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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S2E9 - Raiders of the Lost Art

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, “The Chicago Way”

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When Are We?

1967 Los Angeles. Oh, and also, Tuesday nights - the show’s new night.

The Mission

The Legends realize the artifacts Sara traded for Stein are actually one medallion, which is said to lead to the Spear of Destiny. Since the spear can change reality, it’s clear why Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn want it, and why the Legends can’t let them find it. They can fix time aberrations, but new realities? Not so much.

When Darhk and Merlyn cause a time aberration in 1967 Los Angeles, the Legends head there to figure out what they’re up to. Turns out, the medallion has led them to Rip, who believes he’s a film director named Phil Gasmer. Not only does Rip not remember who he is, he thinks the spear is nothing more than a useless piece of wood. While the Legends try to convince him of his true identity and the existence of time travel, superheroes, etc., they also attempt to protect him from the two thirds of The Legion of Doom who wish to kill him - and anyone else - to get the spear.

Side Missions

As if that weren’t difficult enough, Ray and Nate begin to slowly lose all the knowledge that makes them valuable thanks to an aberration caused when Rip’s prop master, George Lucas, decides not to make movies anymore (the Legion of Doom scared the crap out of him); therefore, Star Wars never inspires Ray to become an inventor, and Raiders of the Lost Ark never leads Nate to becoming a historian. So, add “Help George Lucas get his groove back” to the to-do list.

Mick turns to Stein for help as he’s still seeing Leonard Snart. Thanks to the manner in which Snart died and the receiver the Time Masters placed in Mick’s head when he was Chronos, it appears Snart is now a time ghost. However, when the receiver is removed, Stein reveals it’s just Mick’s own cognitive dissonance trying to make sense of his place in the group. Bummer. I was really looking forward to more Wentworth Miller.

Mission Report

The Legends retrieve the spear and the medallion, but lose Rip in the process. He still doesn’t know who he is, but that won’t stop the Legion of Doom from torturing him for information. Poor Phil. 

I’ll say it again, Legends has become the best of the DCTV shows - and you guys know The Flash has my heart. Legends has been consistently funny, exciting, and the cast’s chemistry has never been stronger. The addition of Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and Eobard Thawne was sheer brilliance. And the move to Tuesday nights will hopefully bring the series more viewers. They deserve it.

Legends of Tomorrow S2E9
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"Raiders of the Lost Art"

Starring: Victor Garber, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Franz Drameh, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Amy Pemberton, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers | Guest Starring: Neal McDonough, Matt Letscher, and John Barrowman

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