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Lucifer - S3E18 - The Last Heartbreak

Previously on Lucifer, “Let Pinhead Sing”

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Normally, I Love Threesomes

Now that he’s not working with Cain and stopped trying to ignore Chloe, Lucifer is excited to get back into the swing of things — but he’s missed the boat because Chloe and Pierce are getting closer. The fact that Pierce is an immortal police detective finally becomes a plot point when a copycat of the Broken Heart Killer starts murdering couples. Pierce worked on this case back in the fifties; this gives us some flashbacks to a woman he was in love with during the time he was in LA. The show juxtaposes this past relationship with his current one with Chloe, who is hesitant to be with him because he won’t open up. Pierce left LA because he fell in love with this woman and couldn’t stay with her. Now reinvestigating the case, he runs into her granddaughter and learns that she married the cop who captured the killer. It’s sad to watch him see what he was missing, but he seems to decide not to make the same mistake with Chloe.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is trying to reassert himself as Chloe’s partner but failing miserably.

The Broken Heart Killer used a write-in advice column to find his victims in the fifties and they discover that the modern-day killer is using a call-in radio show that exposes cheaters. Lucifer pretends to be the scorned lover while Chloe and Pierce are the cheating couple. After hearing Chloe talk about how she and Pierce are compatible and how much she likes him, Lucifer realizes he should come to terms with their relationship, but Pierce still seems shady. It’s hard to tell if he truly likes Chloe or if he still sees her as some sort of key to ending his immortality.

Not Yo’ Mama

This week, Amenadiel is the last person to find out Charlotte Richards is still alive. Don’t ask me why he doesn’t know this information even though we’re at episode 18, but here we are and his mind is blown. Apparently, no one told him she’s running around without memory of the months she was his mother and Dan and Linda never casually mentioned it will they started dating and doctoring her, respectively. He wants to tell her what happened in those months because he thinks Charlotte is his next “test” from God. (Seriously if God ever shows up I hope he punches Amenadiel for thinking these are tests or that Amenadiel punches him if these are tests). Despite Linda’s warnings that Charlotte won’t be able to handle the truth, Amenadiel tells her anyway and we’ll have to see the fallout of that next week.

Maze is still being self-destructive and now she’s decided to sabotage all her relationships. She’s on a bender, sleeping with strange men and drinking, but she’s conveniently forgotten that she lives with a 7-year-old. And when Dan tries to remind her, she threatens to tell Chloe about how they killed her dad’s murderer back in season 2. This is enough to keep Dan quiet for a little while, but when Maze gives Trixie pot brownies to give to her teacher, it’s too much. While she’s lashing out, Maze calls Trixie a brat while the little girl is listening. So now Maze has moved out because hurting Trixie’s feelings was a bridge too far and she knows it.

I’m hopeful that we’re ramping up towards the end of the season now. Amenadiel telling Charlotte about her missing time, whatever Pierce is planning, and Maze having a come-to-Trixie moment means we’re getting some forward movement. If next week continues to push the story, the season should end strong just like any other. Far be it from me to discourage anyone from working, but 24 episodes is just too much and these last few episodes have proven that.

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“The Last Heartbreak”

Lucifer – S3E18 – “The Last Heartbreak” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, Tom Welling

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