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Game of Thrones - S7E5 - Eastwatch

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Spoils of War”

I’m Not Here to Murder; Unless You Don’t Listen… Then I’m Murdering You So Hard

Bronn again saves Jaime life by pulling him from the river and I’m still wondering why this man doesn’t have a castle yet. Bronn seems to be relying on the adage, “A Lannister pays his debts,” because he’s not letting Jaime die until he receives what he’s owed. However, he stops just short of sticking around for Daenerys to bring all three of her dragons to the next battle. Jaime better figure out a plan, but first he needs to tell Cersei about that time a dragon had him making life decisions. Drowning in a river is starting to sound better and better.

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Meanwhile, across the river, Tyrion walks through the smoky ruins of the battle while the Dothraki rummage through the debris like they’re at a yard sale. Daenerys offers the captured Westerosi soldiers an opportunity to bend the knee. She tells them she’s not like Cersei, and has no interest in murdering them unless they refuse to swear fealty. Tyrion tries to quietly talk her out of this approach and between this and his botched plans at the start of this season, I’m thinking Tyrion wants to get Scaramuccied.

Randyll Tarly refuses to bend the knee, and not because he doesn’t want to be seen as switching alliances twice in one week, but because he’s a bigot who doesn’t think a woman who wasn’t born there (through no fault of her, I might add) should rule, especially one with an army of brown folk. He won’t even take the black when Tyrion suggests it because Daenerys is not his queen and doesn’t have the authority to send him, but really he’s just afraid to face the son he threatened to murder because he’s overweight and can’t fight. Also, Daenerys is offering to make sure all people prosper in Westeros, not just the rich, but Randyll Tarly is all about Making Westeros Great Again, which means shitting on brown and poor people while he’s allowed to be the fucking worst because of his privilege and money.

Dickon refuses to kneel as well, even though being sentenced to death means the end of his house. Man, we’re clearing out so many houses these past two seasons! One “Dracarys” later, and the Tarlys are dead, and all the men who had still refused to kneel do so with the quickness.

When Daenerys returns to Dragonstone, Jon is there to witness her badass “I’m on a motherfucking dragon” landing. I’m surprised he didn’t bend the knee right then and there. Instead, he pets Drogon, who allows it because dragon game recognize Targaryen game. Daenerys explains that her dragons are like her children, and I’m convinced we’re gonna lose a dragon this season. My money is on Viserion since he’s named after a twat.

Jorah shows up just in time to interrupt a moment between Daenerys and Jon because he’s had years to hone his friend zone cock blocking skills. He’s maxed that attribute out. Dany is happy to see he’s cured and welcomes him back to her inner circle.

Tyrion and Varys talk about recent events, with Tyrion making excuses and Varys expressing concern that Daenerys could end up like her father without wise counsel to guide her. Tyrion drinks more wine. He’s been through some shit so I’ll allow it.

Kings Landing 

Jaime reports their loss to Cersei, and she thinks they still stand a chance if they buy mercenaries with all that stolen gold. Besides, she doesn’t think Daenerys will accept a peaceful surrender by the woman who sits on her father’s throne and the man who stabbed Daenerys’ father in the back. Perhaps Tyrion can talk Daenerys into it as a way to make up for killing Joffrey? Jaime then corrects Cersei and tells her about Lady Olenna’s confession. She doesn’t believe it until he points out that even she wouldn’t want a granddaughter of hers marrying Joffrey over Tommen. This convinces her because Cersei knows her son wasn’t shit. She knows what she raised! She’s prepared to fight and die instead of surrender and die, and implies Jaime ain’t ’bout that life if he doesn’t feel the same. Why does he love this hateful woman?


Bran is busted spying on the Night King and his army while warging into a raven. The Night King senses Bran’s presence and the connection is broken; probably because Bran shat himself, which is what I would have done. Bran tells his Maester that they need to send ravens. Lots of raven. Nobody likes spam, Bran!

