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Queen Sugar - S1E3 - Inherit the Earth

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Evergreen”

Queen Sugar S1E3 - Inherit the Earth | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett,Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

Images: OWN

Images: OWN

This week, Queen Sugar went about the business of death. The Borderlon siblings barely have time to grieve before they’re forced to process the details of Ernest Borderlon’s will. They’re given his 800-acre sugar cane farm to share and manage equally. Unfortunately, it also comes with a mountain of debt and the lecherous Landry sniffing around.

Each have their own reasons for wanting their father’s affairs sorted quickly, though they’re not all on the same page as to what should be done with the farm. Ralph Angel needs a job and a fresh start, and he sees running the farm as his way to achieve both. His sisters barely consider his wants or his possible contributions, which sends him into the arms of his ex, Darla. Considering his contempt for her, this will most likely be a decision he later regrets.

We see more of Nova’s activist side, but not much else of her in “Inherit the Earth.” She makes time to visit a young black boy in jail for a crime he says he didn’t commit. He’s near his breaking point, but Nova promises to have his back if he wants to fight and take his case to trial. Such a short scene, yet it enhances and reaffirms what we know of this character. She’s deeply committed to her people and her community. Will this case put her at odds with her police detective lover, Calvin?


Charley wants to return to her life in Los Angeles so she can deal with the fallout of Davis’ rape scandal. That is, until he admits that he did have sex with the woman, an escort, but maintains he didn’t rape her. Reluctantly, she allows Micah to accompany his father while she remains in St. Josephine to negotiate the farm deal with Landry.

One thing the siblings can all agree on: The only thing more offensive than Landry’s low offer (nearly half of what the land is worth), is his condescending attitude. We’ve seen that the Borderlons may have their issues with one another, but they will band together quickly and fiercely against an outsider. This is no exception. After some counsel from Remy, Charley seriously considers keeping the farm and eventually she and Nova present Ralph Angel with their plan: They’ll give the farm a year, with Charley handling financials, Nova taking on the administrative duties, and Ralph Angel managing the day-to-day operations while he resides in their father’s house with Blue.

On the surface, this seems like a reasonable and realistic endeavor, but Landry’s not-so-veiled threat to Charley by the episode’s end ensures it won’t be easy.

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Queen Sugar S1E3
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4 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E3 - Inherit the Earth

    Another great episode as family moves forward & drama ensues.
    I realize my beautiful black Ralph angel is not the best parent in the world & appears directionless and lost @ times but u could feel his pain as nova & Charley go thru their fathers things w/o including him even if unintentional.


    Another great heart wrenching episode. I love how we are getting little revelations about the sibling dynamic.

    Last week Nova and Ralph Angel were ganging up on Charley and keeping her out of family affairs, now the ladies are doing the same thing to Ralph Angel, maybe for good reason. Dude is still a man child and still got some growing up to do! You just can’t be pulling a gun on white folks in Louisiana and think they gonna forget and be cool with it later! And my goodness when Blue stormed out that house to get his daddy, my heart sank. He knew his daddy was about to fuck up the money! Then he goes to lay up with his succubus baby momma. At least she asked about the baby before going in his pants! But maybe he’ll on the right track, told y’all he was looking for work!

    I’m glad the siblings came together to keep the land they inherited. I’m sure it’s going to present a challenge but they seem to have a good support system in each other as long as they can get past the petty arguments, but that’s what family is sometimes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of the story play out. It’s been kind of Ralph Angel heavy in these first few episodes so I’m anticipating seeing more interesting things with Charley and Nova and of course Hollywood and Aunt Vi. It’s gonna be good!!!

    Until next week, take care!

  3. Totally forgot to leave feedback! Lmao!

  4. For the podcast (hope it’s not late or too long. Cut what you need to.

    Loving this show so much. Everything is so beautiful!

    Ok. So Nova is doing a helluva lot. Visiting folks in jail and whatnot.

    Davis ain’t shit! You got that beautiful wife at home but you had to go buy some ass? Wtf?! They’re pro athletes! Chicks are lined up waiting for the chance to be their side piece! SMH! And wtf with Micah! Stay out of grown folks business! Yeah, your daddy may or may not have raped that woman, but he clearly went in that room where something happened! You can go back to your daddy but your mama don’t owe that fool jack! Whether he raped that woman or just had sex wth her one time, he cheated on his wife! Charley is already dealing with the loss of her dad. She ain’t got time to bother with Davis’ bullshit! Plus she got Remy waiting in the wings for her so she’s good. She can get half of Davis’ money and move back to Louisiana and hook up with Remy. End of story.

    Aunt Vi is the best and she got her babies’ backs! WE OUT! Love her! And Hollywood need to stay away from that ho Roberta! She knows good and damn well that’s Vi’s man! Why you all up on his truck like that? She just asking for that beat down you know Vi is itching to give her stank ass! And Hollywood better keep his dick in his pants! Don’t let that chick get you all tricked up!

    Landry is the devil. And he thinks they’re dumb. Nope. And while RalphAngel and his no job having ass may have many issues, apparently he really does know the farm stuff. But what was with his sisters cutting him out of stuff? I understand cutting him out of the money stuff, but why would they not involve him with going thru their daddy’s things? Part of the reason their daddy probably coddled him is cause his sisters basically take over everything and he needed the extra attention. And apparently he still has booty calls with Blue’s mama. At this point, she’s doing better with her life than he is. I’m glad he got a real job but how the fuck to you get to 27 years old and never holding a job cause he was clueless about that time clock. How long do you think he’ll keep that job?

    That confrontation over the tractor was so intense! And then little Blue came out trying to have his daddy’s back. OMG! This scene was so powerful! And when RA broke down in Nova’s arms. This show just has me all up in my feels.

    Sorry for the length. I’m gonna try and keep it shorter next time. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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