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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S2E10 - The Legion of Doom

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, “Raiders of the Lost Art”

When Are We?

2017 Central City / 2025 Switzerland

The Mission

The Legends decide trading the medallion for Rip is their best option in getting him back, but they need to figure out how it works first. Also, they put their heads together to figure out the identity of the evil speedster.

The location of the missing piece of the Spear of Destiny is buried in Rip’s memories, which have been completely rewritten. No amount of torture - and they torture him a lot - reveals what The Legion of Doom need to know. When they discover Rip has a safety deposit box in Switzerland, last accessed in 2025, Eobard tasks Malcolm and Damien with traveling there (and then) to access it.

When your team is comprised of super villains, trust is going to be an issue. Malcolm begins to wonder why Eobard needs to them so badly, and why he keeps rushing off. It doesn’t help that Eobard generally treats them like crap. With some convincing, Damien agrees to trap Eobard so they may get some answers.

Legends of Tomorrow - S2E10 - Damien and Rip

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Side Missions

Hoping to understand how the medallion works (and missing his daughter), Stein turns to Lily for assistance. Within minutes, she activates the medallion, which earns her a visit aboard the Waverider where she finds out she’s a time aberration. She doesn’t take the news well.

Legends of Tomorrow - S2E10 - Lily, Mick, and Ray

Mission Report

Just as the Legends realize they’re up against Eobard Thawne, Eobard is forced to admit to his partners that he’s on the run from a demonic speedster who tracks him via the Speed Force. This is none other than Hunter Zoloman (a.k.a. Zoom) or Black Flash, who was killed by Time Wraiths in the season two finale of The Flash. Black Flash collects dead speedsters and deposits them in the Speed Force (a speedster Grim Reaper), and since Eobard isn’t supposed to be running around he’s constantly trying to stay ahead of Black Flash.

With Black Flash closing in, Eobard promises to treat his partners as such and not minions, and in one of the best scenes across all of the DCTV shows, they help him trap Black Flash and escape. They make off with a device used to house memories; Rip’s memories.

This was easily the best episode of the season with the only misstep being Lily. Finding out your father had gone his entire life without you existing is a shock, but it’s not like she doesn’t have a lifetime of memories of being raised by a loving father. These are also memories that Stein now has and it’s clear he truly loves her. Dealing with this family drama slowed down an otherwise perfect episode. Thankfully, the relationship seems to be mended by episode’s end so we shouldn’t get more of it in the future.

While it makes sense that only Stein would be aware of Eobard’s existence and subsequent erasure, it still seems silly that they didn’t consult with Barry Allen once they learned they were dealing with a speedster, especially when they just saw him during the crossover. Hopefully, they’ll deliver the news that he’s back sooner than later.

The Legion of Doom continue to be a series highlight. They’re just too much fun to watch.

Legends of Tomorrow S2E10
  • 9.5/10
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"The Legion of Doom"

Starring: Victor Garber, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Franz Drameh, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Amy Pemberton, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers | Guest Starring: Neal McDonough, Matt Letscher, and John Barrowman

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