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The Flash - S4E11 - The Elongated Knight Rises

Previously on The Flash,The Trial of The Flash”

I don’t even know where to begin, y’all. I guess I should start with saying that I started the episode 15 minutes late because I didn’t want to turn off the Damnation finale. By the way, if you weren’t watching USA Network’s Damnation, shame on you. We cover it on the Premium podcast on Patreon and it’s fantastic.

Anyway, once Damnation was done, I fired up The Flash and I wish I hadn’t.

Who cares about Ralph Dibny? Who cares about Ralph Dibny finding his inner hero? Who asked for this? Let me help you out:

Barry is still in jail and making friends in all the wrong places; until he’s rescued from a beatdown by a convict, Big Sir (Bill Goldberg), who owed Henry Allen his life. Barry’s made a friend on the inside and vibrated his hand through the visiting room glass so he and Iris could touch. Yay! I guess.

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Meanwhile, the Trickster’s son (Devon Graye)escapes from Iron Heights with the help from his mother, Prank (Corrine Bohrer) who’s just as crazy and murderous as her son and baby daddy. When Ralph flakes on stopping them because, it turns out, he ain’t bout that life, it’s up to Cisco and Caitlin, but they’re promptly captured. After a jailhouse pep talk from Barry, Ralph finds the wind beneath his wings and saves the day. Yay! I guess.

The best parts of the episode were any WestAllen moment, Caitlin as Killer Frost (she’s become so fun to watch), and the reappearance of the mysterious and adorable server from the wedding (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Oh, when we learned Barry doesn’t know how to do hash marks.

But Wait; There’s More

The mysterious server furiously scribbles the symbols Barry drew when he came out of the Speed Force in the premiere. She’s also wicked smart.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts below or on the Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast. 

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"The Elongated Knight Rises"

The Flash - S4E11 - “The Elongated Knight Rises” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer

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25 Comments on The Flash - S4E11 - The Elongated Knight Rises

    1. Not calling Goldberg Big Sir. That’s a name a bitch calls his jail partner. Now if he is making people his bitches…
    2. Iris is all faithful and shit coming to see speed junkie. Dem speed babies better be in there. Because these episodes so far are all over the place.
    3. Can I get more Wells? All we need is McFlurry, Vibe, Joe, Iris, and my black shirt, sexy eye glass wearing Wells! We can Judy Winslow Dickny now. It’s okay CW we don’t care if he comes back.
    4. This white momma was white womaning. She couldn’t tame TJ Maxx Trickster so she joined him just like an enabling ass idiot. That “hrmph” she did was so “darn it you got me mixed with I’m a white mom in a Clorox commercial” Turrible.
    5. Finally, if there is repressed anger in Caitlin, why can’t she turn on her own powers?

    This episode was an elongated mess!


    “Last night I saw a superhero he was Black. He said this for the street Black Lightning is back”


    “Last night I saw a superhero he was Black. He said this for the street Black Lightning is back”

  4. For the podcast:
    Hi y’all. I get that the writers are sprinkling little pebbles unfolding this seasons storyline (awesome Dawn/not Dawn & the speed force language). But ima need them to start throwing boulders. What are we doing? I need us to get back on course. Why is elastic dude still here? Why? They need to start watching AoS or Star Trek discovery to see how boulder throwing works well. They don’t waste anytime getting to the point.

  5. For the podcast

    I love WestAllen. They are so adorable. Just seeing Iris makes Barry light up. But does he get conjugal visits? I’m just saying

    So I guess we’re stuck with Ralph. Ugh. At least Cisco & Frost look good teaming up.

    That’s it. The episode sucked. Can’t wait to hear y’all shred it on the Podcast.

  6. For the podcast
    Hey guys!
    Westallen were so cute
    And this time was yelling Caitlin’s childhood bully that made her turn into Killer Frost.. Really? That’s just getting worse. And Cisco and Harry had to scream at her..
    I’m starting to like stretchy dick but he needs to be less extra
    That’s it. Hope you guys have a great week.