Arya watches as Sansa holds court and listens to the northmen’s concerns with Jon leaving. They wonder if they shouldn’t have followed Sansa instead. To her credit, Sansa instructs them all to calm down and have faith in Jon. Alone with Sansa, though, Arya calls Sansa out for not shutting down the anti-Jon talk more strongly. She also side-eyes the fact that Sansa is residing in their parents’ chambers. Sansa has always liked nice things and lording over people; would she throw Jon under the bus in order to lead the North? Arya suspects the answer could be yes.

Later, Arya spies on Littlefinger as he receives, and then hides, a scroll from Maester Luwin’s records. Supposedly, this is done on Sansa’s behalf. Arya finds the letter, which is the one Sansa wrote under duress in season 1. It says that she believes her father to be a traitor and that she wants Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. Oh, man. We gotta be one step closer to Arya killing that which needs killing, right? Hopefully, yes, even though it appears that Littlefinger set Arya up to find the letter.


Bran’s raven about the movement of the army of the dead arrives at the Citadel — because season 7 unlocked fast travel mode — and the maesters doubt its validity. Maybe it’s Daenerys trying to trick the houses to send their armies to the wall, leaving Westeros easier for her to take. Sam ain’t tryna hear that and tells them they have the ability to make all the difference and that the White Walkers are real. He leaves uncertain of what they’ll do, but they do agree to write back for verification.

While Sam studies, Gilly shows off her newfound reading skills by pointing out some things she learned from an old maester’s journals. One interesting tidbit is that Rhaeger Targaryen had that maester annul his marriage to Elia Martell and marry him to Lyanna Stark immediately after. Sam doesn’t hear all of this because he’s too busy thinking about how the maesters ain’t shit and how he should probably just go back to Castle Black with a load of stolen books from the library. So, that’s what he does.

In all fairness, I too zone out when Gilly starts talking.

Back at Dragonstone

Bran’s raven delivers the news of his and Arya’s return to Winterfell and the Night King’s movements. They devise a plan in which Davos will smuggle Tyrion into Kings Landing to have a secret meeting with Jaime so he can convince Cersei into a meeting.

Jorah and Jon intend to go beyond the wall to capture a wight to present to Cersei at said meeting, and hopefully get her to realize that they need to call a cease fire while they focus on the bigger threat.

Back at Kings Landing 

Tyrion heads to his meeting with Jaime (arranged by Bronn), while Davos goes into Flea Bottom. Jaime is willing to listen, but he’s still in his feelings over Tyrion killing their father. Yet, he doesn’t want to talk about Tyrion’s feelings and would rather he just get to the point.

Davos finds Gendry working at his old job and looking like Christian Bale. He wants Gendry to come with him, and Gendry immediately agrees because he had a feeling he was meant to be doing something more important.

When Jaime presents Tyrion’s offer to Cersei, she reveals she knew about the meeting because she knows all of the important things going on in the city… except the fact that her dead husband’s son has been right under her nose. She’s willing to listen to Daenerys, but only because she knows they’re at a strategic disadvantage and losing; going along gives her time to come up with a clever way to defeat Daenerys and it’s what her father would do. She vows to fight whatever stands in their way because she’s pregnant and has no problem letting the realm know her brother is the father. Cersei warns Jaime to never betray her again. Why does he love this woman?!

Before Davos, Gendry, and Tyrion can leave, they’re stopped by two gold cloaks. They were cool with accepting a bribe to let Davos and Gendry as smugglers, but when they see and recognize Tyrion, Gendry has to bring the hammer down. Literally. On their faces. Awww! He’s just like his daddy.

One would think if Cersei knew about the secret meeting, she’d have informed her gold cloaks to not confront any dwarf they come upon. This would have saved those two guards’ lives, but Cersei is just raggedy.

