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Lucifer - S3E12 - All About Her

Previously on Lucifer: “City of Angels

When A Woman’s Fed Up

Honestly, the episode should have been titled this instead of “All About Her” because, even in an episode that’s supposed to be about Lucifer making amends to Chloe, it’s still all about him. After stabbing Cain, Lucifer wants to know why exactly Cain kidnapped him and gave him back his wings. By the way, my closed captions keep spelling Cain as “Kane”. I know my Bible (a little); God called him Cain, we calling him Cain. Cain, who prefers to be called Pierce, admits to knocking out Lucifer, but he didn’t take his devil face or replace his wings. He also confesses The Sinnerman was his right hand man who went off the rails. Cain says he was forced to kill him because he didn’t know what The Sinnerman was doing and he couldn’t afford for his cover to be blown. Because Lucifer doesn’t believe him, he tries to enlist Chloe to help investigate Pierce.


But Lucifer doesn’t even get the chance to ask because he’s persona non-grata at the precinct and to Chloe. She’s still mad he took The Sinnerman after they worked together to break the rules, and she gets even more upset because Lucifer doesn’t even realize he’s done anything wrong. So Lucifer tries to make it up to her by proclaiming it “Detective Decker Day”, which isn’t a thing, and also he’s horrible at putting anyone’s needs over his own.

It’s Not Right, And It’s Not Okay

And Chloe’s not the only woman being mistreated. Poor Ella is trying to keep quiet, since Pierce yelled at her and called her a nuisance. After a pep talk from Charlotte, she tries to be more forceful but goes a bit too far in the other direction. At least she finds the courage to tell off Pierce. Meanwhile, Amenadiel thinks he has chlamydia and is forced to tell Maze, who just happens to be talking to Dr. Linda about how glad she is that Amenadiel and Dr. Linda never hooked up. Yikes! *insert Chrissy Teigen gif* Dr. Linda tries to end things with Amenadiel, but it’s too late because Maze sees the two of them together. This love triangle is not going to end well.

During a sting operation, Lucifer manages to corner Pierce again and he’s determined to find out why Cain gave him his wings, so Cain tells him to ask what he desires, and it’s pretty obvious: death. Cain was doomed by God to walk the earth never dying, in retribution for killing his brother Abel. Cain is ready to die and he came to find Lucifer because of Chloe, the person who can make the devil bleed. He put himself in danger with Chloe around, but when he was shot with her right there and still didn’t die, he lost hope of finding a loophole in God’s punishment. Lucifer finally believes him and realizes if Cain didn’t take his devil face and give him his wings, then God must be interfering again, to keep Cain from finding a loophole. So now Lucifer is determined to help Cain die, just to spite his father. It always comes back to that, doesn’t it?

Devilish Moments

Though the case of the week was mostly background noise, the writers did manage to work in an excuse for Dan to go surfing. I didn’t know I needed Kevin Alejandro in a wet suit, but I definitely did.

I really like the idea of trying to find a loophole in God’s plan, for two reasons. First, I am tired of God always winning and Lucifer always taking Ls. Second, the idea of this omniscient being making a mistake calls into question so many things. While Lucifer has always been very rooted in the here and now, I think the show has done enough character development and built up enough goodwill that I’m ready to take it celestial. Let’s tear into the fabric of existence and see what shakes loose. Shout out this week to Tom Welling, who truly gave the performance of a doomed man. His scenes with Lucifer were absolutely compelling.

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"All About Her"

Lucifer – S3E12 – “All About Her” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer | Guest starring: Tom Welling

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