  7. For the podcast

    1.Finally a new suit for Ralph that looks good hopefully we ever get that crossover with black lighting Cisco can help with his suit. Also I enjoy Ralph he’s grown on me.
    2. I enjoyed this episode with Barry prison struggles and westallen love looking great.
    3. I didn’t need trickster jr and his mom there because I was getting vibes the whole episode that the mom was about to fuck her son at any moment.
    4. The westallen child or grandchild returns and writing in code so hopefully she shows up when she’s needed and not messing up the timeline like Barry has in the past.

  8. Hey Nina, Donnie and John. What can i say, this episode offered another reason why Ralph needs to go. Why are the writers always so obsessed with mediocre white characters that don’t really add anything to the narrative of the show? Eddie, Patty, Julian, HR, Becky? Brenda? I can’t remember HR’s completely did nothing for the plot except hog screen time and annoy me girlfriend. And now Ralph. He bores me. Just like Barry in jail and the burly white dude we apparently have to care about next episode. Like, who the fuck cares? Henry was barely a character.
    The real surprise was that Barry actually looks cute with the jail scruff. I can’t believe its Grant Gustin’s face.
    Anyways, when is KF going to be consistently written and actually going to kill somebody and earn her name? And why are Barry and Iris so cute? I wanna quit this stupid show but they keep drawing me back in with things like that cute westallen end scene and teasing me with Dawn/Nora Allen being adorable. I want her and Iris to meet.

    Lastly, how can the writers have Barry say shit like “having the power to do something and not doing it is the worst death” but have Barry choose to stay in jail when he could be out there saving people pretty easily? Same thing with Cisco. Why can’t he be the temp hero? He is very powerful and could utilize his powers in so many inventive ways. But I guess he’s not a white dude so Ralph was it? Where is this season and plot even going? Does anyone know?

  9. For the podcast:
    This episode sucked ass. WTF happened to this show? It’s going downhill fast! If the Ralph character & this shitty ass writing continues, i’m gone. I have no problem dropping this show (but continuing to listen to the podcast recap of course) & focusing all of my attention on Black Lightning.

  10. All I am gonna say is I was not a fan of this episode because it focused too much on Ralph. I have tried to care about his character but I just cant. There was only a few great moments..I love that Barry is still a hero in prison and has made a new friend in Big Sir, any wrestling fan like myself will of fangirled over that moment. WestAllen moments are my life, him waiting for her everyday watching the clock and then has the biggest smile when she arrives. Everyone needs to find them a man that smiles at them the way Barry smiles at Iris. The fact he phased his hand through the glass just to touch her melted my heart and was my favorite scene of the episode. And lastly DAWN ALLEN is back and is writing in a diary the symbols Barry was writing in the first episode. She will be a part in defeating Devoe most likely. She has met Barry,Cisco and Ralph, saving the best for last(Iris). And her mannerisms are totally the same as Barry like if that is not his future daughter it will be the biggest disappoint since them mistreating Wally. A LITTLE BEHIND THE SCENES I dont know if you guys saw the pictures that has been surfacing of Candice Patton suited up in black leather but all I am gonna say is whether she is an Iris from another earth, a villain, a hero, I AM HERE FOR IT. Apparently from what has been going around was that someone who watched a little bit of the filming of that scene it seemed to be like Iris was a speedster. Maybe she gets temporary powers cause she HAS THEM TWINS baking inside her. Anyways I hope you guys have a great rest of the week I look forward to this podcast as always. <3

  11. #1 This episode was pretty much a filler episode because it served no purpose whatsoever other than giving Ralph “character development” that no one wanted to see. The only type of forward progress was the ending scene with mystery girl writing the same symbols as Barry. #2 I am so thankful we got those WestAllen scenes we did because if we didnt get anything I might of just fell asleep or threw something at the TV. #3 Barry better not be in prison too much longer cause I cant take much more of Disney(according to Harry) as being the “hero” of the city. #4 Once again Iris proves to be the best character of the episode by grabbing the gun and ready to go save her friends, no questions asked. Just proves you dont need powers to be a hero. #5 I know everyone is happy with Wally going to Legends and I am happy they will actually give his character SLs and things to do BUT he is Kid FLASH and should of been treated right on THE FLASH. I am gonna miss his interactions with Candice, Jesse, and Grant because they really did have that perfect family chemistry. No more brother/sister crime fighting unit. Hopefully one day he will come back. Lastly when the fuck are they gonna make the cerebral inhibitor?? Or at least get the idea to do it. Barry had the flashback vision of it before when Ralph mentioned the name Devoe back in the earlier episodes so why nothing has came of it yet is beyond me. Get Barry out of prison so we can get this epic battle of WestAllen VS Marvoe started.

