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Queen Sugar - S1E12 - Far Too Long

Perviously on Queen Sugar, “All Good”

Queen Sugar - S1E12 - “Far Too Long” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle DurrettNicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

“Far Too Long” had the task of setting up the season finale of a pretty flawless premiere season. That’s why it pains me that a few aspects of it didn’t sit well with me.

Several who listen to our Queen Sugar podcast had speculated that there was more to Nova’s relationship with Too Sweet, even going so far as to wonder if he was her son. I highly doubt it, but I understand the suspicion that it’s more than just trying to help a boy caught up in the system. We’ve seen Nova ignore family business, break-up with her lover, and steal money from the family’s company for Too Sweet. She clearly cares for him. That’s why it was so frustrating to have the character be absent for much of the season. When we learned he was missing, it felt like a distraction from the storylines we were truly invested in. This week, Too Sweet suffers from night terrors, waking up screaming and crying on Nova’s floor. He’s free, but in many ways he’s still incarcerated. Nova appears on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show to talk about her work as a journalist and advocate for social justice. She spots Calvin in the audience, and later he calls to say he misses her, he got the charges dropped against Too Sweet, and he left his wife.

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This would have been great news if 1) we’d seen Calvin this season to get an idea of how we’re supposed to feel about this or how Nova will feel and 2) this didn’t feel like a quick and easy way to wrap-up the Too Sweet storyline. Hopefully, Nova will continue to investigate and report on the corruption she uncovered, and I think that she will. But this latest development feels like a convenient way to usher out a character and storyline that didn’t get much attention to begin with.

The trouble in Vi and Hollywood’s relationship has been both satisfying and annoying. Hollywood was introduced as such a standup guy that we knew something had to happen, and it being a nighttime drama, we expected it. The reveal of his secret marriage and the reason for it was effective. The audience could side-eye him enough for being a lying liar who lies, but not be too conflicted in whether or not Vi should forgive him. Of course she should, especially since he has appeared to be genuinely sorry and his reasons were honorable - self-serving, sure - but not done with malice. It appeared the two were well on their way to reconciliation with the appropriate amount of time given to Vi to focus on herself and decide to forgive him on her own time. Now, the two are probably further apart emotionally - definitely physically - than they’ve ever been, and it’s due to a silly misunderstanding.

Hollywood has been back in town for nearly a week, but hasn’t gone to see Violet because he wants to have his divorce papers in hand when he does. Unfortunately for him, she already saw his car and assumed he was just getting home. Ralph Angel accidentally snitches and Vi doesn’t wait for an explanation before storming out. Later, Vi lets Roberta talk her into hitting up a local bar and Hollywood walks in just as she’s dancing with another man. He also doesn’t wait for an explanation - hell, she didn’t even see him - before leaving. And then he packs up his belongings and leaves town. Huh? Does anyone really think these two won’t get back together? Of course not. So these two misunderstandings feel like unnecessary filler to save the reunion for the finale. And Queen Sugar has been so much better than that.

Ralph Angel is genuinely trying. He’s coming up with mill alternatives, working, and taking care of Blue. Darla is spending more time at the house with the two of them, and things go to the next level when Darla listens as Ralph Angel goes on about how unappreciated he is; she then tells him all the things no one else will. Can he trust Darla? Hard to say. Like Too Sweet and Calvin, she’s not someone we’ve been allowed to see outside of interactions with Ralph Angel and the rest of the family. She certainly seems to be trying.

That said, the best part of “Far Too Long” also has the most deplorable turn of events. Charley is hard-headed; we know that. Leaking Goldie’s name to the press revealed Charley can also play dirty. But Charley also loves Micah more than anything in the world, and that’s why playing dirty at the expense of her son is so incredibly raggedy.

Without the loan, the Borderlons have to find a mill to process their cane. Ralph Angel has come up with a solution, but Charley isn’t taking his calls. Instead, she’s looking into purchasing her very own mill - despite Remy’s advice not to. Where might Charley expect to get the funds for such a purchase considering her assets are tied up due to her impending divorce? Well, Davis might be the answer. Frank Rovner, the owner of the Louisiana NBA team, is a possible investor if she can get Davis to sign with his team. To ensure that happens, Charley first blackmails one of the other wives in the Goldie case to convince her husband to go to the team as well. Then, she calls Davis and lies about Micah’s behavior and the company he keeps in order to get Davis on a plane.

