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Shots Fired - S1E9 - Hour Nine: Come to Jesus

Previously on Shots Fired, “Rock Bottom”

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Home to Roost

Aptly titled, “Come to Jesus”, the ninth episode of Shots Fired, is where the chickens come home to roost. Last week, it seemed like Beck was the only one who was going to go down but in turns out he had the most important thing of all … receipts. Preston forces Beck’s hand by releasing the video from Jesse’s phone. This prompts Beck to give up the undoctored files about the tours and how Joey’s death was covered up.

Once that happens, there’s an immediate snowball effect. Ashe and Preston now have the leverage they need to put pressure on the sheriff’s department. The “masterminds” behind the cover-up have been Officer Breeland and Sheriff Platt. Breeland covered up the tours out of loyalty to the department while Sheriff Platt did it moreso because of his status and relationship with Arlen Cox. Both of them are now playing CYA and Breeland, seeing the writing on the wall, wants to cut a deal.

Bleed Blue

Unfortunately for Breeland, he’s pushed Ashe too far. She already feels like she’s lost her daughter so the idea of Breeland getting immunity for turning on everyone does not sit right with her. In a shocking move, she lets Cox know what’s going down and encourages him to get ahead of things by confessing and pinning the cover-up on Breeland. We all understand Ashe’s petty but Arlen always seemed like the bigger devil. Giving him a chance to spin the story his way to take out Vampire Bill seemed extreme.

Everyone is disillusioned. Governor Eamons won’t drop Arlen Cox as a donor so Sarah quits. Even with the info Beck gave up, he still has to deal with killing Jesse. And Jesse’s mom wants to know what’s going to happen to Beck, because Preston essentially dropped that case to go after the bigger scandal. Breeland does have the chance to call and tank Ashe’s custody case but he chooses not to. He even goes to Shameeka Campbell’s house to apologize. But when Ashe hears that she’s lost custody of Kai, she assumes that Breeland orchestrated it and she’s out for revenge. The episode ends with someone putting two hot ones into Officer Breeland. Hopefully, we’ll get the answer about the shooter next week because Shots Fired won’t be gearing up for a season two.

Give and take was always going to be a part of concluding this story. Some people would have to walk in order for Joey and Jesse to get justice. But Ashe siding with Arlen over Breeland was out of left field. She really can’t forgive him for bringing her custody issues into the mix. Her instability coupled with her custody loss puts her at the top of the “who shot Breeland?” list but between Ashe, Joey’s community, Pastor Jenae, and Cox, who’s been known to hire thugs, there’s plenty of suspects. Since there’s only one episode left, fingers crossed we get the answer next week.

Shots Fired S1E9
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"Come to Jesus"

Shots Fired – S1E9 – “Hour Nine: Come to Jesus” | Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Stephen Moyer, Tristan Mack Wilds, Jill Hennessey, Helen Hunt, Aisha Hinds

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