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Nailbiter #24

Previously in Nailbiter #23

Nailbiter #24 | Writer: Joshua Williamson | Art: Mike Henderson | Colors: Adam Guzowski | Letters & Book Design: John J. Hill | Edited: Rob Levin | Logo: Tim Daniel | Publisher: Image Comics

Mine eyes have seen the gory glory of Dr. Glory.

We finally know how - but maybe not exactly how - the Buckaroo Butchers were created. We’re walked through the process via Warren’s explanation to Alice, while Finch and Crane attempt to beat it out of Dr. Glory.

Dr. Glory Sr. had private funding to determine what causes a person to kill. His test subjects were violent murderers who were subjected to experiments and torture. Glory claims that his father eventually discovered where the evil came from and how to destroy. His son has been trying to continue his father’s works. This is what happens when rich white folks have way too much time on their hands.

Warren picks up the story, explaining to Alice that the vats of a blood are the result of those experiments, and instead of stopping anything, Dr. Glory only made it worse.

Before Finch, Crane, and Alice can fully process this information, Dr. Glory injects himself with a syringe of blood as Finch and Crane look on. Alice is ready to find her mother and tell her what she’s seen and learned, but the man in the horned mask appears and releases all the blood from the vats in an effort to “hide The Master’s work.”

Is Doctor Glory the Master who tortured Warren? Or is it someone else? I’m leaning towards the latter, but we’ll find out soon enough since the man in the mask is taking Alice to see him by issue’s end, while Warren is overcome by the waves of blood.

Lots to unpack even though the issue felt shorter than the ones prior. It’s not; it’s just so good that it feels that way. Williamson delivers some of the funniest dialogue for Warren and Finch. And there’s no way Mike Henderson didn’t have a blast creating the panel featuring Glory’s death. We’re sure to get more answers in the next issue, and don’t forget that Agent Barker is on her way back and she’s pretty much over everyone’s shit.

It’s like the Iron Throne, except made out of body parts and not swords.

Nailbiter #24
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