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Game of Thrones - S7E4 - The Spoils of War

Previously on Game of Thrones, “The Queen’s Justice”

This was the episode that was promised. You just watched The Spoils of War, First of Its Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and HBO. The Khaleesi of Cable TV. The Breaker of Records and Snatcher of Edges. The Unburnt (though some folks did burn copies of the episode two days early), and Mother of Dragons and Ratings.

This episode is multiple orgasms and good credit. It’s the first sip of a perfect cup of coffee on a day when you ain’t gotta go to work. It’s the moment that direct deposit hits. It’s finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag when you thought you ate them all. It’s the smell of a newborn baby’s neck. It’s the sound of doves crying, angels singing, and Donald Trump shutting the fuck up.

It’s the best thing ever. And if you disagree, you the most wrong person to be wrong about something (right after Donald Trump).


Littlefinger presents Bran with the dagger meant to kill him back in season one because Littlefinger is like that creepy uncle who gives you lingerie for Christmas. He then tries to run his game on Bran, but Bran is so beyond knowing or caring about Littlefinger’s games. In fact, his third eye is so open that when Littlefinger mentions the word “chaos,” Bran quotes him with, “Chaos is a ladder.” This is something Littlefinger said when he confessed his intentions to Varys in the season three episode, “The Climb.”

Littlefinger was SHOOK.

Meera comes to say goodbye to Bran — she’s going home to be with her family when The Long Night comes — and since he’s now an emotionless Magic 8 Ball, it lacks the heart and gratitude she expected.

Arya arrives at the gates of Winterfell and is greeted by two guards who don’t yet know they need to put some damn respeck on her name. She’s eventually reunited with Sansa in the family crypt; a meeting that was way less awkward than I thought it would be. Well, save for the moment when Arya mentions her list of People I’m Going to Kill Dead and Sansa laughs it off as a joke. Sansa mentions that Bran is home as well, but then her face goes dark like she’s going to deliver the sad news that Rickon died, but the scene immediately cuts to Arya and Sansa meeting with Bran in The Godswood because apparently I’m the only one who remembers that kid existed.

Images: HBO

Sansa realizes her sister wasn’t kidding at all when Bran mentions Arya’s list (and the fact that Cersei is on it), and my head canon is that she was silently wondering if Arya would lose any sleep over killing Littlefinger. Bran gives the Valyrian steel dagger to Arya, who is a bit disgusted to learn Littlefinger is lurking about. Sansa warns that Littlefinger doesn’t do anything out of the kindness of his heart. Lady of Winterfell and Warden of the Obvious, that one.

My current read on Littlefinger is that the sudden arrivals of Bran and Arya feel like an opportunity to him. He may not yet know how he’s going to use them, but they represent possibility where before he wasn’t sure he had any chance of turning Sansa against Jon. They bring the possibility of chaos.

He may wanna slow his roll after witnessing Arya train with Brienne in the courtyard. Arya’s skill in the Braavosi style of swordplay shocks Brienne, then frustrates her, and finally earns Arya a measure of Brienne’s respect.


Missandei is just about to spill all that scalding hot Grey Worm sex tea to her Queen when Jon interrupts to show Daenerys his etchings. Kidding. Kinda. He takes her to the mine of dragonglass and shows her ancient wall carvings that suggest The Children of the Forest and the First Men fought together against the White Walkers. This serves as the definitive proof Daenerys needs to commit to helping the North, even though Jon very well could have added the White Walkers drawing himself. (Shoutout to Danielle in our Facebook group for that joke). But that would have been a very Lannister thing to do, and we all know that even though he’s half Targaryen, Jon is the starkiest Stark to ever Stark.

Daenerys will help… as soon as Jon bends the knee.

P.S. These two are totally fucking.

Tyrion and Varys have the unenviable task of delivering the news about the siege of Casterly Rock and the developments at Highgarden. Davos and Jon try to mosey on out of the conversation since it has nothing to do with them, but Daenerys is hot and demands they stay put. She’s once again ready to go full-on Dracarys all over Kings Landing, but this time it’s Jon that talks her out of it. Burning your innocent subjects is bad, but ambushing a caravan of the enemy army is totally cool and she should absolutely do that… with a dragon.

