fucking awful. I don’t need this Walking Dead bullshit in my Game of Thrones. While Jon not telling Sansa his plans to meet with Daenerys didn’t result in the needless deaths of thousands of people outside of Winterfell, it really would be nice if these two could stop bickering in front of the whole goddamn North like the McMahon family and work this shit out backstage so they can present a united front. Quit being weird in front of everyone you nerds.

    If Littlefinger talks Sansa into some fuckery while Jon’s on holiday I’m going to truly be done with her character. Hopefully her younger sister can get there quick and keep her ass in line.

    Another great episode! It had a little bit of everything.
    Four Woman War Council at Dragonstone-Ladies Rock w/some strategic input from Tyrian. I like lady olennas advice to Danny-at some point you have to be a dragon!
    Missendi/Greyworm ak the young Barack-Michelle of Westeros-beautiful love scene-I know he’s a eunuch but that old saying about when one loses a sense, the other senses become more heightened…….uh huh😍
    Dany/Varsys that convo was intense She called him out; he didn’t deny & they came to a mutual understanding
    Cersei, rocking that shame hairstyle, rallying her supporters-you’re so through-just taking bets on who will have the honor of killing u!
    Arya/nymeria-forgot about her dyerwolf from S1-will she return to the family w/o drama?
    Sansa/Jon-why must Sansa call out Jon in front of company? It’s as if she’s undermining his authority; will their allies start to lose faith in jons leadership?
    Littlefinger is such the slimy worm-u know he’s up 2 something-he & Melissandre make a good couple😁
    Euron is a crazy mofo-didn’t see that attack coming-any guesses what gift he brings to Cersei??? I felt bad for theon still fighting that PTSD from being w/Ramsey Bolton.

    That’s it for this week

  11. For the podcast

    Loved this episode! So far my fav of the season!

    Theon is a punk bitch! The least he could’ve done is try to rescue his sister so when she later dies after being horribly tortured by their uncle, she can die knowing her brother had her back like she had his! And damn, I liked Yara! She deserved better. But Euron did have a badass entrance. And he killed up some annoying sand snakes. So how horribly do you think Cersei is gonna have Tyrene tortured in front of Ellaria before they’re both killed? And what do you think Dany’s response will be to this loss?

    After running into Nymeria, is Arya still headed to Winterfell or is she going back to her revenge plot thinking she’s too wild to go home?

    Since this is getting long, that’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And Grey Worm & Missandei forever!! 😍😍

  12. Hey yall!

    Things I loved:

    - Olenna training Dany Karate Kid style to “Dragon On, Dragon Off”
    - Hot Pie channeling his inner Beyoncé because he’s a survivor and he ain’t gon give up.
    - Nymeria being super extra in confirming “Yer a Stark, ‘Arry”
    - SandJoy out here redeeming Greyjoys and the Dornettes alike with one make out sesh.
    - LittleFinger not saying “Oh yeah, Choke me Bastard” in order to escape Jon gripping him up
    - Also realising that Nina’s “Drunk Snake” LittleFinger sounds like her Ralph Angel impersonation.
    - Grey Worm changing his name to Worm Tongue and eating the booty like groceries.
    - Euron entering the fight like a motherfucking WWE wrestler.

    Irks of the episode:
    - Ellaria blaming everyone but Oberyn for his death
    - People being genuinely shocked that DRAGONglass is at DRAGONstone with 3 DRAGONS
    - Jaime saying Tarly 50 times
    - Theon rage quitting the game because his team lost
    - Sam and Jorah on the pus patrol which summarises how I feel about both of their characters

  13. Hello Nina, John and Anton,
    I know the feedback is long and most have probably covered my thoughts so here is some quickies.

    -though I understand the interaction between Nymeria and Arya, I was sad to see Nymeria go. She obviously had her own Dyer wolf life to live w/o Arya.
    Do you think we’ll see Nymeria and her pack again?

    -who’s gonna kill Euron, Yara or Jaime?

    -I am truly convinced that Arya is gonna shank/kill slitherin’ ass Littlefinger.

    Thanks for this amazing podcast.😘

  14. For the podcast:

    Well looks like my Sand Snakes gamble did not work as planned…..yea. I felt like he hung them from that ship as a “fuck you” to me.


    Do think Euron would have caught Yara no matter what Tyrian’s plan was? I mean as soon as they got back on the boats they were fucked, right?

  15. FOR THE PODCAST: HI Nina, John and Anton of House Fandom. I loved this episode. From the ladies making strategy, Danerys braids, (I would love to see a video of Emilia Clarke getting it braided) Greyworm showing that you can give a woman that O without the D. I loved that Messendeis dress looked cumbersome as fuck but that shit came apart with one pull. Do you guys get annoyed when Cerseis speech is basically MWGA? I giggle and then want to punch her. Arya getting curved by Nymeria was fucked up. Last question, which character are you guys filling / rooting for the most this season? Thats it, cant wait to listen.

  16. for the podcast: three words. THEON. AINT. SHIT. i know logically that it was the best thing for him to do in that situation to not get them both killed but he reeked the fuck out! twitches and everything!

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