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The Flash - S3E8 - Invasion!

Previously on The Flash, “Killer Frost”

The Flash - S3E8 - “Invasion!” | Starring:  Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, Violett Beane

When this episode finally got around to superheroes doing superhero things, it was great. Unfortunately, it took us about 40 minutes to get there, and those were filled with lies, drama, shade, and “training.”

A spaceship crash lands in Central City and the aliens take off for parts unknown. Luckily, Lila from A.R.G.U.S. gives less than zero about national security so she fills in Team Flash: They’re called The Dominators and they’ve been here before. Even though she tells them not to get involved, Barry races to get assistance from Team Arrow: Oliver (Stephen Amell), Diggle (David Ramsey), Thea (Willa Holland), and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

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It sinks in that they’re facing aliens and they’re a speedster, two people good with a bow and arrow, and a brother with a pistol. So, Oliver sends for even more reinforcements: The Legends. This is slightly better, right? We got an assassin (Caity Lotz), Firestorm (Victor Garber and Franz Drameh), Ray (Brandon Routh) in his new Atom suit, and a bro (Dominic Purcell) with a flamethrower.

They’re gonna need a bigger crew.

Barry and Cisco take a jaunt to Earth-38 to scoop up Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), who clearly didn’t plan on staying long cause she didn’t even bring a change of clothes.

Before they head through the breach, Cisco warns Barry that he’s only doing this because aliens. He’s still mad, but he won’t let it get in the way of the mission. And then he does exactly that every chance he got.

Gathered in the plane hangar Barry apparently owns, introductions are made and then it’s time to pick a leader. Cisco votes for Oliver because petty. Oliver thinks it should be Barry, but ends up calling all the plays anyway. The first order of business is to “train.” Kara has at least heard of the Dominators, but they don’t really have much to go on: They invading Krypton before Kara was born and performed experiments. They kidnapped humans on Earth to study them in the ’50s, and their recent visit was preceded by a message saying they mean no harm, but don’t get their way, either. Still, they decide to “train” by having everyone attack Supergirl, who’s been instructed by Oliver not to go easy on them - especially him. Yes, girl. Don’t go easy on the guy with the bow and arrow and zero superpowers. 

Jax and Stein decide to fill Barry in on the message they received from his future self. Future Barry tells them a war is coming, but not to trust him because he went back in time and screwed everything up. Oliver isn’t happy about the news, but says they shouldn’t tell the others until after the aliens are dealt with. However, Cisco finds the recording and puts Barry on Front Street because petty. Diggle takes the news that he had a daughter as well as you might expect (not well at all) and Sara gets all high and mighty about playing with time as if she hasn’t been trying to kill Damien Darhk in about three different decades. Since Barry’s on almost everyone’s shit list, when the call comes in that The Dominators have taken the president, Barry and Oliver stay behind while Kara leads the others in doing superhero things.

While they’re gone, Barry gets one of Oliver’s tough-love pep talks and tells him he shouldn’t beat himself up over what he did. I mean, he should a little bit, but okay. 

The Dominators set a trap and the heroes fell for it. The heroes are hit with some kind of mind-control whammy and head back to S.T.A.R. Labs to fuck shit up. And in case you forgot: They have Supergirl on their side. They’ve got Barry and Oliver pretty much dead to rights, but Wally speeds in and saves the day, temporarily.

Oh, remember Wally? Yeah, he’s super fast now. Faster than Barry was at this stage in his powers, but no one wants to let this guy be great. Iris has the bright idea to ask everyone to lie to Wally and tell him he still needs more tests (just how many damn tests could they possibly be running?) and to also not encourage him so he’ll not want to rush out and help people. You know, because she loved it so much when everyone in the city knew Barry was The Flash and kept it from her. HR didn’t get the memo (he was off prepping for the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum “soft launch” because that’s apparently still going to be a thing), and told Wally all his tests were fine. He is free to be great.

So, that’s what he does, despite everyone in his family being hating haters who hate. He is knocked the hell out after saving everyone, but, to be fair, you can’t really train him not to pause for a moment and be proud of his accomplishment. Hell, they ALL do it. Barry leads Supergirl on a chase and purposely makes her crash into the device boosting The Dominator’s mind control signal and everyone returns to normal.

This is a crossover, though, so no happy ending yet. Before they can make their way inside S.T.A.R. Labs, most of our heroes are beamed up by The Dominators.

Quick Quips

Wally suggests that HR secretly help him train. Knowing he’s already on probation with Team Flash he responds, “I’d be outta here quicker than humor in a Liam Neeson movie.”