Back at Dragonstone, Again 

Before Davos introduces Gendry to Jon, he warms him not to reveal that Robert was his father. Gendry agrees, but spills all the tea the moment he meets Jon. They bond over being the bastard sons (Well, not Jon; not really) of two best friends. So, now they’re best friends. That’s how it works, right? Gendry wants to go with Jon beyond the wall, and… yeah, they’re probably going to be besties.

Daenerys says goodbye to Jorah and Jon, and it’s clear she’s smitten AF with the latter. Poor Jorah.


Tormund has trouble keeping the queens straight and asks Jon if his plan to capture a wight is so that he can convince the one with the dragons or the one who fucks her brother.

“Both,” Jon admits.

Seems they’re not the only ones looking to go beyond the wall. Tormund shows his visitors the men they’ve got locked up in their cells and it’s none of other than The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr. Everybody got trust issues:

  • Gendry doesn’t trust The Brotherhood Without Banners because they sold him to Melisandre.
  • Tormund doesn’t like the fact that Jorah is the son of the Lord Commander who hunted the wildlings for years.
  • Jon knows The Hound used to work for the Lannisters.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Jon needs as many men as he can get to defeat the Night King. The new magnificent seven leave, and this is the most hype I’ve been since the last time Game of Thrones made me whoop and holler… which was last week.

Send a Raven (and other bits of note)

Interesting that Jon didn’t advise Dany to attack the convoy last week. He admitted to not knowing how he felt about Daenerys killing a lot of her enemies, but that’s something he should or would have considered if he was the one to suggest it. What she did was an acceptable part of war (as much as you can accept that war is a thing). It’s not like she pulled off the Red Wedding.

Oh, Rhaegar. How you gonna marry your mistress in your wife’s hood.

So many great team-ups! I’d wished for one with Tormund, The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Jon, Jaime, Bronn, Arya, Brienne, Yara, and Theon fighting the White Walkers just the other day, but I had no idea I’d actually get a version of it and certainly not as soon as next week!

But with the team-ups and reunions comes the bringing up of old shit, and I was here for every petty (and not so petty) moment. Davos reminded Tyrion that he killed his son with wildfire at Blackwater. Tyrion reminded Jorah of the time he talked slavers out of killing them.

I see a lot of people think Cersei is lying about the pregnancy, but I don’t believe that’s the case. Mainly because right before Jaime entered the room, Qyburn was offering to give Cersei something that could “take care of it” and she tells him it won’t be necessary.

When will we admit that the Northmen kinda ain’t shit?

Jon is legit, y’all!

I really hope this issue between Arya and Sansa resolves quickly. Littlefinger started of all this, and played a huge part in what happened to the Stark family. It only seems right that they’re the ones to bring his downfall. I think that Arya and Sansa have learned so much over the past few seasons and they’re too smart for Littlefinger to get away with this type of crap now. The implication that Sansa does want Winterfell for herself to rule has been there, but just because it’s something she wanted or considered doesn’t mean she’ll actually betray her family to make it happen. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Here’s to Bran finally downloading his complete Littlefinger file and exposing him for the asshole he is.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

Game of Thrones S7E5
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Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Matt Shakman | Written by: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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34 Comments on Game of Thrones - S7E5 - Eastwatch

  1. For the podcast:
    Episode tempered from last week but very enjoyable; nice to see old faces return
    Jon meets dragon-Jon looked petrified at first but dragon is like we family😁
    Dany/Jorah sweet reunion ive always liked them as a couple
    Sansa/Arya-sibling rivalry & shade? When Arya called out sansas true intentions I was like damn! I wonder about their relationship going forward.
    Cersai that “B”-did she have Bron killed? And she’s expecting again-wonder if it’s really Jamie’s-I’d never put anything past her.
    The group led by Jon aka the magnificent seven of westeros?!? 😄
    Welcome back pendry true son of king Baratheon
    RIP father & Dickon “billy bones” Tarly.
    That’s all I have this week

  2. For the Podcast:
    Thank you Nina, John, and Anton for giving us in depth analysis weekly. I love the way things are coming full circle in this story. I have a few questions: Did you view Ayra’s convo with Sansa a warning? Should Varys have had that conversation Dany instead of Tyrion? ( that’s what he promised in episode 2). Why didn’t Jon go home to tell the North his intentions to lead the defense of EastWatch? That’s all I got, again thank you for all you do, it’s much appreciated.

