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Jane the Virgin - S3E18 - Chapter Sixty-Two

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Sixty-One”

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Jane on the Table

Jane is asked to write a column for Cosmopolitan magazine, launching her (and us) into this delightfully Sex and the City-themed episode. To realize her full Carrie potential, Jane has to let go of her flower-clinging Charlotte past and embrace her panty-dropping Samantha future. She has the perfect boy toy to star in her fantasy and he’s, ah, “happy” to show her he’s interested in more than just her brain.

However, in true SATC fashion, her sexual fantasy crashes head-first into reality. There is nothing sexy about not one, but two, Abuela Blocks. There is nothing sexy about a grown man jumping on a couch on public television (as history can attest). There is nothing sexy about that same man squealing with enthusiasm about a girl he barely knows. “The whole Madonna-whore paradigm is reductive.” Amen.

Jane tells Fabian he’s not her Mr. Big and he reacts as we expect he would react. Thankfully, chemistry will overcome lack of respect and objectification. Jane and Fling Bot bring it back around to just sex.

Guilty Giggle:

“I’m just want to make sure you aren’t into me JUST because of my brains. I mean, are you interested in the other side of me?”

“You mean butt stuff?”

Raised Eyebrow:

Xiomara giving Jane seduction advice. I understand the mom-as-best-friend dynamic, but….

Literal LOL:

Xiomara as Samantha. Alba as Miranda and Rogelio as Charlotte… with small dogs?

Who’s the Jerk?

Not Chuck, apparently. Forget the gun in the back seat. Forget the Bates Motel room. Forget the too-long, creepy laugh. Forget the back pack full of (seemingly) incriminating evidence. Forget that questionable chase-and-grab. Chuck is just a man who loves him some Petra.

Then again, there is that voicemail and Raf looking soulfully into her eyes. “Please Petra. Say Yes.”

This triangle has been cemented but we’ll have to wait to see what happens. Because Cop Blocks are a thing, too.

Best Look:

It’s a toss. Petra’s tan is working for her. Rafael’s scruffy is keeping pace. Chuck’s open shirt is working real hard, too.

Cosas Penqueñas

  • Special Hugs: Mateo wasn’t made from a special adults-only hug. The truth is complicated and I’m not sure that explanation really worked, but it was cute and the same-bed texting afterwards was clever. It gave us a nice Jane/Raf parenting (and borderline “feelings”?) moment. Love seeing different types of good (but not perfect) co-parenting.
  • Te Amo – Alba. Jorge. Here for it.
  • What Wedding – Xiomara. Rogelio. Fine with it. Dual weddings in the season finale?
  • Flowers, flowers, everywhere. Way to push that thematic element, show.
Jane the Virgin S3E18
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    Plot - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Performances - 9/10

"Chapter Sixty-Two"

I’m not a rampant fan of Sex and the City, but I have watched every episode and the (sigh) two movies, so this episode was really entertaining for me. I appreciate when the writers weave their theme throughout the episode as they did here and I think they did a good job of not overplaying it. I’m glad to see they’re having fun with Fabian and allowing Jane to have fun with Fabian. I don’t usually like triangles, but I’m here all day for this sexy one of Petra’s.

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