While Daenerys prepares to give us the best 15 minutes ever captured on film, Davos and Jon have another conversation with Missandei that serves to do two things:

  1. Guarantee that Jon’s parentage will come up again in a major way (besides Bran’s reveal) before the season is out and
  2. Push me into the Team Cat Daddy Davos camp. He seemed ready to risk it all for Missandei with the Good Hair!

When Jon spots a Greyjoy ship approaching, he races to the beach because we all know how everyone feels about Greyjoys, even when they know the good guys are aligned with them. Theon thought he was already having the worst week ever, but seeing Jon took it to new pants-shitting levels. He actually delivered a “Oh, Jon. I didn’t know you were here” like all that traitorous and murderous shit didn’t go down between Theon and Robb. It’s only because he helped Sansa that there isn’t a Theon-shaped blood pool soaking into the sands of Dragonstone.

Theon wants to ask for Daenerys’ help in getting Yara back, but Daenerys ain’t home because…

Somewhere on a Road Alongside an Open Field, Which Will Go Down in History as the Site Where Shit Got the Realest It’s Been in Westeros in Centuries

The gold stolen from Highgarden (minus Bronn’s pay) is sent ahead to Kings Landing while the rest of the army escort the grain. With his gold on the way, Tychos Nestoris has warmed to Cersei and even offers a new line of credit once her old debt is paid. She’s definitely interested as it will help her pay for The Golden Company, an army of sellswords across the Narrow Sea.

Once they receive word that the gold has made it through the castle gates, Jaime and the Tarlys get to work making sure the grain does as well. Randyll Tarly wants to flog the slow soldiers because he’s terrible. He looks so disgusted when Jaime nixes that plan.

Dickon admits that war ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when the men you kill shit themselves when they die. Speaking of shitting oneself…

The Dothraki appear in the horizon, guided by the spirits of Khal Drogo and The Stallion Who Mounts the World. Well, that and they just really like killing. The Lannister soldiers brace for battle and Bronn tells Jaime he should head for Kings Landing, but Jaime isn’t about to leave his men. “We can hold them off,” he says.


Daenerys arrives, flying atop Drogon, and hats off to every man who didn’t immediately run for the hills. Men are burned alive, trampled by Dothraki horses, and shot down with Dothraki arrows fired from riders standing on their galloping horses.

Jaime yells out commands like, “Spears and shields! Hold the line! Archers!,” and “Take cover!” but all I heard was, “Kiss your asses goodbye.” He tasks Bronn with manning Qyburn’s scorpion since he can’t do it one-handed. Instead, he takes on Dothraki on horseback and is saved from death by Dickon. Bronn’s time getting to the crossbow isn’t much easier, but he finally does. Drogon easily dodges the first giant arrow - in between burning up ALL THE WAGONS because if Team Dany ain’t eating, nobody’s eating — but Bronn gets lucky with his second shot.

Drogon is wounded, but not out. He sets the scorpion on fire, barely missing Bronn, and then slaps it with his wing, obliterating it. In my head, he said, “You hit like a bitch.” As Dany tries to remove the spear from Drogon’s side, Jaime sees his opportunity to end the war. He rides towards Dany’s back, spear in hand. From a nearby hilltop, Tyrion is like, “Oh, no, baby. What is you doing?”

Jaime is almost successful, but at the last second Dany turns around and Drogon gets all up in Jaime’s grill because what you not gonna do is stab his mama in the back. Bronn appears out of nowhere to propel him and Jaime into the nearby river. Their horses aren’t so lucky.

Whatever they’re paying Bronn, triple it.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

Game of Thrones S7E4
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    Shookness - 15/10

"The Spoils of War"

Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Matt Shakman | Written by: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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25 Comments on Game of Thrones - S7E4 - The Spoils of War

  1. Had to get back on Facebook just because of this episode.

    The episode was good already then the party outside High Garden happened and it was LIT.

    I really just have questions, y’all might ask them on the show before you get to feedback.

    Do y’all think Grand Maester Plot Device poisoned those arrows?

    Why didn’t Arya just kill Littlefinger once she knew he was there. Wasn’t he on the list?

    Is there anyway Jamie and Bronn, most importantly Bronn, make it out alive?