  3. For the podcast:
    Two quick thoughts. Do we think Arya would kill Sansa if she believes everything LF is trying to do? Would Jamie still kill Cersei if she is carrying his child?
    Lastly, I can’t wait for the high school reunion at winterfell.

  4. “I’m thinking Tyrion wants to get Scaramuccied”

    Dammit Nina! 😂😂

    FOR THE PODCAST: Why did the Night King look at those ravens like a black mama looking at her kid in Kmart? That visual was scary as shit, I need Bran to figure out a way to take a video of those walkers and send that message via raven. I’m seriously trying to figure out how the humans beat these guys. Qyburn needs to invent a gun that shoots dragon glass.

    These nigs are dead y’all.

    On a more positive note, can we please give the Emmy award to Drogon? Without any speaking roles this guy is my favorite character. We watched him torch alt-right Father Tarley and Dickon and then he was nice as shit to Jon. Jon must’ve had a Scooby snack in his pocket.

    I know I’m rambling, my only question is where do you think Messandei was when Jon and them left for the wall? I think she’s still waiting on a text from Greyworm.

    Great recaps guys!

  5. For the podcast (if you’re still doing feedback, but if you’re not, that’s totally understandable because spoilery jerkstores have to be spoilery jerkstores):

    How’s an announcement of a pregnancy with her brother going to affect Euron’s deal with Cersei? Think he’ll be salty or cool with it?

    Jorah’s gonna die, right? Because D&D are right bastards who like to toy with our feelings. I was wondering a couple of episodes back why he was still around, so I guess we’ll find out.

    Speaking of… I think we’re all in agreement that the Wall’s coming down before the end of this season, right? I have a couple of theories on how, but mostly they just sound stupid, so I won’t put them here for fear of me looking like a damn fool.

    God, I hope Sansa and Arya team up and this is a total fake-out because a) the Starks need to obliterate LF & b) I need for these women to outsmart that snake-charmer man after all the grief bestowed on the two of them at the hands of evil dudes. Also, can Brienne jump in and help with this? She needs something to do besides the futile taks of training Pod.

    Two parts when I stood up and danced and cheered and my family looked at me quizzically for an explanation: Gendry and Gilly. Also, I desperately need Arya to find out not only is Gendry alive, but he’s helping Jon and he’s hot af.

    DREAM TEAM! This is like the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. I was there for it back then and I am here for it now. ARE YOU READY TO KILL SOME WHITE WALKERS!

  6. FOR THE PODCAST (if you decide to do feedback, if not just for Nina):
    Hey y’all! Nina thanks for enumerating all the ways the Tarlys ain’t shit in your recap. Everyone who thinks Dany has has gone Mad Queen, I need you to turn to Chapter 5 Verse 1 in your You Tried It manual. Randyll Tarly ain’t shit and ain’t been shit. People said Dany has abandoned the concept of breaking the wheel but this is how you break it. The only reason House Tarly is a great house is their name. Dickon is slow, Randyll is a bigot and the only one worth a damn they ran off.

    The other thing I want to discuss is Arya. For all the talk of Sansa listening to Little Restraining Order, it was Arya who was led around by the nose. And again, for all the talk of Sansa being petty, LF is actually playing on Arya’s pettiness and distrust of her sister to tear them apart. Arya (from what we’ve seen) is quick to believe LF and that goes back to how she perceives Sansa as someone who is preoccupied with having pretty things and being of a certain station. That’s Arya’s baggage.

