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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S2E8 - The Chicago Way

Previously on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Invasion!”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - S2E8 - “The Chicago Way” | Starring: Victor Garber, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Franz Drameh, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Amy Pemberton, Nick ZanoMaisie Richardson-Sellers 

The Legends are lured to Chicago in the 1920s after Gideon detects an aberration. While staking out the train station, Nate spots Elliot Ness and quickly deduces that he might be a target - if he never catches Al Capone, that would have major consequences for law and order in Chicago. After they lose Ness to some dirty cops, they later rescue him from the docks after Capone had him fitted with a pair of concrete boots and tossed in the river.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), and their new parter, Malcolm Meryln (John Barrowman) wanted. While Gideon repairs the brain damage done to Ness, Nate and Ray go undercover as Ness and another agent in order to retrieve Capone’s financial ledger, which was crucial in convicting him of tax evasion. If they fail, Capone will go on to become mayor of Chicago.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

This was also a setup so that Thawne could grab Sara and Stein. He wants the amulet they stole from him. First, Malcolm tries to appeal to Sara by offering her life back. Since he was responsible for the shipwreck that stranded her and Oliver, he says he’ll be able to erase all the trouble that caused, including Laurel’s death. Now, I’m not sure how the hell he thinks he can do that, but Sara isn’t biting anyway. Darhk’s manipulations don’t work either. Thawne tortures Stein before the other Legends can rescue them.

Aaaand, of course, this too was a trap because the Legends don’t bring Stein back aboard the Waverider - it’s really Eobard. He opens the ship to Capone, his men, and Malcolm. It’s only when Sara makes a deal with Merlyn do they get Stein back. She gave up the amulet.

Good Times

  • The addition of Malcolm Merlyn was smart. He is as unapologetically evil as the other two, and Barrowman always looks like he’s having so much fun. His past with Sara is just extra icing on the cake. Plus, the three have proven to be formidable in just one episode. Sure, our team fell for the okey dokey three times, but never in way that left you feeling like they were dumb or out of their league. This trifecta of terror is just that good.
  • Amaya and Mick have ridiculous chemistry, but the best part of it is: It doesn’t have to be sexual or romantic. They genuinely have great character chemistry. The fact that they’re smoking hot together is secondary. If they do pair up (not really sure that’s likely considering she’s mourning and avenging the death of Rex), it won’t feel as forced and out of nowhere like Ray and Kendra last season (and I liked that relationship).
  • I’m glad Stein’s daughter is now out in the open (well, Sara knows) and that we can stop pretending like Stein being forced to correct her existence was ever really going to happen.


Time Out

  • Look, I want to see Wentworth Miller as much as possible, but having him randomly appear to haunt Mick for his newfound desire to do the right thing and friendship with Amaya is just silly. First off, why now? Is he really just a figment of Mick’s imagination or is something else at play? And why is Snart riding him so hard for being committed to the team? Wasn’t he the one who came around to their role as Legends way before Mick? He died to protect the team for fuck’s sake!  I’m hoping this is just Mick’s own feelings of uncertainty (is he good enough to be a good guy?) manifesting as Snart.
  • That was a really shitty Al Capone.
  • No moment between Thawne and Gideon? I’m gonna need science circles to figure out where in the timeline this Thawne originated.


Now that Thawne has both parts of that amulet he activates it to reveal a compass. It should lead him to the Spear of Destiny (said to have stabbed Christ on the cross and capable of altering or creating realities). However, they’ll require the assistance of Rip Hunter, who’s in 1960s California, directing a movie and being very not-British.

Legends of Tomorrow S2E8 = 8.8/10
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 8.5/10
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    Action - 8.5/10
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