  2. This episode…. Y’all! I’ll leave 3 hot takes and be out. I love this fucking show.

    1. Bronn needs his own country. Pay the man his money Jamie!

    2. Assassins Creed Arya giving Littlefinger that “I’m coming for you, nigga” death stare was great.

    3. Dothraki horde ghostriding the horses? Most gangsta thing I’ve seen in a bit. Khal Drogo is out there somewhere doing the MJ cry face, I’m certain

    Whoooooo!!! Back to work for me. Great review!

  3. OMG this was probably one of my favorite episodes!!! I can’t WAIT to hear the podcast!!!

    I really have nothing else to say! I loved absolutely everything but my favorite parts were arya sparring with Brienne (my stupid phone autocorrected brienne 4 fucking times!) and of course, the dragons!


  4. Hey Nina, Anton and John,
    Gonna get to my points:

    I was instantly reminded of the Mongols aka Genghis Khan and his crew, when Bronn heard the rumble of the Dothraki and the subsequent fighting scene. It seems like the GoT crew, know/love history and tailor their fight scenes accordingly. I will not give a blow by blow of the similarities in fighting styles but those interested, do a little googling.

    -I’ve been trying to figure out Jorah’s purpose. Is it to replace Tyrion as the battle strategist? Seems like Tryion has just realized he may be too emotionally attached to his family, still.

    -I took Sansa’s face when watching her sister fight Brienne, as shock and fear. Do you all think Sansa realized that she has not and maybe never did, know what Arya was capable of?

    -do you think Jon will bend the knee after this cave conversation and should he?

    -though it was reported that the gold made it to Kings Landing, will Cersei blame Jaime for the losses and will this cause the rift between Jaime and Cersei, that everyone is hoping for?

    Thanks for always giving us a SUPER quality podcast.😘

  5. I’m gonna try and keep this short

    For the podcast

    This episode was literally 🔥🔥🔥! Loved it!

    Is Bran dead like Meera said? Is he only the TER now with no real trace of Bran inside anymore?

    Is Arya able to wear the face of any dead person or only those she’s killed? Could she appear as her parents or something and freak Baelish out before she kills him?

    Was I the only one who heard porn music when Jon & Dany were in that cave? Cause damnit! I ship them now!!

    Since no bodies, I guess Bronn & Jamie are still alive. But the Tarly’s are dead, right?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Cause it’s gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  6. This ep was amazing!! Arya getting home, the reunion between her and Sansa, expectedly a little bit stilted in the beginning and more warmer afterwards. Bran even hugged her…Sansa shade…of things to come??????? Arya v Brienne, damn!! I cringed at the Jon & Dany. ‘sexual tension’ (I am with you, Nina. Nope,nope,nope) and the epic battle. The Huns, Kublai Khans and Shaka Zulu would be proud.

  7. For the Podcast: 1. That scene with Bran in the wheelchair and Arya and Sansa behind him as they walked through the courtyard- It was like Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire (Series of Unfortunate Events) living life while LIttlefinger Count Olaf is starring down at them trying to plan his next move. 2. When Dothraki riders jumped up on their horses and started shooting arrows. I passed out. 2. And then dragon fire??!!?? 3. That was so intense. I said to myself, I get why everyone gave the 7 kingdoms to the Targeryn’s back in the day You can’t fight flying fire. So do you guys think that Q’s Scorpion, arrow probably has a poison tip so Drogon won’t die fast -he will go slow —like his namesake. (and makes it more likely that he will live long enough to die and become an Ice Dragon? -fingers crossed- how great would that be). You are the best! Thanks for this free shit!!!!


    Hey Nina, John & Anton!
    This episode should have been called Dracaris bitches! . I know everyone loved the battle scene so I wanted to ask few different things I’m curious about (if it was already addressed by you guys sorry):
    1. You think Bron may switch because he’s always denied his castle?
    2. What do you think will be Littlefingers final mistake when it’s revealed he double crossed Ned?
    3. Meaning of “chaos is a ladder”
    Love the podcast!

  9. #1- Nina, this is one of your BEST reviews ever. Easily Top5 — thank you for articulating all the yummy glory that we got on our show this week❤️❤️❤️❤️


    The Starks
    It was great to see Sansa & Arya smiling together

    3-Eyed-Bran has become the literal Westerosi Internet now, all half-baked facts out of context with zero personality

    Was it me, or did Sansa look a bit envious of Arya’s skills?