It’s incredibly foolish, and disgusting, to do this to her child, but this has the most potential to make the finale unforgettable, and sets up so much drama for season two. Davis and Remy in the same town? Lawd.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast. 

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11 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E12 - Far Too Long

  1. For the podcast… My heart hurts for Hollywood and Vi. I need them to make it. They hit a snag, but that’s nothing some communication can’t help.

    Kiki and Micah… it’s cute or whatever. Better than the other chick Stella with her lightweight racist ass. He’s still dealing with a situation that didn’t even involve his peen. How come this wasn’t cleared? Anyway, young love. 💜

    I like that Darla and RA are mending in more ways than one. I like them together. I truly hope this is for real and it lasts. For Blue’s sake and the culture.

    Bye Roberta even tho she was right. Vi needed a night out. Dude Vi was dancing with was creepy.

    That’s all I got. Be easy.

    I’m keeping it simple this week.

    RA WASN’T DRINKING SHIT IN THAT DAMN MUG. Acting like he adding and subtracting and clicking that calculator. You ain’t doing shit! Also, does he only have checked shirts from the gap? Is this nigga a cartoon character? He got a checkered shirt for every season and a clenched mouth in every scene. He still can’t act worth a damn. Also fucking vampira for the ill na na? This storyline is fishy y’all.

    Charley ain’t shit. She extorting people and lying on her baby! Damn owning your own mill ain’t worth fucking up your family. *In Tyra’s voice* We were all rooting for you!

    Brown butter Remy felt used? Nigga wat? Your ass keep showing up! Acting like your ass don’t swoop in like superman. Mutherfucker, you didn’t even get pissed off when she fucking stood you up? You simpin’ ass nigga. She didn’t even throw the cooch your way yet and you weak. But wait until you get a taste (no pun intended) of evil Charley. You ain’t going to like it. Your ass will become burnt butter Remy. And my dreams of love for y’all will end. I swear I hope I am dead wrong.

    FUCK THIS TEEN ROMANCE. Something about Micah’s whole face, body, and looks that make me want to toss this nigga off a bridge. He didn’t do anything wrong in this episode, its just his forehead looks like horns are going to grow. The back of his head pokes out. His clothes are wack too. I’ll admit it, I just don’t like him.

    Hollywon’t. That’s your pick up line? I smelled your macaroni and cheese? Boy bye. Reset the game and put in the contra codes because you can’t beat the game my nigga. Your ass gave up and left because you saw her dancing? It is not like she took nondescript delivery man to her car. The nigga is hollywood light, he hollywood adjace. How the fuck can you give up when you were lying about being married. You simple nigga. You simple. Just take your blubbery ass on then.

    Finally, Vi you cannot have it both ways. Either you want rock monster to see you or you don’t. He even complimented your suspect mac and cheese. You don’t throw away good mac and cheese, so yo shit is suspect. And so are you. I swear if your ass don’t go to him! He can’t be the one meeting your ass halfway all the damn time. If I get one more episode with her acting like this to sewer rat, then Imma have to start calling you names!

    Only answer these questions if y’all didn’t already and y’all got time. Do you believe Charley and Remy will happen? Will Nova and copbae’s wife alternatively, Chantall come stir some shit up, and What is Darla going to do to fuck her relationship up with Blue?


    It’s almost difficult to cheer for the Bordelons. One of them is always doing something without thinking and it’s aggravating.

    Why does Charley think she can run the farm like she runs Davis’ career? Why won’t she listen to Remy? While I will give her credit for how she handled Felix’s wife, she was wrong as fuck in how she lied on Micah to manipulate Davis into coming to NO.

    It may not be completely fair that Charley won’t listen to him, but he keep forgetting he JUST got out of prison! And why does he sound like Sophia from The Color Purple?? Do we think he made Darla wash her ass before they had sex?

