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Outsiders - S2E2 - Shadowside

Previously on Outsiders, “And the Three Shall Save You”

Wade disagrees with the new city manager’s plans for Blackburg: a fence to keep the clans on the mountain, armed guards along the fence and in town. However, there’s not much he can do about it. His concerns that they’re spending money on a barrier and not healthcare (sound familiar?) fall on deaf ears. Instead, he works a problem he believes he can solve in providing Lil Foster adequate legal counsel as he’s being charged with Breece’s murder.

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G’Win’s leadership isn’t challenged, but still questioned when a clan from the shadowside of the mountain seeks shelter. The Kinnah, led by Moregon (Louise Barnes), fled their home after their water supply became tainted. G’Win allows them to stay, but not all agree with her hospitality. Though she insists it’s the right thing to do, she’s way too hesitant in making decisions and it doesn’t go unnoticed. If Moregon and her lot can’t be trusted, G’Win has done little to not come off as an easy mark. When they’re told Big Foster’s house is vacant, the Kinnah move in. At first, G’Win moves to stop them, but quickly backpedals and says it’s a good idea.

Things may be a little crowded, though, since Big Foster made a bloody escape from his captors and arrives home, requesting a circle before passing out.

The Good

Even though it’s frustrating watching Lil Foster be railroaded for Big Foster’s crime, Ryan Hurst’s performance makes this the most interesting storyline going. Lil Foster may not be experienced in the ways of the legal system, but he displays a confidence incongruous with his current predicament. You can’t help but feel like everything is going to be just fine, even as he’s processed into the county jail.

The Bad

Wade needs to get his shit together. It’s nice he’s trying to do the right thing in helping Lil Foster, but he’s the reason the man was arrested. He knows he didn’t kill Breece, but held him anyway until the situation was beyond his control. Also, his protests against the city’s new management would be impressive if he didn’t deliver them like he’s having a temper tantrum.

Big Foster being held Misery-style felt so unnecessary. I would have preferred his location remained unanswered for these first two episodes than witness his near rape, especially if the murders he committed to escape have no bearing on the season moving forward.

Asa’s arm is found by Hasil and presented to G’Win. She orders it buried halfway down the mountain. All that talk of Asa being the one to free the clan and now he’s dead? This better not be true.

No Sally Ann.

Outsiders S2E2
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Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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