    Littlefinger seemed disappointed to see Arya rocking with that dagger while sparring with Brienne

    Did Bran give it to her because he knows Arya will eventually use it to kill Littlefinger? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Or, are we supposed to just overlook the fact that Arya now has possession of not one — but 2 — Valyrian steel weapons?

    Any ideas on that dagger’s significance?

    Because now we know LF never got it from Tyrion at all — he lied about the dagger to get Cat riled up. (Also, I believe in the books it was revealed that it was Joffery that hired Bran’s would-be assassin)

    I also think Bran’s Westerosi Googles told him exactly where that dagger originated — could it somehow be connected to Ned’s sword, Ice?

    I’m asking, because Lady O made a point to mention that Jaime was wearing Joffrey’s sword — which we know is half of Ice

    Jon & Davos:
    Anybody catch Davos correcting Jon’s grammar a la Stannis:
    Jon: “How many men do we have in the North to fight him? 10,000? Less?”
    Davos: “Fewer”
    Jon: “What?”
    Davos: “Speaking of good hearts…”

    One last thing:
    Dothraki archers standing & crouching on horseback in battle are a thing of beauty that I never knew I needed to 😍see😍 — what a time to be ALIVE!

  10. For the podcast:

    Everyone will cover the greatness. But I am not lying to say I have rewatched Dany reclaiming her time five times on loop this morning. My only worry and you may have already discussed this-Jamie called the crossbow Qyburn’s Scorpion. Does this mean that Drogon’s been poisoned? It sounds like a Qyburn thing to do. I’m worried and shook.

    On a separate note, I saw the discussion where it appears some of the feedback being left is based on people already having access to leaked material. That’s bullshit. It’s as bad as the book readers who kept trying to spoil it for other people. I need these folks get hobbies and lives that don’t involve messing up the fun for the rest of us.

    You still have the best coverage in the game! I’m anxious and want to know what’s going to happen for these next three episodes (there are only 3 left: queue crying emoji). Love you guys!

  11. For the podcast:
    My reaction: WOW! The episode was awesome. They put so much story in a short period of time.That battle was simply amazing. The dothrski army marching on the horizon lead by Dany on the dragon: I’m like get your lioness on/Go girll/Burn baby burn!! The ending: I’m thinking -holy s***-I hoped for the best yet yelled BBQ that a$$!! Jon Snow, that knee better be limber!😁
    I’m happy Arya is back home & that training sequence w/Brienne-Arya is truly a bada$$. I’d definitely want her on my side going into battle.
    Welcome back Bronn who fought well-had forgotten all about him.

    Can it get any better?!? That’s all I have this week.

  12. For the cast.

    It was a masterpiece. You only get this emotional high and this amped up anticipation from being engaged with a show for years. We’ve waited so long to see the dragons really in action and they did not disappoint.

    Seeing the Stark kids back together was a bittersweet moment given how much their experiences have changed them.

    I had a minor quibble about the accuracy of the scorpion to hit Drogon that far and high up but also Drogon Starked that dive and didn’t serpentine. It’s no big deal.

    I can’t find anything to really beat on, so for me this is certified dragon fire melted, Highgarden gold.

  13. For the Podcast:
    Hi Nina, John, and Anton:

    This SHOW!!! I’m trying so hard NOT to be shipping this incestuous relationship, but that cave scene had me rethinking my morality. It was 🔥🔥🔥. I even had to rewind it a couple of times cause it almost appeared that they walked out with a post coitus hand hold.

    And was I the only one thinking Bron’s money hungry ass was about to crawl around on the ground and die with them coins??

    Keeping this short as long time listener (infrequent poster) and thanking you guys for the awesome cast for ‘the culture’.


    Hey Nina, John, and Anton!

    I feel like this episode made love to me. It did everything I liked and left me feeling satisfied. Good god, this episode was everything. From the Stark sibling reunion to the dragon battle, I couldn’t have asked for a better episode.

    In regards to Bran, I would’ve pushed him out of that wheelchair if he only said “thanks for taking care of me, k bye!” after I watched my brother die and fought white walkers for him.

    Question, how Jamie gonna swim with his solid gold hand? I was prepared for him to die. It’s all fun and games until you realize those dragons are real AF. Cersei ain’t ready.