    Aunt Vi done fucked up. No she did not throw out a pan of perfectly good mac & cheese just because she was pissed at Hollywood. I’m sorry but you don’t waste good food over no man. Uh-uh, can’t do it. I really wish these men would stop talking to each other, like they’re relationship smart. RA gon mess up Hollywood’s relationship of Hollywood let him. I don’t like this soap opera shit between Vi and Hollywood. Why don’t they just talk already? That’s what we do in real life.

    Calvin left his wife?? Aw shit! White bae here to stay.

  4. For the podcast

    I liked the episode but Charley is doing TOO DAMN MUCH!!! Yes RA makes a lot of poor life decisions but he’s working really hard on the farm. He deserves to be in on some of those decisions. But Charley gotta be the one in charge and gotta do things her way. Smh. And why is she lying on Micah? Like Davis wouldn’t come down just to see the kid! She pissed me off all episode!

    Loved Nova’s panel with MPH. And it was a nice way to bring Calvin back into the story. Plus Nova was all kinds of happy when he called. But ugh on the whole Too Sweet thing. If she’s not his bio mom, then she better be his godmother or something cause she’s doing every damn thing for a non relative! I would believe it more if we saw her friendship with his family and how close they are. Otherwise, it’s all a big WTF! And resolved way too sloppily.

    What are you doing RA? It’s too soon to be getting back with Darla! But at least he kissed her this time.

    I’m still pissed at Hollywood! It wasn’t about his marriage! It was the lie! Withholding info from Vi is not the way to get back in her good graces!! And just cause she was rubbing up on dude did not mean she was going home with him! For supposedly grown ass folks, they make a lot of stupid decisions.

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And the finale is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

  5. For the podcast:
    Ralph Angel … bless your stupid heart, Hollywood FINALLY gave you that face we’ve all been giving yo simple ass all season, kid oddly has verbal diarrhea for someone you can’t understand anyway.

    I know I call her nothing more than Decaf soy latte Olivia Pope but Charlie’s ass just gave me a full fuckin French Roast Olivia Pope like she should have all season dragging that Hoe at that hotel Bar & THEN she calls Davis ass to clinch the manipulative deal at Micha’s expense?!?!!! BITCH HAD ME SHOOK!!! Also bye Remy, I see how Salli Richardson Whitfield fixed her little problem with Charlie 😂

    Vi, nothing good can come from listening to Hoberta … you knew better, also Hollywood can gladly scoot to the curb, even if I’m mad at yo ass, you still better tell me you in town from work, I don’t give a fuck if the Divorce is final or not, this how you got into this fuckshit to begin with by not communicating.
    And finally Calvin, my boy, you did that and she’s coming back for sure … it was that wink from the auditorium third row that did it, got me wet too lol.

    One episode left and I can’t wait to see what we’re left with as a season finale; love the black ass hosts Nina & you, so good every week!

  6. For the podcast:

    For starters, I binged EPs 7-12 today, and am currently binging the PF podcasts about it. And my white ass is loving all the “black ass hosts” you are bringing on to talk about it.

    This show is like a better written, black version of Dallas. You love the characters but you want to slap every damn one of them upside the back of their head and tell them to knock that stupid shit off.

    I really was rooting for Charley until about 2/3 into this episode. When she said she was gonna buy that mill I said “now that makes sense”. Then she tried to be Helena Cassadine (general hospital reference) with her schemes and blackmail.

    I am gonna stop now, as I don’t want to rant on every character and their stupid choices. But I will say Hollywood and Vi need to work it out by the end of next week or I am gonna be pissed. They are my favorite part of this show, and dammit I can’t wait a year for them to make it right.

    Thanks fam for getting me into this show. Nina and the gang really know what they are talking about when they recommend tv shows *cough* Kate *cough*.


