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The Flash - S4E1 - The Flash Reborn

Previously on The Flash

It’s been six months since Barry Allen went into the Speed Force because reasons. Crime stops for no man, so Iris West has been busy leading Team Kid Flash (I’m gonna humor Wally ’cause he’s the best) as they protect the city from criminal meta-humans and regular-ass criminals. She’s been trying to fulfill her promise to Barry to “keep running.” In doing so, she’s left no room for hope or proper mourning.

When a powerful samurai threatens to destroy Central City unless The Flash faces him, Cisco reveals he’s been working on a plan to bring Barry back. Iris’ focus is saving the city and not getting her hopes up, so Cisco agrees to leave it alone.

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Of course, Cisco gonna Cisco and he enlists Caitlin (fresh off her new bartending gig) to help him. Behind Iris’ back, they (along with Wally and Joe) do some super science stuff, but it doesn’t work. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris is pissed (What did I say?) and confused (Caitlin? You don’t even go here anymore!). Finger pointing is put on hold because Cecile calls to reveal they found a naked and bearded Barry miles away.

He’s an incoherent mess; yammering nonsense phrases and drawing science ALL THE SHAPES on the walls. Caitlin has two theories: Either Barry is suffering from dementia due to his time (which could be decades to him) in the Speed Force or he’s suffering from Schizophasia, which means what he’s saying does make sense to him; they just need to figure out his code.

Nothing works to bring Barry back until Iris allows herself to be taken by the samurai, hoping it will awaken The Flash. It works and Barry not only rescues Iris (and reveals the samurai was actually a robot), he is back to his normal self — just minus the beard and creepily enthusiastic. He declares himself reborn and we all know what that means: Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior the Speed Force?

But Wait; There’s More

In super sterile hi-tech lair, the pair behind the samurai (a man connected to a machine and a woman in a lab coat) are revealed.

Up to Speed

This was a fun premiere that managed to insert some of the humor The Flash is good for, and hit the right emotional beats thanks to, once again, inspired acting by Candice Patton, Grant Gustin, and Jesse L. Martin.

The villain at the end may not be the season-long Big Bad, but he’s certainly interesting. If he unleashed the samurai in the hopes of bringing back The Flash then that means at least one part of his plan has already worked.

The possibility that Barry’s ramblings were actually important is a good one. Some of the things he said suggested he’s reliving events that already happened, like pleading as a little boy for someone to believe him about his father’s innocence and reciting lines of the song he sang to Iris when he proposed. Others might be unique to his time in the Speed Force or Flashpoint, like when he says that “Nora isn’t supposed to be here.” The most confusing lines, though, could hint at events yet to happen. Remember: The Speed Force exists outside of time and space. “We’re gonna need more diapers” could be a reference to Barry and Iris finding out she’s pregnant with not just one baby but twins. Also, there’s the possibility that some of the words aren’t his at all. Cisco deciphered one line of symbols to mean “This house is bitchin’.” That doesn’t sound like Barry, but it does sound like something Cisco would say.

While it doesn’t feel authentic that Joe would forgive Caitlin so quickly after her return to the team — no one has seen her for six months and she offered no explanation as to whether or not she still has her Killer Frost powers — I’m happy to have the gang reunited in this episode instead of dragging it out. Also, the reveal that she’s been able to change back and forth between Killer Frost and her regular self is the kind of direction I’d hoped they took with the character last season. Give us a reason for why she couldn’t control the powers. Is Amunet (Caitlin has been doing her bidding) the woman behind the samurai?

Speed Bumps

That was not nearly enough Peekaboo.

Leave your brief thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.  

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"The Flash Reborn"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale

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10 Comments on The Flash - S4E1 - The Flash Reborn

  1. Barry was on a speedforce vacation and now is full of zen. He’s in a happier place now and a happy, fun and lighthearted Barry is the best. Iris was awesome, large and in charge. Westallen puts other couples to shame. Good episode. This might be their best season yet.

  2. For the podcast

    The Flash is back! And it’s fun again!

    I’ll keep this short. Iris is the boss & they should all bow down to her greatness! I love Cisco but he forgave Caitlin for all her murdering like ways last season way too easily. Iris wasn’t necessarily feeling it either. Joecile is going strong but she betta not toss his albums! And why they gotta do Wally like that? He got his ass whooped all episode! I was kinda feeling Barry’s facial hair for once. And of course Iris jump starts his powers every time. #westallen is the best!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! So glad this show is back!


