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Lucifer - S3E2 - The One with the Baby Carrot  

Previously on Lucifer, “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” 

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I can’t hide you

This week’s cold open is Lucifer making out with a beautiful Black woman which is cut short by the premature presentation of his wings. Even though his companion thinks it’s just elaborate cosplay, it’s enough to ruin the mood and Lucifer would rather spend the rest of his night cutting his wings off … again. Dr. Linda, rightfully, points out what Lucifer is doing is self-harm but he sees it as shedding something that’s been forced on him. What Lucifer wants is the life he used to have. And with his devil face gone and the Sinnerman out there playing the role of the devil, he feels like his rightful place has been usurped.

Enter the case of the week. A comic who accused a famous television star of stealing his act has turned up dead. Lucifer obviously relates to the comic because he feels that his own schtick has been stolen and he wants justice. The case has its comedic moments; Ella is in awe of the celebrity comic and Dan is forced to do a stand-up routine to out a suspect with a micro-penis and Lucifer shoots someone with a gun up a puppet’s ass (just go with it). The case is also a welcome distraction for Chloe from the Sinnerman. She and Dan are still trying to ingratiate themselves to the new lieutenant and Chloe doesn’t want Lucifer shouting about going after a boogieman. 

So I ran to the Devil

As it turns out, Lieutenant Pierce believes in the Sinnerman because he encountered him in Chicago. The Sinnerman was also responsible for the death of someone close to the captain (how much y’all want to bet it was the love of his life and this will come up again when he and Chloe inevitably start a romantic relationship). So now Lucifer has an ally but Chloe and Dan are still struggling to get on Pierce’s good side.

Dr. Linda also has a new ally in Amenadiel. She is struggling with almost dying and he is struggling with losing his powers again. Amenadiel still sees this all as a test, and he’s been burning Lucifer’s wings to prove his faith, but Linda points out that Lucifer himself may be Amenadiel’s test. Dr. Linda seems really disgusted with God and his tests and while her primary focus appears to be helping Lucifer, I’d love to see what she’ll say to God if they ever meet.

By the end, Lucifer realizes that it’s not about the Sinnerman copying his identity, but about him getting back to what he does best: being the devil. He doesn’t have his devil face, but he still has some of his powers and he’s going to keep his wings tucked and get his devil on as evidenced by the long line of people lined up to exchange their souls for their greatest desires.

So far Dr. Linda’s arc is the most engaging. Although she’s counseling Lucifer, it’s very clear that she is still struggling with her near-death experience and the celestial intervention in her life. Coupled with Amenadiel and his tests of faith, these characters have a long road ahead of them. The reveal that Pierce is a victim of the Sinnerman was unexpected and quick. I thought the writers would draw that out more but it will be interesting to see Lucifer and Pierce team up while Chloe and Dan struggle to get Pierce to see them as competent. This show has hit its groove and while it brings the laughs every week, the longer story arc is deeply personal and hinges on the great acting from this cast.

The Devil Is Laughing 

Lt. Pierce: “I have no idea why you prance around and call yourself the Devil.”

Lucifer: (offended) Prance?

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"The One with the Baby Carrot"

Lucifer – S3E2 – “The One with the Baby Carrot” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro,  Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Tom Welling

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