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Queen Sugar - S1E11 - All Good

Previously on Queen Sugar, “So Far”

Queen Sugar - S1E11 - “All Good” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle DurrettNicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson | Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Some fresh starts are easier than others.

Micah is granted entry to the private school he wanted thanks to a large donation from Davis, and Charley makes plans to seal the deal at a brunch with the dean. Since Davis is now a free agent, Charley dons her CEO cap to ensure his options align with Micah’s future in his new school - even if it means also wearing her wedding ring again.

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The lengths Charley is willing to go for her son come into play later when Micah gives her the cold shoulder after walking in on her kiss with Remy. Despite his father’s transgressions, he doesn’t like seeing his mother move on so quickly. Up until this point, Micah had been written better than the stereotypical self-centered teen, especially one in a rich and famous family. While that was certainly refreshing, it was also nice to see him have a real teenage moment. As Nova points out to Charley when she seeks her sister’s advice, there’s a lot of emotional terrain to navigate at the age of 15.

For weeks, Aunt Vi has been warning that Darla would be a bad influence on Ralph Angel. However, considering we’ve seen Ralph Angel make pretty poor decisions ( while Darla has made good ones, it felt like Vi was worrying a bit unnecessarily. This week, Darla gets more comfortable being in Blue’s life again, and advises him to hit a boy who’s been bullying him. Ralph Angel, while no angel, still has more parenting experience than Darla, but he doesn’t advise Blue any differently, and even encourages it. When the inevitable meeting between the two sets of parents occur, Ralph Angel seems proud of Darla’s assertiveness and unapologetic declaration that her son will protect himself. Whether or not this will cause problems later is anyone’s guess, but Ms. Velez seems concerned.

Since doing business with the family whose ancestors owned yours is out of the question, Charley proposes they use a mill in another parish with the assistance of leased trucks. Everyone is on board, and things are looking good when their loan evaluation shows they could pull in millions of dollars if they decide to harvest all of their crops next year. Nothing has gone smoothly when it comes to taking over the farm, and that doesn’t appear to be changing. Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco), annoyed that his offer is rejected, threatens to make things hard for the Borderlons, and it begins with his interference with their bank loan; it’s denied.

All is put aside, for now, at episode’s end as everyone gathers at The High Yellow to support Vi’s new initiative to have the diner act as a social club two nights a week. Micah gives Charley his approval, Too Sweet is no longer missing and staying with Nova, and Ralph Angel and Darla share a slow dance.

The side of Charley we knew existed when she admitted to leaking Goldie’s name may make a return if the stare down she gave Boudreaux is any indication. I just hope she won’t consider staying with Davis to have access to the funds needed to keep the farm going since their loan fell through. The Two Sweet storyline might be more effective if we spent any time getting to know him prior to this episode. At best, he felt like a plot device to cause Nova to steal the money and have a blowup with Charley. Too bad there wasn’t any Hollywood this week, but there’s hope as Violet admitted she doesn’t consider him a lost cause like her ex or Davis. Fingers crossed.

Not my favorite episodes of the series - it may be the weakest - but still pretty solid; it felt like things slowed down enough for us all to breathe and prepare for the tribulations to come. And director Salli Richardson-Whitfield did her thang for the second week in a row.

Queen Sugar S1E11 = 7.8/10
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    Plot - 7.5/10
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    Dialogue - 8/10
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    Performances - 8/10
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5 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E11 - All Good

  1. Eryca, this podcast is excellent. You’d love their Queen Sugar recaps. The hosts are hilarious and insightful.

  2. For the Podcast:

    This was a slower episode but I liked it because it seems to be setting us up for next week’s events. I have some observations and questions:

    1) Dawn-Lyen Gardner is my new grown black woman crush. It used to be Viola Davis but that changed once I saw Charley laying on the floor in her bra/panties.

    2) Blue got them hands, he busted that little boy after one training session. I’m calling him Cassius Blue from now on.

    3) Charley only having had sex with David was sad, but Nova’s reaction made me laugh.

    4) I like Darla and I like Ralph, but how soon is Blue going to get yanked up and put in foster care? I don’t think Vi should’ve signed over the guardianship.

    5) Miss Valez is the woman RA should be trying to date, but he’s dumb.

    6) All these black-ass cohosts have been excellent, thanks for the recaps!

    I don’t give a shit about Nova and sure don’t give a fuck about this Too sweet story. If they Judy Winslow’d too sweet, no one would be mad. Also if we can stop seeing Nova’s Negro spiritual hands, that would be great too.

    Once that precious gerber baby said someone was bullying him, I literally said “now who do I have to fuck up?” I so want him to defend himself, but I would prefer if a parent snatched someone’s edges instead. I can’t have Blue go from cherub to thug life in one episode. Also Darla didn’t write shit on that paper when she dropped off le bebe. She scribbled on that paper. That’s up there with nothing in cups for me. Darla is fucking up with me by doing that. Yep I am pretty about the scribbles. Ms. Valez saw her chocolate dream end when Mumbles walked out with scribbles.