    We back! I’ll keep this super short. Loved the episode. I thought I could deal with Barryless episodes, the fuck was I thinking? Iris as always is amazing. Cisco’s hair was glistening. Conk Flash was doing stuff and thangs. Joe was badass.

    Barry. Hmm. DAT STRUGGLE BEARD. Look, can he keep it? Can we keep it? I’ll take care of it, walk it, trim it, feed it. I’ll nurse it to a full beard. He looking real good. Real good y’all and even if he was acting like a feral caveman, still would do. And yes, JOE cut it all off, but we can totally have him grow it back. Please CW at least some stubble around his nicely structured face. Can he keep the hairstyle then? Give me something!

    Finally, where the fuck is my Canadian boo? I need him back. He’s coming back right? This slightly and I stress slightly obsessed fan must know.

    Thanks for the podcast.

  4. Heey guys! We are back!!
    So.. I loved the episode. Iris a badass team leader. I loved it!
    But I need to say I was surprised with how strong she was.
    The acting was on point.
    ..and there was Kaitlin (yikes)
    I hated that she didn’t apologized to Iris after what she did but I loved when Iris said “I’m sorry, we? Where have u been the last six months agian?” Yeeees! I just wished she’d punch her but anyways..
    Loved the WA reunion.. And the diapers line I live!!
    And can they just stop interrupting their kisses?! Godamn
    Idk how I felt with the Samuroid voice but… The thinker! Yes! Looking forward to see him this season
    Anyways.. I this season is looking good.
    Oh! Almost forgot… Iris looking good as always 😍👑

  5. FOR THE PODCAST: *John voice* It’s Flash time bitches! Look I enjoyed the heck outta myself. Give me all this goodness. Iris was working every outfit, Joe shaded Wally, Wally literally kicked his heels together and I even liked Caitlin. I hope you all enjoyed it and I can’t wait to hear your thots. Here’s to a lighthearted season. #TeamKidFlash4eva.

  6. Hey All,
    So, this episode was okay.
    Imma keep it short.

    -I’m bummed that Barry couldn’t keep his beard. He actually looked like a grown ass man.
    -Iris being the boss is Every👏🏽Damn👏🏽Thing👏🏽. Do you all think our siren call was heard and they keep Iris in this position of organizer?
    -Something is not rubbing me the right way, with Barry. He is too damn chipper. I don’t care for brooding Barry BUT things transitioned a little to quick, from neurotic Barry to happy-go-lucky Barry. Am I trippin’? I do have trust issues.

    That’s all I got. Looking forward to the season and you all talking about it.

  7. He guys!

    Okay guys, I wasn’t super excited The Flash was back but the Wallace knew Japanese and I feel like he speed read, y’all think they’re going with that now for all the speedsters? It might be a way for us to get more tech in Starr Labs… like a certain Amazon Echo like lab assistant?

    Also, they super charged Barry, he doesn’t need any more pep talks to go faster, right?

    What’s your over/under on Barry being triggered by reliving an event he already lived 3,000 times in the Speed Force?

  8. For the podcast:
    Really loved this episode! Crazy Barry was interesting and wonder will have con’t to draw the signs in a notebook.

    Admittedly I was worried about Iris being in charge of Team Flash but she handled it way better than Caitlin and all the Harry’s. And why can’t they ever allow her to mourn? First they breezed over losing Eddie and with Barry just went through the motions.

    Cisco & Kid Flash were great together and can’t wait to see more. Even Caitlin was ok….what’s up with that one eye guy?

    Papa Joe will always be great!

    Looking forward to the podcast!! I’ve missed Team PF!!!

  9. For The Podcast:

    Hey yall. I love Team West. I love this damn show. Wallace looked amazing this entire episode and when he spoke Japanese I right about lost my shit. I didn’t realise what I hated about this show until 53% Frost walked on screen. I’m Team Iris all the way, because these folks straight up almost ruined Barry without employing the love of a good black woman. Also, Samurai World is gonna be lit in Season 2 of Westworld according to this episode!!!

    I love this podcast more than I can say. I can already tell that John has made a cool reference and Nina has done that laugh I like. I love me some Donald too, in that Alabaster kind of way. I can’t wait for this season. Cheers yall.

    PS They fucked for 3 weeks in that fade to black. We all know it, I ain’t even mad. Something something booty like groceries 6 months later at higher speeds than man can comprehend.

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