  12. For The Podcast

    Ralph’s new name should be “Stretch-ual Harassment”, and Black Lightning was better.

    Also, I can’t wait for Wallace on Legends. Cheers for the podcast.

  13. Here’s the problem …you know when you got a teacher who says they’re grading on a curve and there’s that one student that fucks it up for the class .. Black Lightning is that student .
    You can’t go from watching that show and take this prison stuff seriously . If it was another show they would have build up to the riot like a season finale thing. Make it a plot point of something Barry heard was in the works on happening and have him try to prevent it over the time he’s in jail. They couldn’t even wait 1 episode of him in prison and they had a full fledge riot going on . I legit thought it was dream lol … what was that guy even doing to that cop against Barry’s jail cell anyway lol …..oh yea and some other stuff happened . Do better

  14. For the podcast:

    Hey Nina girl, John, and Donny. This was an episode that had dialogue, acting, effects, and stuff. Bring back Killer Frost forever. Elongated man sounds like a superhero name for a video on pornhub. Also, is this episode really going to act like Barry can’t vibrate right out of prison and into Iris? Sigh. Okay.

    Thanks for recapping. I hope next week’s episode is better.

  15. For the podcast

    I didn’t really hate this episode as much as i thought i would, Ralph was still stupid and annoying but everything else i loved. The WestAllen scenes were amazing, i chuckled a few time at that environment friendly criminal in the beginning, And the fake ass Joker and fake ass Harley Quinn were fine 2 me.

    Is it just me or is Prison Bae Barry the sexiest Barry has ever been? That struggle beard and Baggy prison clothes just did it for me. JPK is back! And she was giving me Barry season 1 vibes with the awkward over talking he use to do, i really hope she is who y’all think she is.
    Why is it in every prison riot scene there is always a bunch of papers flying around? Are prisoners allowed to have paper and pencils?

    That’s my feedback for today, cant wait to hear your podcast

  16. For the podcast (hope in time)
    Hey Nina Donnie and John, so happy y’all are back but gotta say I have mixed feelings about the return of The Flash.
    1) Kill off Ralph, y’all almost had it with the acid. 😒
    2) I like the killer frost gag it’s corny and I’m amused
    3) I borderline thought we were gonna get some white supremacy shit when Barry almost got shanked and Big Daddy saved him from low-key Tu-PAC. Black Lightning has me triggered as fuck to be ready for that lol.
    4) This better be the 🗣last 👏🏾damn 👏🏾episode 👏🏾in 👏🏾this👏🏾 prison👏🏾
    5) I have mixed feelings about this lil mixed Zendaya lookalike at Jitters that can only write in emojis (this house is Bitchin’); I feel like she might be Cisco & G’s (not saying the g-word) future child and not a west-allen baby due to her awkward mannerisms.
    Love the podcast y’all keep me cracking up & they need to kill Ralph ughhh!!

  17. For the podcast: Hi guys ! Hope I made it! This was a hot fire garbage of a episode. No one cares about Ralph. The only reason I was glad for his addition was because it felt like they were trying to an adult element to the show but he’s like a teenager. Villains were trash. Jail Barry was trash. The only good part about this episode was seeing Barry and Iris daughter at the end. Thats it! Looking forward to Nina ripping this to shreds as it rightly deserves.

  18. For the podcast:

    A Gumby episode. How terrible!!! Also, Axel and his mother are TERRIBLE actors. That’s all. Thanks for the amazing podcast!

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