    “They know Jesus turned water into wine.” Well excuse me Vi, maybe the people in the high yella want to get crunk off God and not wine! But seriously, I would have been turned to the devil’s nectar to get my store into gear. I would have called the devil himself and to bring that wine in so I can prosper. I guess we can be happy aunt Vi will be talking to hollywack soon.

    I didn’t even know RA knew how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. But I guess he learned that on the streets when he had to figure out how much he had for a churro, how much he needed to steal from the store, the distance he had to run from the store, and the length of time he had to abandon his baby on a basketball court. He knew the situation with the cane sugar, but he was so quick to give in and suggest they give Landry the damn money. Nigga were you not in the last episode where you learned they owned y’all? See this is why Charley is running this shit. I’m terrible, because I would let that sugar crystalize before I give it to Calvin Candy. But didn’t I tell y’all reparations? These niggas got to go. It is time to set fire to those crops and throw a hex on the whole family.

    Y’all saw brown butter Remy plotting once Charley said she filed for divorce? Y’all, my body was ready. GOOD LAWD THAT TENSION when they were up close? I was so excited. *queues dramatic music* *dun dun dun* But then here comes lightrider strolling his unwanted ass into the door to stop us from this blessing we were receiving. Like Charley you ain’t got shit to explain to that little Nigga. The fuck? Micah did you just hear the sentence that came out of your mouth? “He slept with hookers!” Of course your mom moved on. Was she supposed to stay dickless? So it is okay for you to move on from space ghost coast to coast to Keke, but ya mammy can’t? Boy if you don’t take your brain cell deficient ass to your room! I don’t think you need to go to private school anymore dawg because they failed to teach you about false equivalencies. Too much dumb rattling in that head of yours nigga. I’d let him be right upside that bumpy ass head of his. Fuck him. New Zack award goes to him this week. And he gave Remy a stank look in the high yella before he gave the go ahead to his mom. I want to put a sleeper hold on Micah and leave him locked in a closet for the rest of the season.

    RA and Micah can choke on a machete this week.

    Thanks for the free shit!

  4. For the podcast

    Too Sweet has to be Nova’s long lost child that she gave up for adoption while in college! That’s the only explanation for it!

    I’m not as pro Remy as everyone else but that kiss was 🔥🔥🔥 Plus Charley definitely needs something new & hopefully better after only being with Davis. But after the damn divorce! Do you guys think she is gonna have to postpone the divorce to get his money to help the farm?

    Fuck the Bodreauxs & Landrys! There’s gotta be something illegal in their actions! Fuck them!

    RA and Darla need some parenting classes so badly! They love Blue & should absolutely teach him to defend himself. But man do they need help! Plus, if he wouldn’t get arrested, RA needs to kidnap that bully Jamal’s father do Hollywood can give him a proper haircut.

    Love seeing Aunt Vi flourish & come into her own.

    That’s it. Hope this is in time & I can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  5. For the podcast
    Another good yet slow paced episode
    1. Darla is stealthily moving closer to reuniting w/RA & blue. She’s taking blue 2 school 2 days/wk, helping him get dressed, teaching him how 2 fight, adding herself as a contact.She was the vocal one @ the parent-teacher conference. I’m glad she’s getting her life in order but something about her actions makes me wary. And ms Velezs reaction to Darla was interesting-does she know of darla’s past or I’d she,upset that she didn’t get to taste that sweet, velvety dark Chocolate that is RA….
    2. RA, w/all his issues, I assumed he was clueless about the farming biz as well but in his convo w/Charley he seemed 2 know his stuff. He also seems 2 angry outburst away from getting in more trouble & possibly losing blue. Cutest moment of show was he & blue making breakfast.
    3. Charley is reborn-her soul was cleansed courtesy of nova, she’s getting more into the farm biz, she’s divorcing Davis (Remys reaction ZING), still running Davis west-I like her best when she’s in business mode-I’m like u go ms bordelon west. Her kiss w/remy was so sweeeeet! Micah’s reaction to Charley & remy wasn’t a surprise-I’d thought he would’ve been more snarky.
    4. Nova is nurturer this week, comforting/cleansing Charley’s soul, comforting Micah about his mother. & remy, caring for too sweet. She showed more empathy towards him moreso than towards her own kin.
    5. Davis’s return appears imminent-his donation to Harding prep, Charley wearing her wedding ring to the open house, will he ride in on the proverbial white horse 2 save the day re the farm loan….Or will he be the constant obstacle in the way blocking Charley’s chance for happiness?
    Thats all I have-hope its not too late 4 the podcast

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