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House of the Dragon - S1E9 - The Green Council

That castle was dark, dank, and full of treason. Delicious, frustrating, dragon-killing treason.

Alicent is ready to usurp Rhaenyra’s crown before she ever gets to wear it based on a misunderstanding, but draws the line at not being involved in the planning all along… despite knowing ALL ALONG this is what her father was going to do. Criston Cole continues to murder with impunity and Rhaenys is very selective about who she murders with her dragon (but whatever; it looked amazing). Oh, and we hanging Lords in the foyer and there was foot play afoot. It was a lot and it’s not even the finale.

Listen as Sarah and I discuss the dracarys that never was below. You can get early access to the House of the Dragon podcast on Patreon.

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