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Jane the Virgin - S3E7 - Chapter Fifty-One

Previously on Jane the Virgin, “Chapter Fifty”

Nuns So Creepy 

Dramatic tension, bells tolling, birds flying, intense close-ups, silhouettes of Rafael spinning. Very well done tip of the hat to Hithcock, pulled off in the usual tongue-in-cheek Jane way. It scooped up my flagging Mutter attention and had me legitimately invested in this heretofore boring side plot for the first time in seasons.

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Rafael’s flashbacks were suitably disturbing. Silent tears of a child, whispered admonitions, askew camera angles and dramatic zooms. I’m not sure what a gothic-style convent is doing in Miami, but it set the stage for some eerie set pieces. This mixed in with some silly capering and self-reverential humor reminded us what show we were watching.

Could I see this show pivoting into a neo-noire style whodunit? Veronica Mars with a heavier dose of camp? Perhaps not, but it was fun, nonetheless. What wasn’t so fun were some of the other plot lines.

Everyone So Guilty

Religion and guilt go hand-in-hand. Must be all that judgement. In this episode, guilt trips were handed out like raisins on Halloween. Alba guilts Jane into church by voicing her disappointment. Jane guilts Michael and Rafael into church by voicing her displeasure. Cat guilts Jane for rifling her belongings by voicing the plight of the Venezuelan people. Rogelio and Jane guilt Xiomara for Bruce? by voicing the inappropriateness of Bruce? (we all agree). Xo didn’t guilt anyone into anything but she was a flagrant adulterer, so she lost her right to judge anyone for anything. Ever.

Jane so Judgey

Speaking of judgement, we all know Jane can be the worst. But this episode she was the worst. The way she laid that shame on Rafael and her mother. I thought she’d lay off (since apologizing isn’t really her thing) after her moment of self-realization with the fake Mother Superior. Sadly, only Mateo was rescued from her scrutiny.

Rogelio so Needy

Rogelio went egg hunting but not even (a super skinny) Denise Richards could please him. Must be the lack of child-bearing hips. He goes through all the Love Dealer’s women only to end up with, obviously, the Love Dealer herself. She and Rogelio can have a baby together but they don’t have to be together. With Rafael as his new best friend, it’s a wonder Rogelio didn’t think of this before. This frees him up to be with anyone. Like Xo. That is, if she and Bruce? aren’t the real deal and if her adulterous soul can be saved…. 

Bird Feed

  • Jane talks a lot about bombs and diffusing of bombs. She read my last review, right?
  • Rafael isn’t a Solano. So his crazy parents aren’t really his crazy parents. His real parents have got to be crazier, right?
  • Rafaels spent a lot of time looking pensive and troubled and guilty and resigned and traumatized. Surprising how all these emotions have such similar expressions, right?
  • Cat isn’t all that she seems. Surprise! Right?

Jane the Virgin S3E7
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Action - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dialogue - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances - 8.5/10


I loved all the Hitchcock motifs and furthering the Mutter plot in an interesting way. Everything else seemed superfluous and reminded me of why I don’t think I could be friends with Jane. I wished they had fully committed to the themed episode and left everything else for the cutting room floor.

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