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Outsiders - S2E1 - And the Three Shall Save You

Previously on Outsiders

If you were hoping for answers to Outsiders’ possibly mystical season one finale, you’ll have to wait. A bloody confrontation - worthy of Game of Thrones - between the clans of Shay Mountain and the Blackburg police department was only in Sheriff Wade’s head. He awakens in the hospital to the embarrassing news that before anything of significance could occur, he ran, fell, and passed out. Things don’t get much better once he returns to work and learns the Governor has sent in his own people to maintain order in the town and ordered the clans be left alone… for now.

Outsiders S2E1 - Wade

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Wade still seeks justice for Breece’s murder, and though an interrogation of Lil Foster reveals the truth (Big Foster killed Breece, but now he’s dead), Wade still places Lil Foster in jail. This cuts short his search for his father’s body, which mysteriously disappeared before the standoff.

G’Win suffers from a bit of buyer’s remorse. She was sure she knew what was best for the folks on the mountain; hence her marriage to and attempted murder of Big Foster. However, now that she’s poised to become the new bren’in, she hesitates due to the manner in which she gained the title. The fact that the clans are still at odds due to Big Foster’s death and the possibility of the police returning doesn’t help. Oh, and Asa has disappeared from his cell. Now she’ll have to explain that the man responsible for killing their last bren’in won’t face justice. Still, she has the support of those who believe Big Foster was the cause of their current troubles with the law, and after a visit from the maybe-not-dead-Elon, G’Win confidently participates in the ceremony declaring her the leader.

Outsiders S2E1 - Clans

One of her first orders is that no one is to leave the mountain for any reason. This is too late for Lil Foster, who’d already hitched a ride into town after the trail to his father’s body went cold, and it’s bad news for Hasil who really wants to apologize to Sally Ann for leaving her to fend for herself as she attempted to leave the mountain. After Sally Ann breaks things off - again - she discovers she’s pregnant. Will she head up once more to tell Hasil or keep it a secret? And how will this play out if Hasil finds out after swearing to G’Win he’s made his choice to remain with the family?

Outsiders - S2E1 - Hasil and Sally Ann

As compelling as those questions are, and as much as I love all things Sasil, I’m most looking forward to answers to the events that closed out the episode. Will Asa survive being attacked by three wolves? And how the hell is Big Foster still alive, and why is he laid up in some woman’s basement?

Outsiders S2E1
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"And the Three Shall Save You"

Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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