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Lucifer - S1E13 - Take Me Back to Hell

Previously on Lucifer, “#TeamLucifer”

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Ride for the Devil

We pick up right where we left off and Lucifer’s loathing and disappointment in Chloe’s decision to arrest him causes him to write a check he’s not ready to cash. At this point, he wants to end it all and go back to hell but Amenadiel swoops in to save him. It seems like Maze’s words about him and Lucifer using her have sunk in and Amenadiel wants to make amends (pun intended). So the two of them are working together to exonerate Lucifer before the cops catch up to him.

Which actually isn’t necessary because when Chloe starts to think about it, she quickly comes to the conclusion that Lucifer was framed and Dan is forced to admit that she’s right when he realizes that the murder weapon is the gun that he gave Malcolm. Dan also confesses this to Chloe, so he’s on the road to redemption even though Chloe isn’t quite ready to forgive him. Instead, she teams up with Maze to find Malcolm before Lucifer finds him and kills him.

So between Amendiel and Lucifer and Chloe and Maze, we have two unlikely but hilarious team ups. Lucifer has to keep explaining that Amenadiel is his brother and Maze warms up to Chloe, admitting that she’s glad she didn’t kill her that one time she broke into her house. #bffs

Devil’s Children

The two groups converge on Malcolm who’s gone to get money from a drug dealer so he can skip town. Malcolm manages to get away when he uses Maze’s demon blades to wound Amenadiel, but Chloe grabs the money he was looking for so he can’t leave town yet. Instead, he kidnaps Trixie to force a trade.

Now that they’re back on the same side, Lucifer and Chloe work together to stop Malcolm and it’s great. It’s the culmination of everything we’ve seen this season. Lucifer’s vulnerability leads to him getting shot and heading to hell but his Father has other plans for him and Lucifer gets a taste of redemption before coming back to kill Malcolm. And the show uses Lucifer’s quick trip to hell to set up next season’s arc. It looks like Lucifer has a new task from his Father. Someone escaped from Heaven while he’s been hanging out in LA … Lucifer’s mother.

Lucifer S1E13
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A lot was packed into this finale but it didn’t feel rushed. Last week’s set up was enough to show us how far all of these characters have come so that all of the emotional moments of this episode felt earned. It was fun to see Amendiel and Lucifer finally on the same side. The show has always presented them as two sides of the same coin so it was nice to see them work together, especially when they stormed the drug dealer’s hideout.

Although there are still a lot of questions regarding Chloe’s possible divinity or powers, the writers did a good job of focusing this episode on the fact that the strength of their relationship comes from believing in each other. I’m very curious about the set up for next season. Typically, the angels are depicted as being borne directly of God, so they wouldn’t have separate fathers and mothers. Biblically, Adam had a wife before Eve (Lilith) but again that’s not God and Lucifer pre-dates Adam. In Canaanite legend, Lucifer (alternately known as light bringer or morning star) has a brother Evening Star and their mother is Asherah or Helel aka “The Pit”. Also in some myths and legends coming out of ancient Italian culture Lucifer was the son and consort of Diana. Basically there’s a lot to mine and apparently this is new territory since none of this comes from the comics this show is based on. So we are really and truly off-book. See you next season!

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