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Ms. Marvel (2015) #5

Previously in Ms. Marvel #4

Ms. Marvel #5

Kamala thinks she’s solved her need-to-be-everywhere-at-once problem by creating clone golems with Bruno’s help. Unfortunately, the golems are multiplying and out of control.

The one she sent to P.E. is ignoring her friends, causing more concern from Zoe and Nakia. And the one sent to attend the family meeting between the Khans and Tyesha’s parents malfunctions and melts on the couch, scaring the shit out of everyone.

Golem Melts

Kamala assures everyone it’s a school science experiment gone wrong and she’ll take care of it in time to attend the couple’s engagement party. Working with Bruno, Kamala realizes she contaminated the clones with a neurotoxin she picked up while taking on some of HYDRA’s men. She leaves Bruno and Mike to work on the problem - after making them to promise that contacting Loki for his help would be a last resort - so she can attend the party.

All is going well until a giant Kamala golem creature crashes the festivities.

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