    But on my good Arya side, I’m hyped to see if Gendry makes it to Winterfell. On that count, Arya deserves. And Joe Dempsie *squeeeeeeeeeeee* I had to cover my mouth so the neighbors didn’t knock on the door cause I screamed.

    Alright, that’s my time. No predictions cause I, too, am annoyed at these spoiler/prediction mfers. Love y’all. #FuckRhaegar for Anton Balane but #RhaegarLovesLyanna cause he also wanted to do things right. 😘 besitos

  7. For the Podcast:
    Hey y’all, this is my first time leaving feedback. Just wanted to give some shout outs. Shout out to Dickon Tarly for being an idiot… dumb name, dumb son, makes sense.
    Shout out to Tormund for calling Brienne “the big woman” when he know DAMNED well he knows her name.
    Shout out to the guards that only had to walk away… Davos gave y’all money, fed you crab, made you laugh… but y’all still had to be top flight security of the world(Craig.) Also, I work at the IRS, and Davos not taking his money back from those corpses hurt me spiritually.
    Shout out to Jorah… did he even get into castle Dragonstone before leaving again, with friend zone dreams intact? Lastly, shout out to Gendry returning. I’ve said for years he’s my dark horse for the throne. Real talk, I’ve got a wife, two kids and a mortgage so I ain’t got the time or desire to be looking up spoilers and leaked eps… so I could be wrong, but dat hammer tho!! Thanks for all the laughs y’all have given me in my cubicle!

  8. FOR THE PODCAST I don’t mind all the setup in this episode and actually enjoyed it for what it is. I just don’t like some of the stupid decisions D&D are making. It’s like they set up several high points to the season but are using “Walking Dead” writers to get there. The plan between Dany and Jon is EXTREMELY MORONIC not so much bc they’re risking all they’re lives to get back one wight (Which is dumb on its own) but bc why? Cersei Literally has no Army why are they jumping through all these hoops for her. They can just walk into King Landing and kill her. Who’s stopping them the gold cloaks? Qyburn? Jamie and his one hand? Obviously, the writers listen to the fans (Queue in the “I thought you’d still be rowing” line) so we’re obviously getting a Clegane Bowl so are they doing all this to have a reason for the Hound to go to Kings Landing? I have no doubt that next week is going to be epic and from that standpoint, It really doesn’t matter how they got there but I guess I’m just used to better from these writers.


    Gendrys Back!!! Hey Boo😘

    Im gonna miss looking at Dickon but i ain’t mad at Dany for doing what she got to do

    I know Jon is Targareyan and all but he can’t have Beyonce right? He got to ride Kelly or Michelle

    If Arya is pissed at Sansa for that letter than she is a fucking idiot because she should know Sansa did have a choice and she was also trying to save her father. All these years pass and she still bringing the time when Sansa was a Bougie Bitch. I DON’T WANT ANYMORE STARK DRAMA, ALL I WANT IS LITTLE FINGERS HEAD ON A SPIKE.

    Gilly said some shit but i kind of stop listening when she talks, so ill just wait for the podcast to figure out what the fuck she was talking about.

    That’s my feedback for today, can’t wait to hear your podcast

  10. For The Podcast:

    Hey yall! I hope Anton is there, because as much as I love a surprise dose of Donny Rand, Anton has only got 3 more weeks before he’s out the moon door 😢.

    Here are my highlights:
    - Dany’s death stare after Jon insulted her dragons as beasts.
    - Me expecting Jorah to do a sexy strip-tease for Dany to show off his new body.
    - Arya telling Sansa to put some respek on Jon’s name. The North can burn for all I care, with them all supporting Sansa over Jon just because she’s literally “WHITE AND THERE”.
    - LittleFinger employing a spy that looks like a real Great Value Sansa. I imagine all of his spies are like that.
    - Knowing that LittleFinger probably took Sansa’s old room in Winterfell. He’s such a creep.
    - Me with mouth agape and tongue out, looking like that Rihanna gif, when Gendry showed off his hammer
    - Me wanting someone to look at me the way Gendry looked at Jon Snow. He was like “Our fathers were friends, we could add some benefits. And this is a cave after all. ;)”
    - Davos declaring he’s not a good fighter, even tho if Missandei was there we ALL know he’d be showing off
    - Tormund being ride or die for Brienne, and his summary of this season’s plot.
    - The Fellowship of the Wight being everything I didn’t know I needed, and everyone going out of their way to make a meeting between Sandor and The Mountain. Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Varys, Jaime, Davos, The Brotherhood and Bronn ALL want CleganeBowl to happen. Maybe Ed Sheeran can perform at the half-time show?

