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Nailbiter #26

Previously in Nailbiter #25

Nailbiter #26 | Story by: Joshua Williamson | Art by: Mike Henderson | Colors by Adam Guzowski | Letters & Book Design by: John J. Hill

Christmas comes a bit early this year, thanks to this issue of Nailbiter. Despite two major events that will surely shake up the ongoing story, this issue very much felt like a standalone. Like, A Very Special Nailbiter Christmas.

While Warren sits in his jail cell, he takes A Christmas Carol-esque look at his life. Challenged by Crane to finally be honest with her about their relationship and his crimes, Warren explains that his desire to chew nails (and fingers) started way before they’d met. When he realized he couldn’t control it, and unwilling to hurt her, he ran. That’s when he began kidnapping, torturing, and killing his victims. Once caught, he was acquitted thanks to his charm and the reasonable doubt Buckaroo provided the jury. Should be he held accountable for something he couldn’t control? He finally apologizes, and Crane forgives except there’s one problem:

He never said any of it out loud and the reconciliation occurred in his head.

With Finch and Alice not pressing charges, Warren is free to go, but not without getting a warning to stay away from Alice. Unfortunately for Warren, he’s hurt a lot more people in addition to his ex and their child. Someone seeks justice on behalf all those he has killed and delivers with a bullet to Warren’s gut. And if you thought that wasn’t shocking enough, we later learn Finch is about to get the Carroll treatment.

Nailbiter #26
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