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Quantico - S2E7 - LCFLUTTER

Previously on Quantico, “Aquiline”

LCFLUTTER is a cryptonym for the CIA’s polygraph test.

Vulnerability is a Liability

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

At the Farm the lesson for the week is enhanced interrogation. Owen taught them different interrogation techniques that don’t violate human rights. The twist is that the recruits are going to have to use these techniques on Owen to find out a previous alias of his. The recruits spent a decent amount of time on deciding what to do to him, how long to do it, and what was going too far. They didn’t get the desired results until Ryan pressed Dayana and she replied, ”Do you really want to end this? Hurt someone he cares about.” It’s always the quiet ones.

Alex tried to reason with Owen and get him to give it up before what happens next. Owen wasn’t going to budge and then Dayana’s plan was executed by snatching up Lydia and waterboarding her in front of him.

Danaya did a 180 in terms of her character in this scene and it spoke volumes. She seemed like the agent that was the most in over her head to leading the torture of a man’s daughter. The way she looked at Owen while it was going on and her barking orders to keep the torture up to get his alias was chilling. I definitely can’t wait to get more background on Danaya.

Needless to say the recruits won.

One of the techniques the recruits were going to use was to embarrass Owen into giving up his alias. All they had to do was let Lydia have at. Lydia proceeds to go in on Owen by telling him he’s soft, too weak to know who may or may not have burned him. Also, if the roles were reversed and he was being tortured, he would have drowned before she gave up a damn thing. Lydia still wasn’t done because she had to put the icing on the cake and let him know he shouldn’t even be a teacher, because if he broke so easily what is he teaching the recruits.

Have you ever seen a penguin in a snowstorm sipping a slushie at the North Pole? Me neither, but Lydia’s heart is colder than that!


I would need a drink too if my daughter talked to me like that. Owen goes to the bar where the recruits were playing darts earlier in the episode and finds Alex there. After appreciating Alex’s humanity during the lesson he also offers to get Alex one of those tasty burgers from the bar. And he called Lydia to let her know he won’t be coming home.

How long do you expect to be eating a burger with Alex, Owen?

Central (lack of) Intelligence Agency

With all the pop culture references thrown into Quantico each week, Nimah is going to give Shelby the alias of Jane Foster? Was Pepper Potts in use on another mission? I hope Leon has never seen a Marvel movie. How many episodes do you think it will take for Leon to find out the truth?

RUSSELL TOVEYI appreciate Harry, Leon, and Sebastian coming to the rescue of Dayana and Alex, but, umm, you guys still have those kill collars on. If you forgot how effective they were ask Lee about it. Oh, that’s right you can’t. She’s dead via remote controlled kill collar!

Who’s Sleeping With Whom

Sebastian has finally stopped peeking out of the crack in his closet door and is ready to love God and himself. After so much tension in this episode between them, Sebastian finally threw himself at Harry. After kissing Harry, Sebastian promptly got up and left the room with that “I don’t usually do this look” on his face. So maybe he isn’t ready to come all the way out of the closet. Paraphrasing the words of a former star of a hit ABC show “He’s wearing you down, Sebastian!”

Answers and More Questions

Okay, silly me, I thought in my heart of hearts that Miranda was somehow training Alex and eventually going to turn out to be an ally. I’m not very good at these predictions, because she is willing to plant her SAT phone on her boo and all but guarantee his death sentence to save her own hide and keep this treachery going. With that being said, I need a little more backstory on what happened in between seasons to Miranda to send her down this treacherous path.

So, it looks as if Ryan is selected by the AIC. If the phone he had was one of the six Alex found earlier with the laptop, who drugged him? It couldn’t have been Owen since he was drinking his troubles away with Alex. Since the last place we saw Ryan was at the safe house with Nimah and Shelby, does the AIC already know he’s FBI?

Like my co-capper Shanna mentioned last week, Shelby is the second-most Google-able person from Quantico. So how long will it take for Leon to look on his laptop, like Harry did earlier this season, and figure out who Shelby is and that she’s trying to play him?

What game is Lydia playing? We should be able to cross her off the list of this terrorist group. Lydia taking the drives wasn’t part of their plan since they tortured Alex and Dayana to find out what happened to them. As of yet we haven’t seen any evidence that the terrorists are part of the AIC. Is Lydia truly working with the CIA or is she a part of the AIC and the worst is yet to come?


Quantico S2E7
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This was another strong episode. This season of Quant2co has done much better in minimizing the filler episodes and threads that lead nowhere from last season. (Hi, Caleb and your secret society) Even though Alex has been extremely capable as a one-woman army in the present, it’s nice to have the cavalry come in to help her out. What are the odds that all of them are still on her side when this is all said and done? With Ryan being recruited by the AIC with one of the phones Alex found, hopefully it will shed some light soon on whether Lydia, Owen, or both of them are part of the AIC and what they have planned. Speaking of Owen, he can’t be as soft as Lydia spoke of to be a sucker for a woman as beautiful as Alex. I’m betting that he’s playing her in the long run, but like I said, I’m not very good at these predictions.

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  1. I wish I could get into this show. I like seeing Blair on my TV.

  2. Dive in Mizzez ! You can skip season 1. They either remind you of what happened from last season that was somewhat important or they just ignore it happened at all.

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