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Lucifer - S3E24 - A Devil of My Word

Previously on Lucifer, “Quintessential DeckerStar”

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Before we jump into this (series) finale, let’s discuss what’s been happening in the headlines. As of last week, FOX announced that it was cancelling Lucifer, as well as a host of other shows. There are a lot of theories as to why FOX cancel so many of its shows with the most prevalent being that sports like the NFL and MLB are taking up primetime slots on the network. For the past few weeks, I’ve discussed the extended season and how Lucifer has spun its wheels for a few episodes. When the series started it had a 13-episode order, which was extended to 18 in season two and this season will end with a whopping 24 episodes. I imagine if FOX must clear up some space on its schedule cancelling a show makes more sense than reducing its order and with the long hiatuses this season, ratings must have suffered a bit. but even with all that, Lucifer deserves a fourth season.

As I’ve said before, each season of Lucifer has built so elegantly on the last and the character development has been tremendous. To end the series with no warning and no ability to wrap things up for its dedicated fanbase, FOX has brought a bitter end to a beloved show. The Lucifans (I did not approve that name) are still rallying under the hashtag #SaveLucifer on Twitter and hoping to pull out a last minute save like the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine but saves are rare and the only thing that might save Lucifer is an act of Dad … I mean, God.

I Was Right

This might not be Westworld but I’m still going to party because my theory was right. After finding the feather from Amenadiel, Lucifer starts to believe that his brother was right about their own guilt holding them back from divinity which is like how human guilt sends them to hell. With that guiding him, Lucifer begins to dig deep into himself and realizes that his guilt about defying God made him the devil and all the stuff that he’s been blaming God for this season (his wings returning, losing his devil face) are byproducts of letting go of that guilt as he’s become closer to Chloe.

The other person coming to some realizations is Maze. Right before he went after Amenadiel, Pierce threatened to kill Dr. Linda. With that in mind, Maze fights a dozen of Pierce’s men and races four miles, while bloody, to get to Dr. Linda and make sure she’s safe. Their friendship is very much intact and all of that therapy has really been paying off because Maze tells Linda how much she means to her, stressing that it’s important that she says the words.

Bloody Wings

Remember how Pierce killed Charlotte while trying to kill Amenadiel? Yeah, we all loved Charlotte so no one is about to let her killer go free. Luckily for Pierce, he’s in charge of the investigation but unfortunately, he sends Dan home to grieve and Dan finds Charlotte’s file on Pierce’s alter ego, The Sinnerman. When Dan tells Lucifer and Chloe, Luci nonchalantly admits to knowing already and Chloe is the whole audience when she points out that Lucifer was going to let her marry Pierce. The three of them team up with Ella to get some proof and bring Pierce in once he goes to ground. And when Lucifer and Chloe finally confront him, we get one of the most badass action scenes ever.

After one of Pierce’s henchmen shoots Chloe, Lucifer’s angel wings shoot out and he uses them to protect himself and the detective from a hail of bullets. Lucifer then deposits a disoriented Chloe on the roof and goes back to kill Pierce with his bloodied wings taking out bad guys left and right. Lucifer stabs Pierce through the heart and taunts him with the knowledge that he’s going to hell for killing Charlotte. Pierce may not have any guilt over what he’s done as The Sinnerman or even killing his brother, but he does realize that Charlotte was an innocent and that knowledge will send him to hell. Unfortunately, Lucifer is reveling in Pierce’s demise a little too much and his devil face returns just in time for Chloe to see his true form. At least she finally believes.

At the time of writing this piece, the cast and producers are still trying to #SaveLucifer and Tom Ellis is on his way to a meeting with BBC Newsnight to see if the network might #PickUpLucifer. With that ending, there’s still a lot of story to be told so hopefully the Lucifans (still not in love with that name) can make it happen.

This season gave us a deeper understanding of how hell works going back to Linda’s husband and Abel and especially Charlotte’s brief time there influencing her story arc and having all those pieces come together in these final episodes to force Lucifer to see how he is responsible for his own demons was a masterful culmination. If the show manages to come back, it will be interesting to see how Chloe deals with Lucifer moving forward and how Lucifer will reconcile his devil fave and his angel wings. And if Amenadiel returns from the Silver City, will that shake the bond Dr. Linda and Maze have forged? I hope we get to find out.

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“A Devil of My Word”

Lucifer – S3E24 – “A Devil of My Word” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer guest starring Tom Welling

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