    (Sorry for the long post, I tried to cut it ✂️)

    Umma make this part short so I can get to Chocha Charley. The answer to all these questions are YES. Do I feel sorry for Too sweet? Would I have PTSD too? Would I NOT take the plea? Is Calvin fine? Does he remind me of Negan w/ the sexy gray in his beard? Did she get wet after that wink? I’m not for men leaving they wives but am I happy he left? Nova, don’t play hard to get and be dry like Vi🍂

    Vi? Stop playing hard to get. You proved ur point weeks ago. Hollywood has proved himself by explaining what happened, he’s boarded up ur house, cleaned up ur yard, and bought you African Violets. He’s sorry!!

    Um, Hollywood! U DO know Vi comes to the house to check on RA and Blue, right? So why aren’t you being up front? You don’t have to have them damn divorce papers to keep her informed that you’re back in town!! However, MEN, once you have fucked up, it’s in UR best interest to do the legwork. S’times that work will be unpleasant and includes kissing my ass (a lot) or letting me know ur whereabouts till trust is reestablished. This is called punishment 🤗. Punishment can also be in the form of your ass not enjoying this good food I’ve cooked. I’ve thrown out a few meals in my day. If I lose my appetite, YO ASS AINT EATING EITHER! We BOTH gone be losing weight ’round this bitch!! Why Hollywood walk away? She was only dancing w/ the nigga, it’s not like she married him (noticed the song playing was “Don’t Walk Away”- Jade. Ahhh good music) Ra’s too old to be running his mouth and offering info. I bet he went to jail for telling on himself. Ever since Darla showed up to see Blue @ the funeral I’d been rooting for her (besides any stepsister of Beyoncé is a stepsister of mine) but she need to stay out that family business. She telling him how he’s the one taking care of the farm but I bet she don’t know he fucked up $15K buying bad cane seed 🌾. I guess I can’t be mad…🎶she want that old thang back🎶. She better worry about Miss Velez cuz she had one foot in RA’s bed and the other foot on a banana peel. She was even translating for him.

    Kiki and Micah, they cute or whatever. Her mouth a tad flippity but I guess that’s Hollywoods interpretation of a spicy “Southern Girl”. #TeamMiKi

    That MUTHIN FUCKIN Charley!! When she first hit the scene I was like “SLAY! ” Now I’m like, “Gott damn you too Hollywood!!” We get it-UR LOADED! How much longer are u gonna throw money at a problem? Didn’t Landry tell yo ass they do things a lil differently down here? Didn’t he already embarrass you at the auction? Why don’t she listen to anyone? Remy, Ra, Prosper, her daddy (he BEEN telling her ass to come home). Maybe she needs Nova or Vi to talk to her. She seems to listen to them. Even when she got mad at Nova about the radio interview, she eventually came around. Why does she feel she has to lie on Micah to get Davis thot ass to come to NOLA to meet with the GM? You’re still his manager. Tell his “high yellow” ass to hop on a plane (the restaurant is named “High Yellow”, I couldnt help myself). Innocent Micah in the other room tutoring these kids, minding his business, being understanding about her dating Remy, and she in the other room…scheming and conniving on his name! How is she so busy manipulating poor Lina and making deals she forgot about her date with Remy? Bitch u ain’t Monty Hall!! Ooh she so irritating! Personally, I liked Ra’s idea of renting refrigerated trucks but she so busy trying to be the HBIC she doesn’t consider it. Yes, Ra normally is a fuck up, but this could work. It’s her money so I guess she feels she has more of a say. She should’ve took that idea to Remy and it damn sho’ wouldn’t have cost $9M OR a bank loan but NAAAAAH! She gotta point to prove to the GM, Lina, and the Boudreaux/Landry’s. It’s her way or no way. They all have sthing to offer with this farm so she needs to listen. Stop finagling with that damn ring!! You can still be his manager & not wear that fucking ring. Make some earrings!!

  8. For the podcast:
    This episode =wow!
    Let’s start with Charley-can we say boss! Or Is she woman? Charley can throw down when necessary to get what she wants & needs 2 get done. Some of her actions may come back on her i.e. Davis, her relationship w/family & remy. Bummer she had to break the date w/remy-he looked so fine! 😍

    Novas bae is back and looking oh so scrumptious. 😍 she lit up like the lights on a xmass tree when she saw him in the audience . He was supportive sitting there w/his “I got your back babe” vibe,
    Hotn too sweet cleared of all they’re going 2 reconnect? Now he SAID he left the wife-does this mean divorce has happened or is imminent?

