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Ms. Marvel (2015) #6

Previously in Ms. Marvel #5

In an issue packed with cameos, Kamala Khan learns a valuable lesson most women don’t learn until much later in life: You cannot be all things to all people, nor can you be everywhere at once. It’s okay to say no and ask for help. When you forget this, you typically end up making matters worse, and all too often women face the biggest negative consequences.

With her clones wreaking havoc all over the city, Kamala desperately tries to stop them on her own. An assist from Bruno  - in the form of a giant dinosaur - only complicates matters. He eventually summons Loki just as Kamala swallows her pride and sends out a distress signal to Captain Marvel.

Of course, the clones and dinosaur are dealt with quickly, but not before Iron Man arrives - you can’t really keep this kind of chaos on the low. What follows is a hilarious and adorable exchange between Iron Man, who insists Kamala can come to him and The Avengers for anything, and Captain Marvel, who throws the shadiest shade when she implies he’s being a crappy leader for not realizing Kamala was over stressed. As Captain Marvel leaves to deal with Loki, Stark reassures Kamala that her place in The Avengers is solid and she shouldn’t feel like she has to sacrifice school or familial obligations to be a hero.

My new favorite comic book relationship

Speaking of familial obligations, Amir and Tyesha tie the knot and it is beautiful. This series has been such a breath of fresh air, particularly in the way it provides a view into the Muslim faith and traditions. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the newlyweds now that they’ll be living with the Khans.

This issue also touched on the fact that some people of Jersey City still aren’t here for Ms. Marvel. Remember: Her name was tarnished when HYDRA tried to gentrify the hell out of their neighborhood. If you’ve seen Civil War, you’ll recognize that their concerns are pretty similar to the issues facing The Avengers in the MCU.

The art in this issue was fantastic, especially the wedding. The colors were rich and it was clear a lot of care went into the details.

Ms. Marvel #6
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