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Ms. Marvel (2015) #3

Previously in Ms. Marvel #2

Ms. Marvel #3 Cover

The Super Famous arc comes to end with Kamala successfully ending HYDRA’s plans to take over her neighborhood, but failing to completely restore her good name.

Each issue Kamala continues to grow as a person and a hero, and this arc was no exception. She was hit with a few hard truths. While she made the decision to put a relationship with Bruno on hold, he moved on with his life, finding love with another girl.

Kamala also learned that she has very little control over her image. HYDRA was able to use her as propaganda and even though she helped take back their city, there are those in the community (including Nakia) who don’t believe Ms. Marvel wasn’t a part of the Hope Yards project from the beginning.

Kamala's New Moves

It’s great to see Kamala put to use the skills she learned while working with The Avengers - like shrinking quickly - but she’s always at her best when she flexes her biggest muscle: her brain. Working with Mike, Bruno’s new girlfriend, they come up with an agent that reverses the effects of HYDRA’s mind control.

Finally, Kamala realized that while she was busy hating on Bruno’s new relationship, Mike was envious of her (something she learns when Mike opens up to Ms. Marvel). This was a pretty sobering moment for Kamala, especially when it dawns on her that Mike truly loves Bruno.

Upon admitting that there will always be things she can’t control (Bruno’s feelings, her image, etc.), Kamala makes the decision to lay low for awhile, and it looks as though she’ll be spending some time getting to know Mike better.

Mike Helps Kamala

As always, I’m truly looking forward to the next arc as I’ve come to enjoy watching Kamala grow into the person she’s meant to be.

Ms. Marvel #3
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Another satisfying arc. Looking forward to more Kamala and Mike interactions, and I would not mind seeing Nakia clash with Ms. Marvel. Kamala learned a lot when she was forced to see her alter ego through her best friend.

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