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Lucifer - S3E19 - Orange is the New Maze

Previously on Lucifer, “The Last Heartbreak”

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Drag Me to Hell

The barely contained rage Maze has been holding on to finally boils over this week. The deadly demon finds herself framed for murder right after asking Lucifer to take her back to hell. At first, Lucifer believes that she committed the crime because he thinks she’s trying to force him to take her back to hell, but after questioning her it’s obvious she doesn’t know the details of the murder and that someone else is framing her. Chloe and Lucifer look into Maze’s past bounties while Chloe tries to balance her new relationship with Pierce and her partnership with Lucifer.

This story feels so much like a comic book arc; it’s like a three-issue focus on a beloved side character. While Maze’s jealousy over Amenadiel and Linda’s relationship has dragged down past episodes, putting the spotlight on it here really propelled the story. When it turns out that the mother of one of Maze’s old bounties is framing her, Maze and Chloe have a beautiful and emotional confrontation as Chloe tries to convince her that everyone cares about Maze no matter how alone she may feel.

Reveal Thyself

Charlotte is reeling from Amenadiel’s revelation that she was possessed by the goddess of creation last season and while her rational brain knows what Amenadiel is saying can’t be true, nothing adds up. She confronts Lucifer and in that brutal honesty way he has, he tells her the whole story about going to hell. And when she still doesn’t believe them Lucifer reveals his wings. While Charlotte may not fully understand, she at least knows she isn’t crazy.

Pierce is also adjusting to his new relationship with Chloe and while he assures her that he’s “all in”, he isn’t down with Lucifer being the third wheel. Lucifer is trying to take a step back so Chloe can be happy so he tries to reconnect with Maze, but Maze (somewhat rightfully) points out that Lucifer only cares about her when Chloe isn’t an option. Since Pierce is already looking to drive a wedge between Chloe and Lucifer, he recruits Maze to his side. The question is why does he want to drive Lucifer away?

As we suspected since the beginning, Pierce is clearly not a good guy but his intentions are still a mystery. Chloe’s presence doesn’t make him vulnerable the way it does for Lucifer so it can’t be that. Right now, my guess is that he thinks Chloe’s love will provide some kind of celestial loophole for his curse. So far, the only think I can predict with certainty is that this season will end with Chloe being just as brokenhearted as Maze is now.

Laugh With the Devil

“Ameninda … Lindadiel?” – Lucifer trying to come up with a portmanteau for Dr. Linda and Amenadiel.

“Less of a conversation really more of a j’accuse” – Lucifer telling Maze the difference between a discussion and an interrogation.


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"Orange is the New Maze"

Lucifer – S3E19 – “Orange is the New Maze” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, Tom Welling

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