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Killjoys - S3E10 - Wargasm

Previously on Killjoys, “Reckoning Ball”

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The universe has a memory and this is how I remember it beginning.

“Wargasm” was everything I wanted in a Killjoys finale, but the storyline is one I would never have predicted. From our Killjoys returning to Leith, Aneela and Dutch finally meeting, and more clues to who The Lady is, this was a fantastic finale.

The Killjoys and their allies all return to Leith for a last supper of sorts. But the unexpected arrival of the Hullen in their airspace cuts the celebration short. D’avin, as general, leads the RAC and their allies on land and air, continuing to show his growing capabilities.

On land, Pree and his pacifist boyfriend Gared lead the troops. Gared and Pree have been my favorite TV couple this season, playing against your standard gay relationship trope on TV. Their scenes are always filled with moments of tenderness, humor, and badassadry and feels so genuine. I always run the gamut of emotional feels from these two, and hope to see more of them in season 4.

One of my least favorite characters this season was Turin, which is not a surprise to those of you who have been reading my reviews. But thanks to Fancy’s magnanimity and realism, he allows him to return into the fold. This leads to Turin stepping up to the plate when the ship is overrun by Hullen soldiers and the sonic disrupters that kept the Hullen at bay are shut down.

I’m not sure what it was about Turin this season; whether it’s the writing or the way the character came off like a bigot on many occasions. Either way he just permanently rubbed me the wrong way. But as Fancy said “It’s war not prom; sometimes you need your enemies.

The intergalactic battle that takes place between the Hullen and the resistance, although short, was impressive for the SyFy network and I’m sure was a stretch in their budget. It looked really cool, and reminiscent of Star Wars space battles.

Dutch finds out about Alvis’ death, which pushes her buttons further and leads to us finding out the reason Delle Seyah was sent to parley with Johnny. Dutch falls right into her trap and is delivered into Aneela’s hands. But as Dutch falls into Delle Seyah’s hands, Johnny fall into Aneela’s, who continues to pretend to be Dutch. He unwittingly gives her the dreadnaught and almost loses his life at her hands, but luckily for him, Lucy comes to his rescue. Thank God for Lucy, y’all. She’s even more badass than Dutch when it comes to emergency rescues.

When Aneela and Dutch finally got together I was so excited — even more so when I remembered that Aneela and Dutch are played by the same actress! All this time I’ve been wondering how it would look but the editing and directing was on point. No long monologues between the actress, but actual hand-to-hand combat with a great body double filling in where necessary.

“But I was here, I was real, and I mattered.”

The key that turns everything around is the return of Aneela’s memories using a capsule created by Zeph, and leads to the missing link in their crazy relationship. At the heart of it, Khlyen was protecting both Dutch and Aneela from The Lady. I just wish Khlyen did a better job communicating this to them instead of being so mysterious and tightlipped while keeping them apart.

As great as the first half of this episode was the second half was even better, as Aneela and Dutch realize the big bad in all of this is actually The Lady, who is looking for a way out of the goo. Is The Lady possibly their mother? Does she have a past connection to Khlyen? So many questions, but the decision to enter the goo to take her out had my heart racing. Coupled with the J’acobi brothers and Delle Seyah seeing them leave, although a quick scene, it packed a visual emotional punch. They watched as their loved ones disappeared into the goo and were helpless to intervene due to the advance of spider robots.

The revelation that there is a greater enemy than the Hullen pushes Delle Seyah and the J’acobi brothers to work together and leads to some of the best scenes in the episode: Pree and Gared fending off the Hullen, D’avin teasing Delle Seyah about baby names, Johnny staring out the glass window as they are hurtled into space, their survival unknown. It was so well done, that this is an episode I know I will watch over and over again.

And finally seeing Khlyen in the goo, there to support his daughters, extracting dual daggers from the sphere he created, ready to march on The Lady, got me so hype for season 4. Kudos to the writers for writing a sublime season 3. All together this was a great season finale, and the news that Killjoys has been renewed for a season 4 and 5 has me excited for the many stories to come.

Worth mentioning

Zeph and weirdo rich kid Pippin getting together? Momentary lapse of judgement or not?

Aneela acting in a more maternal manner once her memory was restored was nice to see.

Delle Seyah pregnant is a visual delight.

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Killjoys - S3E10 - “Wargasm” | Director: Stefan Pleszczynski | Writer: Michelle Lovretta | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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