Quick Hits

  • The multi-cast chemistry cannot be denied. Though it felt like a major portion of the episode was filled with soap opera drama, the actors have a great rapport and it shows. Honestly, Supergirl was way more likable than she is on her own show. Maybe because she was Supergirl with very little Kara, who can be a bit… much.
  • Remember how Stein was having memories of loving some young woman? Well, everyone breathe a sigh of relief. He hasn’t been out there cat-daddying it up in another time period. He has a daughter. Guess he changed something big time the last time he encountered his younger self.
  • HR eventually agrees to train Wally, and it’s sure to end badly. However, maybe Iris, Joe, and Barry should have considered this. They tried to stop him from getting the powers, but he has them. Help him make the best of it. Actually train him instead of watching him run in circles in the Speed Lab. Maybe if they allowed him to gain some experience (perhaps with Vibe as backup for both him and Barry - if Cisco isn’t up in his damn feelings), they wouldn’t worry so much when he does what we all know he’s going to do anyway. Still, I’m so here for scenes with HR and Wally.

Speed Bumps

  • Look. I get it. Cisco is mourning. And grief is fucking terrible. But you know what? Cisco has been FINE since the end of episode 3. Yes, he didn’t know that Dante was alive prior to Flashpoint - though I’m still not clear on why these really smart folks couldn’t figure out that anything Barry wasn’t aware of (like Dante’s death and his fight with Cisco over it) had to be different in Flashpoint. But if Cisco is going to continue to be a part of the team, then he needs to lay off the nasty remarks while they’re working. Also, how about you don’t call into question Barry’s leadership and character moments before they have to fight aliens and save the fucking world? Just a thought. To be clear: Cisco can be mad. And Cisco can be mad while working with the team. But Cisco can’t be mad, work with the team, and be an asshole who causes unnecessary problems when people are trying to not die and save humanity. Choose one, Cisco.
  • After the mind control is broken, and while Kara flies around the city looking to take out more of the alien devices, Oliver says they should call Lila to tell her the aliens didn’t come in peace. Um, I think she got that memo when they gripped up the president.
  • Soooo, Iris West-Allen doesn’t write the future newspaper article thanks to Flashpoint? That sucks. They better not be gearing up for some Iris death or disappearing bullshit.
The Flash S3E8 =8.5/10
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    Plot - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Effects` - 8.5/10
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    Performances - 9/10
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15 Comments on The Flash - S3E8 - Invasion!

    I LOVED IT. This was so much fun, probably my favorite crossover DC TV has done and i hope it just gets better for Arrow and Legends.

  2. For The Podcast:
    I liked this episode and I thought it had some really funny moments, but it wasn’t enough to get me to watch Arrow or Supergirl. I didn’t mind Cisco being mad at Barry and not being ready to be friends again but his constant petty was starting to get on my nerves. I didn’t get enough Iris but she is the one that lit the fuse on my Oliver Queen hate this episode because I find Barry so much better looking than him. Fuck Oliver and his shitty pep talks, that guy is just so useless. This is long and I’m getting mad just thinking about him so I’ll end it here.


    I don’t wanna shit on this show too much, so I’ll keep this short. This episode was garbage, in the hot Atlanta sun. What the hell was this episode about? Why are they fighting aliens? Who thought was a good idea? I’m seriously trying to figure out why ALIENS would be the impetus for a four way.

    As bad as the alien storyline is, the Iris lying to Wally to keep him from being great storyline is worse. Why would they have her do that when she KNOWS what it’s like to have someone stifle her dreams? Do they want people to hate her? The only good thing about this episode was the support staff, ie. Diggle and the Legends, but I do have one question. Why do folks keep getting on Barry about Flashpoint, as if he purposely tried to fuck up their lives? He’d altered the timeline before with no problem, why would he think there’d be one now? And these fuckers act like they haven’t done some selfish shit before. I need Barry to fix the timeline again, just so Cisco won’t be a little bitch baby. That shit is not cute.

    Do we really have to continue this shit on Arrow? I’m not looking forward to watching Amell walk around looking constipated as he tries to convey emotions. I’ve seen better emoting from a toadstool. Yeah, I had to take a moment to shit on him and Arrow. Can’t wait for the podcast. Love you guys.

