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Quantico - S2E8 - ODENVY

Previously on Quantico, “LCFLUTTER”

Quantico – S2E8 – “ODENVY” | Starring: Priyanka Chorpa Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis,Johanna Braddy,Yasmine Al Massri

Images: ABC

Images: ABC

ODENVY is the CIA cryptonym for the FBI. It’s no AIC, but it’ll do.

Turkey Lurkey

Apparently, spy school has holidays. And before they head home for the holidays, the CIA recruits have to create a backstory for their loved ones and learn how to keep the job separate from their home life once they officially join the CIA. That means finding the one person in their life who never gives up on them … and severing ties with that person.

RUSSELL TOVEYDayana comes up with a shitty backstory so she doesn’t have to go home and cut off her family. Harry says he’s going back to visit his sister and brother, but he’s actually going to see his handler who’s trying to cultivate American intelligence ties once Britain leaves the EU (#Brexit). Alex realizes she’s off the mission and Ryan, Léon, and Dayana get their first AIC mission. And Lydia continues to let her dad know he ain’t shit. This time she leaves false information about who may have burned him laying around to test whether he’s truly let his vendetta go. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t. 


Raina finally realizes who her captive is and Yasmine Al Massri gives an amazing performance as Nimah and Raina confront each other. In the past, Nimah is still Ryan’s handler so we have no idea what brought her here other than what Raina tells us. She thinks Nimah has always carried resentment about the prejudice and bigotry they’ve faced and when joining the FBI didn’t change that, Nimah turned that resentment into hate.

Meanwhile, Alex and her recruit crew are trying to get to the bio-weapon the terrorists have, only when they reach it, they realize it’s not set to kill anyone except those inside the building. It’s a suicide weapon. Which makes the fact that the army plans to bomb everyone in Liberty Hall pretty ironic. Alex and her crew try to warn everyone but they get caught by the terrorists and in the ensuing fight, Alex rips off one of the terrorist’s masks and it’s Ryan. *shocked face*

Central (lack of) Intelligence Agency

  • Miranda eavesdrops on the army commander and then immediately confronts her about what she overheard. I can’t tell if Miranda is being deliberately incompetent or not.

Who’s Sexin’ Whom

Sebastian has been sleeping down the hall so him and Harry are not a thing. Shelby is still sleeping with Léon to get information and when he shows up at her house covered in blood from his AIC mission, she proves to be a ride or die chick because she acts like it’s no big deal. 

Answers and More Questions

  • So far we have Nimah, Miranda and Ryan working with the terrorists. Either something big made them turn or they’re all working on something that Alex, Shelby and Raina don’t know about. Also a couple of weeks ago, Nimah said that Dayana “wasn’t working with them” and this week she said Raina isn’t “one of them”. Who is them? Is this a double double-cross?
  • Ryan asks Alex to marry him so he’ll always have someone to come home to and tell the truth (the exact opposite of the assignment Owen gave them by the way) but clearly Alex didn’t know he was a part of this group at all.
  • I think Lydia is AIC. Someone had to be setting up that test for Dayana, Ryan and Léon and I think Owen is too obsessed with who burned him to plan anything else.
Quantico S2E8
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The title of the episode is a cryptonym for the FBI and I find myself wondering what role the FBI is playing here. They are supposed to be finding out about this rogue CIA organization, but so far all the terrorists have been our former FBI agents. Is this some special op Miranda is conducting? Is this the IBF? Nimah and Raina’s scene was extremely powerful, but I don’t know if I believe that Nimah’s hatred of America would lead her to kill and terrorize. I can’t wait to see where this takes us once the show returns from hiatus.

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