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Jane the Virgin - S3E16 - Chapter Sixty

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Fifty-Nine”

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Steamy Jane continues, from a refreshingly (mostly) female gaze. Lust reigned (and rained) supreme over this episode giving us more sexy, entertaining fun.

Dem Abs, Tho

Rogelio’s sultry costar was introduced last episode and Jane was smitten at first sight (of those abs). Turns out Fabian isn’t bad, he’s just drawn that way. He’s really a sweet, guileless puppy. His interactions with Rogelio were wide-eyed and adoring. His interactions with Jane were bouncy and cute. A perfect choice for a light, post-Michael snack. But who knows with this show, the puppy might have a mean bite.

Jane, for her part, chases after Fabian like a mix between a school girl-turned-wolf, with her tongue hanging out. But Jane has more going on than just a little crush. She meets with a marketing firm for her novel, Snow Falling (awww), and they want to expose Jane’s real-life love story. Hey, it kept us hooked for three seasons, right? Jane is hesitant, but after a conversation with her advisor and with Alba, she decides to get honest with her public. The resulting interview was vulnerable and, apparently, sexy. She gets a few fans and the man. Once again, the show earns respect for showing realistic female characters. A woman can be goofy and lustful, but also intelligent and talented. And it’s when she’s authentic to herself, that she’s at her most appealing. Sounds like messages we need to shout louder.

Granny Gonna Get It (eventually)

Jane wasn’t the only one fogging up the screen. Alba was more than a little turned on by her gift shop beau, Jorge. It’s obvious (and hilarious) where Jane got her fantastical imagination. Good on this show fighting ageism, while they’re at it. We may have lost Jane the virgin, but Alba reminds it is ok stick to your beliefs and not get into lust. And like Jane, she’s rewarded for being true to herself. Looks like this season will end with another wedding.


We finally got the scene we were all waiting for. Rogelio’s grief over losing his best friend. This was unexpectedly placed so far from when we lost Michael and as a result was very effective. And by effective, I mean tear-inducing.


  • Alba’s talk with Jane was moving. She now has a “long-term relationship with guilt” and “keep letting go.” Anyone who has lost anyone can relate to this.
  • Petra is the center of a new love triangle and it’s glorious. Rafael versus Chuck is a fight I want to see.
  • Marlene’s book is called Re-Vulva. Smirk.
  • Aneska has replaced her mother in the orange jumpsuit. She’s only slightly less unappealing.
  • Luisa looks like she’s going to finally make the right choice and side with her family over Rose.
  • Shady, bearded dude is just a PI hired by Rafael to keep an eye on Luisa. He’s not that good. 
Jane the Virgin S3E16
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    Performances - 9/10

"Chapter Sixty"

I like this new path the show is going down. Very smart to make Jane’s new love (lust) interest something light and fun. I’m always here for Alba love. I’m always here for Petra love. And I finally got some justice for Mogelio.

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