  4. For the podcast: This was such a fun episode. I really enjoyed it. Ciscos ✨sprinkles✨of shade made me giggle till he took it too far in the end. I get the Wests apprehension with Wally since he’s show some ‘crackish-speed’ behavior before. They should have just let him get hurt during the training session so that he’d learn his lesson. Since y’all watch Legends, didn’t they themselves change stuff in season 1 that changed the timeline? I don’t think Barry can be blamed for all their current woes. I’m actually excited to watch Arrow now & they’d better tone down those damn flashbacks & Debbie Downer Oliver (Iris gives better pep-talks).

  5. For The Podcast:

    Hey y’all! I’m back from the high that Westworld gave me, and here to talk about the GREATNESS that was this episode. I loved it. Totally top notch and quite spiffing, indeed.

    First Up, I wanna talk about how I’m rationalising these TV shows as a friend group in my head:

    - Supergirl is the friend that says they will finish their part of the group project on time, but ends up finishing it all last minute, and cuts into your overall presentation because they didn’t get their shit together. THAT WAS NOT A CROSSOVER EPISODE!!
    - Flash is the friend that takes shit from everyone, including his petty family, but still forgives you and goes out drinking. They may not be the best leader, but they are better than the alternatives.
    - Arrow is that one ain’t shit friend that thinks they are better just because they managed to hold that one plotline that one time two years ago and won’t shut up about it. Arrow finished its work on time, but will constantly talk shit at you, but you take it because they’ve got some cool friends (Diggle). They also ain’t shit.
    - Legends is that friend that finished their work weeks ago and has just been partying the whole time since. When you need something done they will bring it, and it’s always a good time because they make you feel like family.

    But now into the actual episode!

    I’ve been saying Cisco is basically the personification of Reddit since day one, and he proved me right this episode when he subscribed to r/PETTY. Who cares if the world is ending due to aliens? Not Petty-Ass Cisco! When Flash (and ONLY Flash, until Wallace showed up) was fighting everyone at the end I was like “Cisco? You gonna help? Nah, you ain’t shit!” I was half expecting Cisco to join the others against Flash even though he wasn’t even mind controlled!

    It was great seeing the Legends back again, and they worked so well with Supergirl I was saying “Kara, ditch yo Earth! Join them!!!” That said, I’m gonna pretend Sara didn’t jump in Barry’s ass for wrecking the timeline, considering she’s been tryna kill Darhk since DAY ONE, and they literally have a superhero from the 40s living in their spaceship. Don’t act like you ain’t starting shit! All in all, I am all here for #SuperCanary tho - you catch that look Sara gave Mick! She was like “Mick! Stop embarrassing me in front of lesbian paradise!!!”

    I’m actually impressed they managed to juggle all these plotlines and gave them all attention. Even Wallace had his moment. I am ready for HR to teach Wallace how to be a superhero using only Drumsticks, Handcuffs, Coffee and Jokes. Did anyone else expect HR to make a sex joke when we heard the aliens were called “Dominators”? Just me?! Yall ain’t shit!

    Okay, now it’s time for what Nina probably was expecting from me all along. Time for some good old Oliver Queen shade. First, this cracker eater is coming in acting all angry that Barry saved his life yet again. Then, he tries to ruin everyone’s hype in fighting together by telling everyone to take it seriously, like he ain’t the weakest motherfucker in the room. Iris could take him on a bad day - I’ve seen her punches!! Then Ain’t Shit Oli is like “one sci-fi problem at a time” LIKE HE AIN’T JUST HAD A SEASON OF FUCKING MAGIC BRUH. Then, Barry has a pep-talk from this Trump-Supporting Ain’t-Shit Frat-Bro about Iris, when he probably is side-eyeing Barry having a black girlfriend in the first place - you just KNOW Oli is a SnowBarry fan. I laughed when everyone chased his ass around with Wallace on his back. And now Cisco is like “We gotta save Oliver and Company”?! Forget Oliver, we need to save everyone else and then send that ship into the sun. Looks like we’re about to get dream sequences instead of meaningless flashbacks next episode, including bringing back Laurel ffs. God. Oliver is the WORST. Telling Kara to not go easy like he don’t just have a weak ass bow and no superpowers. Then again, I guess privilege works just as well as super-speed. Fuck him.

