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Killjoys - S4E1 - The Warrior Princess Bride

Previously on Killjoys

“Where’s the poison, Larry?”
“It’s Ian.”
“Of course it is. God, I hate this place.”

Where we left off: Khlyen, Aneela, and Dutch enter the goo to face off against The Lady; the resistance fights against the Hullen while the J’acobi brothers and Delle Seyah remain trapped in space.

We are back with the fourth season of Killjoys, jumping right back into the goo that left us so frightful with the reveal of an even bigger bad not named Aneela at the end of season 3.

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Some time has passed in the goo world, but Khlyen, Aneela and Dutch are still in there trying to take down The Lady while Johnny and D’avin are on the outside.

We’ve got Khlyen doing what he does best, tending to an injured Dutch while providing the audience with the necessary exposition about how we arrived at this moment with Dutch near death — taking us back to the beginning of Dutch and Johnny’s relationship, showing again how much of Dutch’s progress has been made because of Johnny J’acobi. We’re only a couple of months removed from Dutch fleeing from her life as Yalena the Princess and Johnny running from a bunch of warrants. The flashback scenes do a great job in allowing us to better understand what life as a RAC agent and the Quad provided them; a respite from a world hellbent on finding them.

We also get scenes of Lucy, the ships AI, and Johnny at the beginning of their sassy relationship. I enjoyed seeing the changes the flashbacks highlighted, showing where these characters are now compared to where they started — from trying to hide away from the world to now wanting to save it.

But no episode of Killjoys is complete without a mission, and this season’s opener is set against the  backdrop of a sex party and the retrieval of a deadly poison. That included a fight scene with Hanna John-Kamen in a killer dress with a high leg split, executing a pretty good set of fight choreography.

But the connection between the story being told by Khlyen to Dutch lies in Johnny J’acobi, her one constant since she left her old life as an assassin. Between her memories of their arrival at the Quad, joining the RAC, and even the creation of the name that went with her new life, Dutch was always with Johnny. This throws my pairing of her and D’avin into question as the show always seems to elevate her relationship with Johnny above D’avin, never making their relationship status clear.

With that in mind, Khlyen sends Dutch out to face off against The Lady. How falling into her hands might help them survive the goo and save the Quad remains to be seen.

Overall it was a good opener, even without any scenes with D’avin. Dutch’s wig was the worst in the goo and a bit distracting. It wasn’t the strongest opener out of the series, but hopefully next week’s episode gives us a bit more in terms of our characters and where they’re currently at in the coming war.

Side Note: I missed the intro theme and didn’t even realize how much until it kicked off.

Killjoys S4E1 Review Score
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    Performances - 8.5/10

"The Warrior Princess Bride"

Killjoys - S4E1: “The Warrior Princess Bride” | Director: Stefan Pleszczyski | Writer : Michelle Lovretta | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Thom Allison

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