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Killjoys - S3E4 - The Lion, the Witch, and the Warlord

Previously on Killjoys, “The Hullen Have Eyes”

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Warlord” is my favorite episode so far this season; the pacing, action, and storytelling all kept me glued to my seat. Killjoys continues to push boundaries, and this week it was in its showcase of same-sex relationships, which we don’t often see in television, let alone sci-fi television. The writing shows the human emotions are consistent across the board regardless of sexuality.

Johnny is promoted to level 5 RAC agent status, and I loved the celebratory nature of his promotion, especially since it was at Pree’s bar, where the drinks are flowing and the people are happy. Thom Ellison was on his game this episode and took an already great episode to new levels for me. By combining comedy and bringing depth to the character of Pree, he makes it easy to connect with what he brings to the story.

But in the midst of the celebration, Johnny finds out from Turin that Dutch had blocked this promotion in the past, and the party ends up being cut short when a group of Killjoys led by a cheeky guy named Flik arrive, black warrant in hand for Johnny for the murder of Delle Seyah Kendry… a situation he forgot to mention to the rest of the crew. This leads to D’avin holding down the fort as Johnny and Dutch blast their way out of the bar, along with Pree, doing what they do best, going on the run.

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The actions scenes in Killjoys always get me so hype, between the blasters and the acrobatics, and seeing Dutch render people unconscious, it’s a guaranteed good time for my senses.

On the run, Pree offers the use of his past life alias as a warlord to keep Johnny safe and get allies for the upcoming war against Hullen. Which means he has to take on the visage of Varek, the Warlord he used to be, and seek the help of a group of refugee soldiers/deserters, known as the Farren; soldiers who left their planets because they didn’t want to fight in unjust corporatists wars.

This episode does a great job in fleshing out more of Pree’s backstory, something many fans have been clamoring for, but also providing a new group of people for us to get to know and not be overwhelmed.

I enjoyed the introduction of Pree/Varek’s ex Lachlan, as the leader of Farrens. While with them, Dutch and Johnny are forced to confront the simmering problems they have. From him leaving, Zeph’s arrival, and her not wanting him to come back because she felt that would ultimately be better for him. Because if the one thing we’ve seen with her relationship with Johnny, it’s that she’s always there to protect him from the excess of the life they lead. By the end the Farran will ally themselves with Dutch in the upcoming war, and all Pree had to do was pay the iron price; putting out to Lachlan… a lot.

D’avin meanwhile stays behind with Pree’s latest boo thing, Gander, a hulk of a guy, who had previously taken over Pree’s bar, but is now completely taken in by Pree to the point of docility. It’s cute, and we get moments of bromance comedy with him and D’avin. With his help, D’avin is able to figure out that Delle Seyah is not dead and is actually Hullen. With this information, Turin tries to get Banyon to let Johnny off the hook, but to no avail. And I don’t blame Banyon for this; she’s here trying to get a handle on the RAC and its agents, with no idea that Turin and company are running a counter revolutionary group. I don’t think she’s with the Hullen, and if she’s not that just makes Turin’s actions more perplexing.

With Zeph’s help, D’avin is able to get the Killjoys invaluable information through a psychic meld into Aneela’s memories. This not only gets him the layout of the Hullen Armada, but we find out Aneela is able to see him, while others can’t. And the psychic meeting between them is one that is truly chilling. Every scene Hannah John-Kamen is in, she shines. She’s able to play two characters who are so distinct, you would think Aneela and Dutch where played by two actors.

Zeph is also able to open the remnant, but something still seems off about her. Yes, I love her ogling of D’avin and not being intimidated by Johnny, but I’m not quite ready to fully trust her.

Overall this was a great episode that continues to set up the upcoming war with the Hullen. This episode manages to the take the intimate feel of our main crew and match it against the expanding world of the quad. Aneela is terrifying in her displays of power, and although I love everyone’s confidence in Dutch being such a badass, I’m not sure how thats going to play with a psychotically trained Aneela. But I sure am looking forward to it.

Worthy quotes

As much as I love being your guinea bitch, Zeph, me and my nipples are off limits until you can do some more research.

“How’d you find us?” “Cause, I’m amazing.”

“You put a tracker in my shot glass.” “Because I’m amazing.”

Killjoys S3E4
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"The Lion, the Witch, and the Warlord"

Killjoys - S3E4: The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord | Director: Paolo Barzman | Writers: Michelle Lovretta, Julian Doucet | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Thom Allison

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