    Thanks for letting me rant. This is all cause you made me watch Suicide Squad again Nina! Take care x 😀

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: Hi Nina, John and Donald!!! It feels like its been forever. I loved the little things about this episode. Diggle throwing up everytime, thea joining along cause aliens, duh. Also the supergirl episode was totally irrelevant to the crossover. Look at cisco still being pissed and we tought he would table that for the crossover. Slightly suprised, and everyone needs to stop blocking Wallys dream of being a speedster. I just know he’s in star labs sketching out his kid flash costume. But it feels more like their benching him for plot purposes. And did we need to tell Diggle that he has the cutest daughter of all time that was replaced by an aight baby john whose still reading cue cards? smh pfft. Diggles probably going to go home and try and start a new baby with lila. This episode wasnt that strong but I did like the tie in to s1 newspaper article that we forgot about, but still seems to be in play. Not a strong crossover so far, I was hoping for stronger writing due to that and yet it feels like their just skating by.

  7. For the Podcast:

    Hey everyone first time leaving feed back so here it goes. With it known to us again that barry is still rich because he owns all of Fake Wells investments is he now worthy enough to Nina to move in with Iris? Also I love how we didn’t even need to watch supergirl to get the one crossover scene from her episode in the flash episode because we all could have skipped it and maybe saved Nina all the time she wasted watching that show this season for just 30 seconds. I love that they still have Cisco still being mad and just spilling all the tea in the hanger bay. Also so we all know that Iris is gonna die soon because of barry at this point since she ain’t write that article from the future. Fuck Julie Greer. And one last thing low long until Sara try’s to hook up with supergirl 👀.

  8. For the podcast

    I really liked this episode! It was hilarious! And I’m ok with everyone being pissed at Barry if not the fact that Cisco brought that shit up at the wrong time. I love Cisco but that was wrong!

    Barry is so not a leader. Iris is still crushing on Oliver which is hilarious. I wonder if he’s still on her list from season 1. Would’ve been nice to get some WestAllen time but at least Iris looked fantastic. Even Caitlin looked nice.

    Diggle’s response to anything not normal continues to be hilarious.

    How exactly is HR gonna train Wallace? He’s not a speedster. He’s not a superhero. What exactly is he gonna do? And now Joe & Iris are like Harry was about Jessie. Smh.

    Supergirl was so much fun. I really would’ve enjoyed her beating the shit outta Oliver more. And her interactions with Mick were priceless! Skirt! Lol.

    This is getting long but I liked it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I’m actually watching Arrow for the first time since last year because of this crossover. I’m just looking forward to seeing Sara fight anybody cause that’s awesome.


    I hope I’m not too late. It’s no secret that I truly enjoy Supergirl in all it’s campiness, and I had issues with this episode, but it still felt fun for me. My only issues was the recklessness of Cisco’s petty. They made him truly unlikeable this episode and I didn’t that. The fight choreography with the Arrow folks feels slower than in the first season. They need to stop with the lie shit. Iris just did the same thing to Wally she got pissed at Barry about that haven’t we learned, like Cisco said, secrets=bad?

    Also, these aren’t crossovers. These are extended cameos. But I still like them! Looking forward to the next two and hearing on premium your thoughts about the Legends of Tomorrow stint.

    Sup fam, sorry I missed last week but I just have one thing for you❄️🍇 was EVERYTHING!!

    Now onto this week, y’all told me this was a flash episode not independent day!! Where the fuck was Jeff goldblum and Randy Quaid?!?! Who’s in charge!?!?!! That being said this episode was lit!!!!

    I love everyone coming together, but I was a bit confused on a couple of things!!

    1. Digle was mad the sex of his baby 👶🏽 changed?!?? I mean nigga you still have a kid and I’m assuming you can mAke another 1

    2. Didn’t Sara try to do everything possible to bring byke laurel?!? I usually don’t pay attention to the other shows closely but I swear I remember that.

    Last thing I wanna touch on is Ciscos petty!! I loved when Felicity was all “hey we should forgive Barry right” and Cisco said “FUCK HIM AND FORGIVENESS” then Felicity said ” you know what I don’t even fuck with Barry like that anyways”

    Then he loudly said in a echoing warehouse “🗣HEY BARRY ARENT YOU GONNA TELL THEM” then everyone’s like did y’all hear 👂🏾 that?!? Of course u did one of you has super hearing and this nigga was using a bull horn 😒

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! ✌🏾

  11. I really liked this episode. I felt just like felicity when she screamed best team up ever. Why do y’all think older Barry would send message to RIP? Is he from a future in which his younger self never told people that he created flashpoint? Bc if not the message seems unnecessary since the Legends could just get this info from people in 2016. What would be a major change in your life as far as people go that you couldn’t forgive Barry for if they happened due to him going back in time? For me it would be if my sister and I weren’t close or I didn’t have a sister at all. Also, can Barry travel to the future? If so, would that mess with the past and the present? Looking forward to Nina’s disdain for the show lol

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