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Lucifer - S2E1 - Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer

Previously on Lucifer

Lucifer - S2E1 - Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris

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We’re BACK! And it’s time to ride with the devil again. I’m going to be honest with you guys, in the age where good television comes on year-round, this new season of Lucifer snuck up on me, but sitting down to watch this premiere felt like coming home to an old friend and I’m ready for everything they’re ready to throw at us.

The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You

According to Chloe, it’s been two days since Lucifer was shot and returned from hell charged with a new purpose: to find his mother who’s escaped from hell. This is complicated by the fact that his mother can be in the body of anyone who recently died and was revived. Luckily, Lucifer and Amenadiel are finally on the same side, tracking down the recently revived hoping to find Mommie Dearest before she strikes at them.

When a girl turns up with metal bars sticking out of her head like devil horns, Lucifer is sure that his mother is sending him a message, but of course Chloe doesn’t believe him. Lucifer, much like the audience, is frustrated by her disbelief so he challenges her to test his blood and put her questions to rest once and for all. That wouldn’t have any negative consequences.

Rounding out the “where are they now?” portion of the show, Dan was suspended for all of two days for stealing that gun from the evidence locker that Malcolm used to shoot Lucifer. I know it’s not meant to be some major commentary, but a cop getting suspended for two days after admitting to being an accessory to attempted murder sounds pretty accurate right about now. And Maze has been missing ever since she told Amenadiel and Lucifer about themselves.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil 

Where this show has always excelled is in Lucifer’s moments of clarity and vulnerability. Throughout the premiere, he’s hit with more than one truth bomb and Lucifer is again forced to confront his failings. His sessions with Dr. Martin continue, but as he complains about everyone around him being to blame for his shortcomings, she asks him to really consider whether these sessions are working or if he’s twisting her words to absolve himself of responsibility.

Maze also returns and straight up tells him that she has to figure out who she is in this world. Though she doesn’t come out and say it, it’s obvious that she’s accepted that they are staying in this world and if they are she needs to find her place in it. Lucifer has his own moment of clarity during an AA meeting where he admits that he didn’t do enough to help his mother because he felt abandoned by her. These moments are where the show truly goes beyond a supernatural procedural and gives us some real character development and I can see where the actors have grown into these roles.

The only one not telling the truth is Amenadiel. He tries to steal Lucifer’s blood from Chloe’s desk using his powers only to have them crap out midway through his heist. He then switches tack and plays the “Lucifer is crazy” card with Chloe. And continuing his lame lies, he tells Maze that he needs some distance too when she tells him she needs to figure herself out.

In the end, Chloe decides that she doesn’t believe Amenadiel. She has her doubts about Lucifer, but she needs him and he makes her a better detective so she’s willing to deal with whatever he may be. The episode ends with a disheveled woman (Battlestar Galatica’s Tricia Helfer) turning up at Lucifer’s penthouse and she asks for his help before collapsing into his arms. It looks like Lucifer will have a chance to make amends… if that’s all she wants.

The Devil Is Laughing

“For once, this is not what it looks like” – Lucifer while being straddled by a teen movie star (played by the lovely Jessica Sula from Recovery Road)

“Devil emoji? That’s it I’m speaking to a copyright lawyer today” – Lucifer after seeing a devil sticker on a packet of drugs.

“Please don’t … don’t tell anyone I died like this” – Lucifer while being choked to death by a middle-aged woman.

Lucifer S2E1
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This is a great season opener. None of the threads from last season were dropped even if they were resolved somewhat unrealistically *cough*Dan*cough*. They also introduced a new character, Ella, the goofy, faithful Christian, forensic scientist. She’s played by Aimee Garcia, who I got a chance to talk to at SDCC so look out for more on her. The show is truly playing to its strengths with this arc. Lucifer’s vulnerability, his partnership with Chloe, and his brotherly discord with Amenadiel are all on full display and bring depth to the show. My only complaint was the final montage. It was shot in a new style and didn’t fit the tone of the show. I also have to give the show kudos because the case of the week had just enough turns to keep me guessing and push the personal story along. If they cut out the montages and keep the rest, it’ll be a pretty entertaining season.

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