    Great episode! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! <3

  15. For the podcast:

    Bronn was definitely like ‘Run me my castles!’ He might’ve been listening to Rihanna before the battle.

    If you put all the Starks together, do they form Voltron? I think we may see that next season. Arya is such a beast, she might be the one that can kill the Mountain with her Valeryan steel dagger. Do we know what will kill the mountain? Side note: I saw people saying Sansa was looking at Arya spar with Brienne with jealousy. Do you agree? I thought she was looking on in wonder.

    So now the Dragons will have armor right? Like we can call Dany stupid if she doesn’t do that. There has to be more than one Scorpion right?

  16. FOR THE PODCAST: HOLY SHIT!!!!! DID YOU SEE THIS SHIT? I SAID, DID! YOU! SEE! THIS! SHIT!?? THIS IS HOW YOU FUCKIN MAKE A TV SHOW!!!! I’m not feeling Dany with all that bend the knee talk, but all these other shows need to bend the knee to Game Of Thrones. This is the best show on TV by far. I won’t even go into specifics from the episode. You saw the same shit I did. y’all know how beastly it was. I just wanted to make sure I get my feedback in on time this week. I’m out for now, but I’ll holla at you mutha fuckas next week!

  17. For the podcast:
    Hello Nina, John and Anton;

    (1) Cersei and Qyburn making “overtures” to the Golden Company sellswords makes me nervous. Did Jorah work for/with them? If so, he better intervene and sway them to #TeamAntiCersei.

    (2) When Tyrion has his performance review with Dany and the topic turns to “your brother tried to kill me.” No bonus for the Hand.

    (3) Cannot wait for Dany to land at Dragonstone and those dragons to sniff out that Targaryen blood in Jon and invite him to the Dragon Moot Bring Your Own People to BBQ and Fire Breathing Revival.

    (4) Still hoping for Tyrion to end up on whatever piece of throne is left along with Sansa (she doesn’t really have any other skills other than Lady of the Manor); I don’t know if Jon and Dany will both make it to the end.

    (5) What is Varys’ end game and can LF die already!!!!!

    Looking forward to the podcast!

  18. For the Podcast:

    First off, Thank you Nina John and Anton for doing such a great job week after week. Jamie has to be Michael Phelps to survive that right? I viewed Tyrion as a man in conflict watching the battle. He’s the hand of the queen but those were his country men and brother getting slaughtered. Do you see Tyrion’s loyalty staying true or will he turn to the dark side.

  19. Hello Cousin, John, and Anton, What an episode! I just have a few thoughts. 1. Sir Davos may be the smartest man in Westeros. He’s willing to switch sides because of Missandei. She may be one of the few people who is prettier than Jon Snow.

    2. I know everyone caught that look between Jon and Dany, They gonna fuck right.

    3. If he’s still alive, I’m gonna need Ri-Dickon to close his mouth. I swear every scene I saw him in his mouth was agape while anyone else was talking.

    4. I couldn’t tell, but I’m hoping Randyll “Beauregard” Tarly was burned extra crispy. With his flogging loving ass.

    5. Drogon was not impressed with Jaime’s attempt at padding his resume by adding Dragon Slayer to his list of accomplishments.

    That’s all I got for this week. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be rolling around the floor until next Sunday. Love you guys.❤️

  20. For the Podcast! Hello everyone! “Last nights” episode was brilliant, i truly enjoyed watching all edits..i mean yesterday’s episode. My highlights from last night: A re-enactment of the best tea spilled this season so far
    Dany: Girl what happened with Greyworm?
    Missandei: Girl.
    Dany: girl?
    Missandei: girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    The evolution of Arya Beatrix Kiddo from season 1: When Kill Lannisters Vol.1 plays out, Arya will be outchea here with her Hattori Hanzo needle sword snatching Cersei’s wig. Also, that Arya and Little finger stare down was had me hyped, all I could hear was the instrumental for knuck if you buck, I cannot wait for her to whoop his quiet storm whispering ass.

    Back to Dany and the number 1 draft pick Dracarys Targaryen (Nina, please insert clapping) She. Rode. Up. On. Them. fools. like. a. flame. Emoji. This battle was beautifully shot and we finally got to see the Dothraki shine. Question, do y’all think Dracarys being pierced with an arrow is foreshadowing that only two dragons will make it to the end? If so, can the new “peaceful” world really have a place for dragons?