    RAs looking so professional & business like sitting at the desk, has good ideas re getting cane 2 the mill but then he turns into clueless RA -spilling beans about Hollywood to aunt vi, drinking around darla a recovering addict & with blue in the house. I thought he was going to ask aunt vi for some of that mac & cheese
    Aunt Vi/Hollywood-can’t blame RA-Hollywood should’ve called vi 2 let her know what was going on re: divorce and even told her as she walked out the door & threw out that tasty Mac & cheese. He also should’ve popped RA upside the head 4 good measure😄

    It was fun seeing boogie boya as Hollywood called him! Kiki aka fast tail & Micah continue to be a cute couple.

    That’s all I have-can’t wait 4 the finale. I hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.


    Hollywood gotta sit the hell down. He’s ready to leave just because he saw Vi dancing with a guy? That’s it? AND he said he might as well not get divorced anymore? That says a lot right there.

    Charley did NOT need to lie to get Davis down there. Just say he should be near his son. That’s it. He’s messed up so much that he’d do anything at this point. Micah is gonna find out be SO PISSED. Plus she done stood my boo Remy up. Not cool, dawg.

    I know his nickname is Too Sweet but I am so tired of them calling him that. Also…Calvin has done more to prove he’s here for Nova than Hollywood has. Let that sink in.

    All I got for now…farewell!


    Hello Nina and this week’s Black ass co-hosts!!!

    Unfortunately this was my least favorite episode of the season mostly because of the characters and the bad decisions they made, and in some part it felt like a reset.

    Ralph Angel

    He seems to be the only character that has shown the most potential and growth throughout the season. He started off leaving that baby alone in a park with some churros (DRINK) but as the season progressed he has shown that he is all about trying to make the farm business work and get his life back on the right path. Despite a couple of slip ups the one consistent thing he has been is a good father to Blue, and hopefully Darla really has her act together and they can be a real family again. Those scene with them together were real sweet and I love that she has his back and that they came back together despite their previous differences.


    Her character seems like the one that has been reset for the second season. I wasn’t all that interested in the Too Sweet story line after he got out of prison and even less now that it all was handled so easily. Too Sweet and Calvin’s nameless wife were just obstacles that kept Nova and Calvin apart so now that both of them are gone hopefully it can become interesting.


    This nigga here ain’t learned shit! He spent the last few episodes trying to get Vi back and last time looked like it was a good start. The nigga still ain’t apologize and didn’t even have the decency to drop by and say hello. I guess as a man I can understand him wanting to do the grand gesture of presenting her with the divorce papers from Max but he’s not realizing its the small things that count. He cold have save himself a hell of a lot of heartache and Denzel tears had he just went by and said hello! Now Aunt Vi out’chea looking all fine and hanging with Roberta twerking on the Verdi truck man! And she was PEAK petty this episode! She threw the mac & cheese AND the good pan in the trash face down like neither one of y’all niggas can have this!!! That shit their hurt my Black ass soul to the core! I bet that mac & cheese was good too! Damn now I’m hungry!!!


    Ugh where to begin! She has really been getting on my last nerve this episode. I can almost forgive her not talking to her siblings about the plan for the farm because it means Davis will part of the deal and she don’t want to hear they mouth but I’m not buying the whole ruthless businesswoman act even though she looked good doing it! Too bad Remy couldn’t see it cause he got stood up and all, he can take that rented suit back to Men’s Warehouse now. I said I could almost forgive Charley but that thing at the end was the last straw. She lied on Micah for absolutely no reason! All she had to do was tell Davis to come down and talk and he would have been on the first plane, there was no reason to make up that lie, she only created a new problem for herself and I hope the show addresses that.

    Well I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you Nina for covering this show and giving your audience the chance to discuss it with you. I’ve been getting my Black ass life to this experience!

    Take care!

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