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Queen Sugar - S1E13 - Give Us This Day

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Far Too Long”

Queen Sugar - S1E13 - “Give Us This Day” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle DurrettNicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson


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This year, we’ve been blessed with some amazing television (Atlanta, Insecure) for and by black people. Queen Sugar was one of the best new shows of the season, period. Through 13 episodes we laughed, cried, and cheered for the incredibly nuanced and complex Borderlon family - even if we didn’t always agree with them. *side-eyes Ralph Angel for those damn churros*

The season finale wasn’t perfect. Some of the more important storylines were tied up a little too quickly and neatly. And while it was frustrating to watch a few disagreements spiral out of control due to lack of communication, it made sense because communication isn’t the Borderlons’ strong suit. Still, they are family, and a recognizable one at that. These felt like people we knew; people we’ve been at one point or another.

queen-sugar-s1e13-davis-and-charleyCharley’s plan to purchase a mill relied heavily on getting Davis and his ex-teammate Felix to sign with the local NBA team. If she pulled it off, the owner, Frank Rovner, would invest in the mill. To get Davis on board, Charley blackmailed Felix’s wife and lied to Davis about Micah’s behavior. She gets her way - thanks to even more blackmailing - but without any of her dirty dealing coming to light. Perhaps this will be addressed in season two, but for now it’s pretty unsatisfying. That seems to be a trend with a few of the storylines: big things drive the characters to make big decisions that have little to no consequence later.

This can be applied to Nova’s desire to help the innocent Too Sweet. She stole money from the family business to bail him out of jail, and broke up with her lover over the story she uncovered while investigating Too Sweet’s arrest. The only reason the charges are dropped is because Calvin missed Nova and wanted to help. The very next episode, Too Sweet is on his way out of town with a place to stay and a job all courtesy of Nova’s connections. Is Nova going to pay back the $10,000? Will there be any follow-up to the corruption she unearthed? Why didn’t Calvin do this back when Too Sweet was beaten so badly he needed surgery? Are we to pretend her relationship with Chantal never happened? Very little time is spent on these relationships outside of confrontational, big moments, so it’s hard to get a handle on how we’re supposed to feel about these reunion, fights, and break-ups.

On their first public date, Nova is assaulted by one of Calvin’s police buddies because of the story she wrote. We don’t see any conversation about it; just Nova crying into a shirt. Did they break-up again? Is that Calvin’s shirt? Too Sweet’s?

The biggest conflict in season 2 won’t be what happens between Remy and Charley now that Davis is in town, or if Calvin and Nova will make it, and not even what will become of Hollywood and Aunt Vi. One piece of paper is going to rock the already tumultuous partnership between Charley and Ralph Angel.

Ralph Angel finds a will written by their father a few months before he died. In it, he leaves the farm to his son, encouraging him to lay down roots and build something for himself and Blue. It was filled with all the things Ralph Angel so desperately needs to hear, and not just from his father. All season he’s felt shut-out and downright ganged upon by his sisters and Aunt Vi. The one person building him up is Darla, but without spending any time with her outside of her time with Ralph Angel and Blue, it’s hard to say if she’s genuine.

However, what we do know is that Ralph Angel has only recently begun to try. He’s made some fool decisions since getting out of jail, which makes it hard to believe that Earnest would have written that will. To be clear, I’m not suggesting it’s fake. I am saying Ralph Angel has barely done anything after stealing those iPhones to make the audience believe this is a responsibility he can handle on his own. Now that Charley has her mill and a commitment from the local black farmers to use it, this news isn’t going to go over well.


Overall, Queen Sugar mixed compelling storytelling that all people, but especially black people, could relate to. It was wonderfully acted and beautifully shot and directed (by women directors; yes!). I can’t wait to see how the seeds planted this season will grow in the next.

Queen Sugar S1E13 = 8.5/10
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    Plot - 8/10
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5 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E13 - Give Us This Day

    If this is too much just skip around!

    I could have done without shower sex, especially shower sex with RA and DAHLA. I was hoping one of them would slip and fall we would hear a record scratch and a trip to the hospital for RA or fountain of youth because lord knows I don’t care what happens to flawless skin 1 and 2. They are both dumb as a box of rocks. “what is it?” “it’s a lock.” Cue me breaking the fourth wall in my house to say these niggas dumb. Boy I hope Blue is going to a good school, because he is going to need it with the iliterati.

    Davis beard is patchy as fuck. I think he got it painted on. He ain’t shit because he can’t even keep that beard right. He was born half struggle beard and half weird face. He makes me scream “Ack!” every time I see him. His fade too crisp, he is too polished. This see thru nigga shall never be trusted. His big body small head ass nigga. This “imma poke out my lips” because I can’t act ass nigga. This fake ass Nancy Drew ass nigga. Fucketh this two last name having ass nigga. He need to stand in the middle of the street and let Micah practice driving.

    Copbae is back. when he said he left his wife are we believing him? Where them paper’s at? His ass could easily be lying. Them devil eyes of his won’t get me. Who the fuck am I kidding? He fine so I don’t care. He was slow dancing with Nova and it was cute. But why were people dancing around them like no one understands the 2s and the 4s. They made all those people dance without a soundtrack first. That has to be it otherwise we need to cancel these people and find new ones. White Calvin’s friend said “is this you?” This pedo stash, backwoods, thick neck, grease head ass mutherfucker stole that term from the black folks he patrol the street to lock up. Now, like family only we can make fun of Nova, so once yuck mouth spit on her, I was ready to burn his house down because white Calvin’s punches wasn’t working on T-800. So burning him is the only way.