    Special shout outs to Bronn for being the Lannister MVP from time, cat daddy Sir Davos being one step closer to a full linen suit, and Jon for snatching the soul out of Theon’s body like only a black mama could.
    Okay, as always thanks for the podcast. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Amazing episode, definitely one of the all time best. Something I missed on my first watch is when Randall Tarly came up to Jaime and told him that all of the gold has made it safely through the gates of Kings Landing, and they are still harvesting the food in the Reach. So what was in those wagons that the army was transporting? And does this mean that Lord Mycroft from the Iron Bank will help Cercei fight against Dany?

    Have a great week can’t wait for the podcast 😘

  22. Hello Fandom, I’m sure ya’ll covered the awesomeness of this episode so I just have a couple of question.

  23. FTP:

    - That Ed Sheeran cameo must have worked on me after all, because after 5 minutes of watching these poor bastards getting lit up I was ready for the Mercy Rule to kick in. War is undignified enough as it is, but it’s even more so in situations where one side has no fighting chance. Seeing Dunkirk recently didn’t do me any favors in this regard, because this was absolutely Westerosi Dunkirk, and it was harrowing to watch.

    - GIVE BRONN HIS THINGS. Ever since this guy hitched his wagon to the Lannister train he has fought in a trial by combat, The Battle on the Green Fork, The Battle of Blackwater Bay, and almost got poisoned to death in Dorne. Now Fuckboy Jaime has him shooting dragons out of the sky? Lands and a Lordship are in order for him at this point.

    - Did anyone else laugh when Brienne asked Arya who taught her to fight like that and she said “No one”? I couldn’t help thinking, “Yeah, literally no one taught you how to do this, but it’s Season 7 and the script needs you to know how to now, so here we are.” Obviously, The Rule of Cool wins out in this scenario because it’s incredibly badass, but it really reminded me of how much I hate Weiss and Benioff for ruining her plot in Braavos. I would have loved to watch her learn to fight like this.

    Seeing the looks on their faces while sparring with one another was fantastic though, and it had me in tears. She finally has someone worth admiring.

  24. Hey yall!

    My Highlights:
    - No Sam or Jorah!!
    - Qyburn being the best Hand ever. I for one welcome our necromancer overlords.
    - Bran curbing Meera after 4 seasons with a “New 3 Eyed Raven, Who Dis?”
    - The idea that seeing Arya would kill Jon, and therefore Arya has to wear LittleFinger’s face for the rest of their lives so that doesn’t happen.
    - Arya, Sansa and Bran looking like a Great Value X Men reboot as they rolled back into the courtyard
    - Bran giving Arya the means to perform sick back stabs on White Walkers.
    - Brienne getting an A on the group project despite not doing anything. She’s the Supergirl in this DC Crossover event.
    - The transition from Missandei and Dany giggling about Grey Worm’s grocery shopping to Jon in a cave. Dany is getting a BootyMeister! #NephewDaddy
    - Brienne learning that size isn’t everything but it’s what you do with it
    - Sansa wishing she put more points into dexterity and less into “drunk-snake charming”.
    - Podrick having heart eyes motherfucker for Arya
    - Davos talking about Missandei’s “good heart”. I see you, Cat Daddy.
    - Jaime and Bronn having such a massive dragon gasm that they had to wash off in the lake afterward.
    - Dany and Drogon getting Play Of The Game with “Justice Rains from Above!!!”
    - Dany teaching us the alphabet: D is for Dragon, and Ls are for Lannisters.
    - Tyrion “Starking it up” for Team Dany by putting Bronn on the Lannister payroll
    - Jaime continuing to learn from Robb and almost “Starking it Up” by dying via stupidity.

  25. For the podcast: Hi gang!

    Just a couple of things…Fuck Bronn for hurting poor Drogon. I used to like him but he’s on my shit list. I hated his shit-eating grin when he hit him.

    I don’t think we know the status of Randyll Tarly. I hope he got fried. I want Dickon ‘Billy Bones’ Tarly to switch sides.

    As for Dany showing signs of madness, I think Missandie will be the key to keeping her in check. Missandie isn’t afraid to tell her when she is wrong.

    ‘Til next week….

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