    The Not So Good Bits:
    - Sam stealing from the libary. He’s going to have to use Cersei’s Tyrell Money to pay for those overdue books at some point.
    - Sam cutting off Gilly and giving that book to the baby. Why did he give the most important book for Jon right now TO THE BABY?!?
    - Tyrion giving Jorah a plot armour coin.
    - Dany getting handsy with Jorah right after he’s “cured”. His hands are probably still crusty tho!
    - The Hound going even further from King’s Landing now that CleganeBowl is all but confirmed. What Is Hype May Never Die.

  11. Don’t mind the “Yes.” It’s for me and will be explained on podcast.

  12. Maybe Bronn need The Iron Bank’s Selsword Collection’s Division. He deserves the biggest castle land plot and a billion gold whatever their currency is.

  13. In case you do feedback.
    Hey Nina, John and Anton,
    I’ll keep it to just these quick thoughts.
    -if you think on it, all the main women in power (Cersei, Sansa and Daney) are experiencing some form of underestimation of abilities, diplomacy and/or cunning, by their immediate peers/people.
    -since I’ve been (like every one else) rewatching the shit out of this series the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that Tyrion often turns his head away from face to face violence. Seems he has been doing this since the battle at Blackwater. This tells me he is not cut out for war strategy and should step down in this capacity.

    That’s all, thanks for all that you do, Nina. I LOVE this podcast.


    Hey Nina you know you’re my favorite!!

    Let’s get right to it!! I’m planning the biggest baby shower westeros has ever scene!! We gonna be playin pin the tail on the dragon all up and through that bitch!! I hope all 🌲 of y’all respeck this couples union and rsvp asap!! The food will be catered by Maester joes and all swag bags will include a valayrian Steel dagger, 3 gold dragons, 2 mini bottles of the finest arbor gold, and a coupon for a dozen free 🍋 cakes!! I expect to see u all there to celebrate ✌🏾

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast, oh and arya is really batman!!!


    Bright and fierce and fickle is the North, amirite? At least in the case of Lord Glover. This fucking guy changes his allegiances more than Cersei and Jaime change their bed sheets. Where is Lyanna Mormont when we most need someone to channel Alonzo Harris? “You disloyal, fool-ass bitch-made punk … Awww you motherfuckers, I’m puttin’ cases on all you bitches!”

    I’m going to give Jon and The Fellowship of the King a pass for conceiving of the most dumbest ass of dumbass plans, because I was unaware that I needed the Northern Avengers in my life until I actually saw it. How many people are we losing in this foolish adventure?

    If Cersei really is pregnant, then that means Maggy the Frog’s ‘prophecy’ is bullshit, right? I mean, even more bullshit than it already was, after Weiss and Benioff forgot that they made up a fake baby.

    I was a little salty at first about Sam and Gilly’s ‘My Cousin Vinny’ schtick completely diffusing the biggest bomb that the show has ever dropped, but in context, Sam has no reason to give the slightest bit of a shit about Rhaegar’s marriage annulment. And on top of that, now he’s got to deal with Gilly thinking her night classes are as interesting to him as they are to her.

    Another episode without Euron Greyjoy. All praise be to R’hllor.

  16. For the Podcast

    After years of watching this slow moving chess game, where pawns are moving one space at a time, we finally get to the stage of the game where rooks and bishops can sweep across the board.

