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Quantico - S2E22 - Resistance

Previously on Quantico, “Rainbow”

Who Wants to Be a Terrorist?

After their brief victory last week, Alex and the rest of the team have decided to lay low and lull Roarke into a false sense of security. They’re all working to merge the CIA and FBI into a new Domestic Services Agency, which is very clearly an agency that will spy on other countries as well as American citizens. And Iris (guest star Li Jun Li) says as much when she comes in for her interview. She calls Alex out on helping to create an agency that would take away Americans’ rights. Clearly, she doesn’t know our Alex because for the past 90 some-odd days, she and the team have also been meeting secretly to plan their take down of Roarke’s Second Continental Congress.

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The team tries the same tack they did with the Muslim ban, flipping delegates to their side, but of course Roarke was one step ahead of them so he foils their plan with just two days until the continental congress convenes. Finally, Clay gets a clue and takes Caleb’s advice from a few weeks ago. You can’t fight fire with fire; you have to fight it with mercury or kittens because the Collaborators have been doing this for years and have planned for every logical contingency.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Russia Can

Because Alex and the team have no options, they choose the nuclear one. They’re going to feed the Russians intel on the president so that they can control him. In order to get the intel they need, they send Will and Iris undercover to seduce and steal files on all the Collaborators from Teo because they rightly assume that since he’s the collaborator who spies on everyone, he probably also spies on his fellow Collaborators.

What happens afterward turns into the end of a heist movie with Alex, Clay, Miranda, and Ryan moving around the continental congress setting up the pieces until they all fall into place. Alex exposes Roarke and releases all the dirt she gave the Russians thereby neutralizing both. She also fakes her death so no one else can take the blame and Miranda lets herself be arrested for Alex’s “death” to tie up loose ends.

Who’s In Charge?

As the episode closes we learn that Owen has been named head of the CIA as it begins a massive reformation. Raina and Nimah have been released due to Clay’s efforts. Clay and Maxine are back together because she never dumped Clay, he dumped her. And Shelby is working at Quantico. The final shot of the season is Alex and Ryan on a plane, heading on the run together, which makes me think that the show didn’t expect to be renewed for season 3. But leaving Owen as head of the CIA and Shelby as head of Quantico definitely opens the door for some possible season 3 storylines. All I know is whoever plotted the back half of this season deserves a raise.

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Quantico – S2E22 – “Resistance” | Starring: Priyanka Chorpa Jake McLaughlin, Johanna Braddy,Yasmine Al Massri, Blair Underwood, Hunter Parrish guest starring Li Jun Li and Jay Armstrong Johnson

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