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Jane the Virgin - S3E17 - Chapter Sixty-One

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Sixty”

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Jane has bringing the steamy heat for the past few episodes (with no complaints). This episode we found the lust in love…or at least like. And just when we thought the show forgot her, we see the return of Lena.

Give a Golden a Chance

Jane stuck to her word about waiting until marriage, but karma can be a bitch. Fabien is sweet, hot and a little dumb. Perfect for a fling. But Golden Retrievers have feelings, too. His puppy eyes are on Jane but all the balls he’s bringing her are blue. It’s great to see Jane wear her sexuality loud and proud and it would be nice for her to have a little no-strings fun. However, this role reversal with Fabien is not an unwelcome way to go. Pairing Jane with a sexy yet guileless goofball is new and there is good, comedic fun to be mined. In confronting her biases (and hormones) Jane finds there is more to Fabien than those abs. Golden Retrievers have depth too. Okay, maybe not. But they kill at checkers.

Reunited on the Bathroom Floor

Jane gets the nuances of relationships, regardless of type. Romance is flashier, family is more sentimental, but exploration of true friendship is golden. We haven’t had a good Lena episode since she and Jane got drunk on Jane’s birthday and bonded on the bathroom floor. A lot has happened, since then. Lena found love soon after Jane lost hers and Jane’s grief got in the way of connecting with her friend. This was one of those real-life moments that pull at our empathetic heartstrings. Most of us have experienced similar situations. Even if we didn’t end up on another bathroom floor (without alcohol to excuse us).

Jane has another best friend and his name is Rafael. There are those of us (ahem) who are dying to see the rekindling of Jafael, but why rush it? Their banter about life, love and sexual frustration gives them a new and amusing dynamic. It’s great to see exes who can be true friends. Rafael needs to see someone about that carpal tunnel and I, for one (and maybe only one), am glad it’s not Jane.

Jane gives Raf some advice regarding Petra and in doing so, Jane admits she cares about Petra. It’s a weird kind of friendship, but friendship comes in all flavors. Theirs is pickled lemon.

Sisters, Doin’ it for Themselves

March On, Granny - It’s wonderful when this show addresses topics important to the minority community, in light of this year’s political climate. Alba would naturally be sensitive to such issues and good on her for taking action for herself and her man.

Decent Proposal – Xo takes matters into her own hand by asking for Rogelio’s. It’d be nice to have this character have a storyline of her own, but at least she continue to whine about all the sex she was having (to her daughter and her mother) or waste our time acting shifty.

Help a Sista Out – Petra’s the reason her sister is wearing the new black, so she’s doing her best to find out who killed Scott. It’s too bad she’s in the Pants of a Jerk when she has puppy dog Rafael leaving her confession voicemails.

Jane the Virgin S3E17
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"Chapter Sixty-One"

I’m a sucker for storylines about friendship and it’s nice to see this show be light and fun while allowing the characters to grow and change. I don’t really care about Aneska or who killed Scott, but I’ll always take more Petra.

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