    Varys must have shared his quick travel secrets with Davos. Now he needs to share those secrets with the Dothraki so they can find a hairdresser ASAP.
    Did Jason Momoa need extensions to play Drogo? I’m sure the original Dothraki all had their own hair. And their guyliner was always on point. These new Dothraki look like they’ve had their weaves snatched.

    Jon, Jorah, Gendry, Tormund, Beric, Thoros and Sandor!?! With Davos driving the getaway vehicle!?! Can someone call Marvel and DC and tell them this is how it’s done. Gendry has been gone forever and I still care more about him than Hawkeye or Martha.

    Love the Pod, keep up the good work.

  17. FOR THE PODCAST - Hi Nina, John and Anton! This is going to be a short feedback from me but I wasn’t impressed by this episode. They lost me as soon as Jamie’s ass showed up on the other side of the fking river after bronn saved him from drowning in 200 lbs armor and a gold hand. If I was Bronn I would have taken that hand and slapped the shit out of Jamie with it. I’m pissed were pausing the war with Cersei to fight the white walkers with her. Watch this biotch meet with the Night King and make an alliance with him just to fuck with us. Ugh. The fact that we finally found out about Johns parentage was overshadowed by Sam being an ass, although he was an adorable ass since he never gets angry. And omg I am loving Gilly this season. Altogether this episode was lack luster for me, but I’ve also only watched it once, but that’s never affected my enjoyment. So let me stop ripping this episode, and sign off. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this weeks episode!

  18. For the podcast: Bronn has some arm strength to pull Jaime, so far and (partially?) underwater all the way to the other side of the river. Really GoT…?

  19. For the podcast: Bronn has some arm strength to pull Jaime, so far and (partially?) underwater all the way to the other side of the river. Really GoT…? Dany: I admit I was a bit shocked at her burning the Tarlys (well Dickon, Randall can rot in hell) but that quickly dissapated. She gave them a choice. More than Cersei would EVER have done, plus she was in her rights. I don’t get all the Mad Queen BS. Her plan of breaking the wheel has now officially started (if you leave out Essos), after BBQ’ing the Tarly’s. Tyrion has to detach himself a bit more from his Westorsi POV. I get Varys’ concerns because he’s tripping on guilt too. Guilt that is clouding his radar a little bit, when it comes to her.
    Jon and Drogon: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.
    Sam and Gilly: Poor Sam but the one time your lady was saying something important, you had to rant about shits, sorry steps. Leave it to Gilly or little Sam to clean up the ‘mess’, when it comes up again.
    Jorah…or chocolate velvet voice (yum, yum) , it’s great to see you at her side. Sorry you’l have to watch from the sidelines, when she and Jon are a thing, if you survive long enough.
    Arya and Sansa: I told you the SHADE of things to come. However, I hope Arya is smart enough and she figured out Little ‘Shit’ fingers game (thx, american mum) before he crept out of the shadows. Sansa, should have defended Jon more in front of these rotten backstabbers. Lord Glover is fickle as shit. First he cries verbal crocodile tears, Jon ‘forgives’ and a few months later, Glover is bitching about him. Get over it. Magnificent Seven on ICE are on the move. DAMN I love this show. Pam out

  20. No, scrap my comment about Dickon. He fully lived up to his name. As far as we know and based on the dinner scene in season 6, Dickon never stood up for Sam. He was the golden child, when Sam is the truly worthy one . Fuck Dickon too. The only good thing Randall did, was sending Sam to the wall, so he could fulfil his potential. Sam is one of the most important people in this show and will write the ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ once everyone has made off to the nether realms. 😂😎

  21. Timothy D Chappell, here’s the recap. All the episodes should be in archives.

  22. Thanks Mary Kathleen Morlan I’ve listen to the podcast along with archives and my mind is blown. I can’t wait to see the last two episodes in season 7. It’s going to be epic

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