    I think Micah’s got high-top wig like Steve Harvey did in his show. Furthermore, his clothes are still wack. With his big ass eyes and shit. Full of sadness and confusion. Full of ain’t shitness like his daddy and his momma. Speaking of her, his momma is full of shit. It ain’t even about Davis. Fuck him and that velcro beard and playdoh body. She messing with my brown butter Remy! She won’t listen to him at all. Nova hyping her head up with the mill and we know it ain’t going smoothly next season. Fuck that ovary American. Fuck her elongated head. Fuck her impassioned speech with her duckbilled dinosaur ass. Fuck her sour high yella meyer lemon know it all ass. She hurt my future between Remy and her for now. It’s her fault that we got a scene with her and Davis raggedy ass again and had to see his fake ass Ghost wannabe. Fuck her “let me show them how I strut” ass. I bid adieu to her and her less than stellar ass. I’m glad I won’t have to see her, chalky white, and rainbow bright until next season.

    Let me just say I want Vi and Lockness together. But I laughed at her pain and confusion she had over the situation. Why because I ain’t shit. You can seriously hear the pain in El chupacabra’s voice. So I laughed some more because fuck backwash and wackmac this season.

    Overall, I loved this season and I enjoyed having this black ass podcast.

  2. I was a little disappointed that neither Davis nor Micah called Charlie out on her shit at their meeting at the High Yellow. How could they not see that she was clearly being manipulative? I mean who schedules a business meeting during a family discussion? And Davis. Really dude???
    So you want to be mad about Charlie being sneaky With your cheating ass? Also, men, just because your wife who YOU cheated on with HOOKERS is not ready to just hop back in the bed, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it to not work.
    Just like a man.
    Did Felix rape all those women or just cheated on his wife with them? Finally, I wonder if the new will can be legally binding if Charlie wanted to contest it. I’m surprised the dad would leave it to him before RA showed any real promise of being responsible.


    Hey There Blackness,

    I’ll try to be quick.

    Nova & White Calvin:
    He is sexy as hell. I thought that while on their date, they would run into his soon to be ex wife but it was much much worse. It takes a special kind of ass face to put his hand up a woman’s skirt and spit in her face within minutes.

    Hollywood & Vi: all of this frustrated me. Seemed like plot fluffing to me

    Charley & Davis: Charley was a shark and I wasn’t feeling it until she fucked short hair shady (Lena) and Brokeback Hakeem’s (Felix) life up. Lena thought she had Charley’s number but it was the wrong one. Davis is trash.

    RA: I’m really looking forward to how he handles being the true owner of the farm. The girls are always treating him like a child and then criticizing him for not being mature. He’s trying ya’ll. Glad the directing didn’t have RA mumble through the entire letter.

    Remy: my salted carmel colored hero. I love how he’s strong enough to stand up to Charley and man enough to love her strength.

    Micah: he would caught those hands if he were in my family but he wasn’t wrong.

    Darla: I can’t seem to feel comfortable with her. Waiting for something to happen.

    Note: loved that “you are the moon, sky and stars” seemed to be something the father said often since he said it in the letter and Charley said it to Davis…love that!

    Anyway, thanks for being black you all, and can’t wait for this ride next season.

  4. For the podcast:
    Good episode-a tad underwhelming as a season finale but what was revealed will make for interesting S2 storylines.

    Aunt vi/Hollywood-why was Hollywood acting so butt hurt!?! After all HE was the one who lied & had the opportunity 2 tell her about his impending divorce. Looks like vi is about to take a road trip. Hope they work it out-They are my fav couple & yes Devin, Hollywood is indeed a hard working black man!😎
    2. Nova/Calvin-ooooh Calvin is so fine-white chocolate!!😍-so nice he wants 2 take their relationship public-they looked so happy until the run in w/Trent aka arrogant, racist cop-he had the NERVE 2 touch nova inappropriately & spit in her face-security should’ve let Calvin finish kicking his slimy ass!😡 now Calvin & nova are targets who will need to watch their backs.
    3. Charley is both boss & ruthless-ouch! I guess being a woman, a black woman at that, in a mostly male dominated field, has to get down in the dirt ,at times , to achieve a desired result. But to do it 2 family, she took it a bit far. And the way she treated potential bae rem dog?!? After she agreed 2 meet w/Davis she tries 2 make late date w/rem dog-when he says no she gives him that “what’s wrong w/u look”-I’m like what’s wrong w/U Charley!😡 I did like how she read Felix re: assaulting women & donated 1 mil towards that org 2 protect sex workers.
    4. And the big reveal….how about that RA?!? The man who left his baby in the park w/churros while he robbed that store inherited all that beautiful land. I loved this scene w/Ernest’s voiceover revealing the contents of the will. And it would be Darla that led to its discovery.😄 Did Ernest keep the will hidden because he wanted 2 be sure RA was capable or ready 2 handle the farm? Wait until ms. Charley w/her acquisition of queen sugar mill hears about this! Talk about war! 😄
    Apologies for the length-lots of good scenes 2 discuss. I don’t know if my feedback made it in time but thanks to Nina & all her black ass co-hosts for the delightful, informative & entertaining podcasts. Definitely looking forward to S2.

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