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Nailbiter #25

Previously in Nailbiter #24

Nailbiter #25 | Story by: Joshua Williamson | Art by: Mike Henderson | Colors by: Adam Guzowski | Letters & Book Design by: John J. Hill | Edited by: Rob Levin | Logo by: Tim Daniel | Publisher: Image Comics


“Bound by Blood” comes to the end with the death of one villain, the rise of another, the birth of a new butcher (maybe?).

The man in the horned helmet tells Alice all after dragging her through the tunnels to the high school. His journey into Buckaroo’s darkness began much like Alice’s: he was curious. The Master took notice and changed him, turning him into a killer. Alice agrees to go through the transformation herself if he’ll tell her the Master’s plan, which he does. We’re not privy to this info, but Alice’s reaction suggests that it has implications which reach beyond Buckaroo. Alice then goes back on her word, killing him in her attempt to escape.


Seeing as how committing a murder is one of the stages of the transformation, there’s a higher than great chance Alice is now infected - despite her claims later that she’s fine. His death puts to bed the murders in the woods - and a few other deaths around Buckaroo - but it’s not over. The Master still looms, burning evidence that could lead to him.

Besides the secret of the Butchers, the man in the mask revealed another bit of info I hope is explored more in future issues. His scarred face is thanks to a run-in with Warren and a girl who came to the Nailbiter’s aid. She burned his face before he could get away. Who’s this woman?


By issue’s end, the gang is reunited; Alice will stay with her mother and Warren is gripped up and carted off to jail for attacking Finch. His incarceration will most likely not last long, which is good since The Blonde is eager to speak to him. Any dealings between those to can only mean more answers for us.

Of course, Nailbiter can’t close out an arc on a happy note. While everyone thinks they finally have a moment to breathe and process, Agent Barker watches. And she’s looking for a little payback.


Nailbiter #25 = 9.3/10
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10
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