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Jane the Virgin - S3E5 - Chapter Forty-Nine

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Forty-Eight”

After a lackluster episode, Jane bounds back with its usual peppy wackiness. Here are some reasons to watch.

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Petra’s Back. Back Again.

After what seems like an eternal four episodes, Petra comes back to life and comes back hard. She isn’t the Petra we knew and loved at the end of season two. Instead, she’s brought back the bitch we loved to hate in season one. Thankfully, it’s not about trite Jane jealousy, this time. She’s laser-focused on Raf for insulting her mommy skills (and likely for not realizing the switch earlier). I doubt it’ll be too long before Petra softens, and it’ll be welcomed when she does, but for now it’s nice to have the better-written twin driving the plot forward.

Also: I’m not sure how they did it but the writers made me feel something for Aneska and Scott. I’d still smack them as soon as I saw them. But I’d feel bad about it.

Rafael’s Bare Chest

My new OTP is Michael and Rafael’s naked torso. It did nothing to further the plot, but here are a couple of reasons (if you’re looking for them) why I applaud The CW: 1. Showing (partial) and discussing male nudity 2. Having heteronormative men see and discuss male nudity with each other. 3. Allowing the characters to be secure enough not to dismiss their appreciation of another man’s body.


The other parts of this storyline were equally fun and progressive. They planted a spy bear. They swapped clothes. They fought and made up. They got Rogelio to his audition on time. They made a breakthrough on the Mutter case. See? Men don’t have to fight over women. They can actually work together, further the plot, and be friends. Jane is such a female-driven show, it’s nice to see this gender flip and allow the men a little attention. On occasion. Male Bechdel Test – Passed.

Also: I hope Jane never has to see her father’s full-frontal.

Racy Relatives

Jane and Alba have their first fight over Alba’s past family drama. It was a good change to see Alba get angry at her granddaughter and Xiomara be the intermediary between them. I’m also interested to see where Jane’s cousin plugs in to the narrative. I’d like her to stand on her own outside of a romantic subplot, but I expect she’ll get involved in a messy tryst of some kind. She might go after Michael, but it wouldn’t feel true to have it go anywhere. An entanglement with Rafael would be too easy and too similar to the Petra/Aneska situation last season. She could go after Luisa, but that would mean more Luisa. Let’s hope for something original and fun.

Also: Where is sassy dream Cecilia? I would have loved to have her read her end of the letters.

Xo is the Word

I never thought I’d say this, but Xiomara’s story this episode gave me life. Well, a part of it, anyway.  I am glad she finally found a direction fitting for her character and interest and starting a business will give her something to do. But it was the homage to Grease that had me grinning. Nostalgic, hilarious, and well executed. This crew is so talented and when the writers work in a little musical showcase. This one bears repeat viewing.

Also: Alba singing (in English)!

Jane the Virgin S3E5
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


The performances made this episode. Mostly for the musical number, but I have to give kudos to Yael Grobglas for her Petra/Aneska switches and Brett Dier reaction to Rafael’s workout regime.

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