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Colony - S1E2 - A Brave New World

Previously on Colony, ‘Pilot’

Will learns he doesn’t have as much power as he thought in his new position when Carlos (who helped him sneak out last week) is arrested. He tries getting Carlos marked as a confidential informant, but his new boss, Phyllis, isn’t having it. With help from Katie and their connections, Will is able to get Carlos’ wife and son out of town with fake IDs, but that’s little consolation to Carlos. He’s sent to the factory.

Will unwittingly gives Katie information she can take back to the resistance: they have arrested the man who loaded the bomb on the truck, and they’re going to use him to get to Geronimo. The bombing wasn’t sanctioned by the resistance, but Geronimo informs Katie that the man in custody does know who he is and about their operations. It’s in their best interest if Katie can make sure he doesn’t talk.

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Madeline connects with an old flame who has a cushy position as a collaborator, but after a quickie in his house, she learns he’s not willing to do more than give her a box of food. They can see each other again, but it needs to be on the down low. Madeline ain’t bout that life.

Katie tips off the resistance, and Will finds dead bodies where his leads should be.

Colony S1E2
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Carl Weathers! I haven’t seen him in a minute. Glad he’s playing Will’s new partner, Beau.

If Katie thinks she can keep Will from getting hurt, she’s out of her league. Clearly Geronimo is all about not getting caught.

Questions: What the hell is going on in that factory? And what’s the hold up on Will getting assistance in finding his son? Why would Will’s new job require a tutor for his daughter, but not his son?

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