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Mr. Robot - S3E7 - eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk

Previously on Mr. Robot, “

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Talk about a major downer of a day.

Virtually everyone is still reeling from the massive attack that occurred in last week’s “”, save for its grand architect Whiterose. Thanks to Mr. Robot and Tyrell Wellick, the perfect storm of confusion and disarray had been formed, giving the Dark Army its opportunity to assume even more power within various countries and the agencies and institutions therein. The United States is in economic ruin and teetering on the edge of disorder, the U.N. has become a sham and E Corp, a shining example for the unrivaled might of consumerism, now sits atop unsteady foundation. In mere months, THE global empire, a conglomerate the world was far too dependent on, was shook with a few seemingly innocuous lines of code.

As panic besets and denial grows, the Dark Army prepares for the next stage of their attack. They stand unchallenged and now that all their loose ends appear to be tied, anyone who has the slightest knowledge of D.A.’s existence is stymied. It appears, dear friend, this world as we know it, may be at its end.

Pardon me for being plain, but what in the hell is anyone going to do now? Not a single one of our lead players had the faintest clue about the Dark Army (and Tyrell’s) adjustment to Stage 2. Of course, they would keep a close eye on Elliot and Angela knowing they are unreliable assets prone to suggestion; be it from others or in Alderson’s case, himself. Elliot couldn’t even deal with the knowledge that he’s partly responsible for the death of thousands and was happy to let Mr. Robot take over for some time. Naturally, he’s pissed that his perfect plan was twisted by Wellick and Whiterose to achieve their goals - and to punish Elliot for his defiance.

‘Rose’s “bitch better do as I say” tour continued down in Mar-A-Lago with Phillip Price, who had finally lost his shit in the presence of his rivals and underlings. During their terse exchange, Price feigned aggressiveness to cover his fear, lambasting Minister Zhang on how he’s destroyed what reputation E Corp had left after 5/9. Whiterose argued that the attacks would provide an exorbitant amount of sympathy from the nation, assuring that E Coin remains the new global standard… and will grow in value now that China has signed its accord and abandoned bitcoin.

Nevertheless, Phillip kept his ass on his back and berated Zhang about his elaborate plans involving fsociety and executing 5/9 just to push Price into using his contacts in the U.N. for China’s benefit. Everything else has been a game of sorts for Whiterose, who sought to punish Phil for never getting rid of their “problem”, Angela Moss. Rather, she became fairly close to Price since she filed the lawsuit, which forced ‘Rose to use her precious time and manipulate Angela’s psyche, fashioning her into a loyal soldier that strives to restart the planet.

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Unfortunately for Price, any leverage he had over Zhang is gone. The nuclear plant is being relocated to the Congo, and Phillip was ordered to assume logistical duties for the move - while seeking out his replacement. Did we not mention that Zhang was the person who fast tracked Price in the big chair in order to have his Washington Township plant approved? In the long and short of it, most of what occurred to E Corp after 5/9 was supposed to be lesson for Phillip, one he didn’t fully understand until Zhang had to tell him directly in the gaudy setting of a South Florida country club: “because I had to ask you twice.”

The reappearance of Trenton and Mobley (Sunita Mani and Azhar Khan, respectively) was a bittersweet affair; after witnessing them scheme to reverse the damage they caused on 5/9 outside a Fry’s Electronics, only to become acquainted with Leon (Joey Bada$$), we were certain their dance cards were punched for good. And we were right, partly. Once again showing off her Moriarity-level of maneuvering, Whiterose had never lost track of the patsies that provided Dark Army the foothold necessary for their dominion over E Corp, the United Nations, and the global economy. Sadly, Mobley and Trenton’s unwavering desire to restore the order they helped destroy was no match for Whiterose’s implacable nature.

Despite these funereal series of events, Leon managed to create an oddly amusing air of joviality during not-so happy moments like Mobley digging a grave for his friend, whom Leon killed. It feels a bit weird to enjoy this eccentric mercenary’s quasi-philosophical takes on Frasier and Knight Rider told in such a stoic manner while casually brandishing a knife in Trenton and Mobley’s general direction. Although they spectacularly failed in escaping Leon’s clutches, the man had a soft spot for the two. Regrettably this sentiment wasn’t felt by his employer.

Their deaths were assured the minute they stepped foot into the garage. It was an orgy of evidence meant to further divert the FBI, a task that is relatively straightforward thanks to Agent Santiago and Tyrell Wellick’s detainment - and his cooperation assured under threat of his son becoming a victim of the very system he wished to upend. The sole fly in the ointment remain Agent DiPierro and unshaken belief that something is utterly wrong with the operation, and perhaps a few of her fellow agents. Her concerns about Santiago are more apparent with every derailment in their manhunt for the 5/9 mastermind, and the section chief is getting sloppier the further they press on. Whiterose mayhaps sensed this and created a new red herring in the form of Iran being the culprit in the United States’ economic downfall.

Of course Dominique doesn’t believe any of that for a moment, but the rest of her colleagues and the world at large will take what’s given to them without question or suspicion. Such has been the way of things since always. As Irving remarked to Mr. Robot, the revolution was a sham, bought and paid for by the elite to quiet any growing discord among the masses, while also providing persons like Whiterose greater control over resources, information, etc. “fredrick+tanya.chk” leaves a very sour taste in one’s mouth about the remainder of season three, where there appears to be no hope in sight as the state of things continues to circle down the drain.

Plot 10
Dialogue 10
Performances 10


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