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Queen Sugar - S1E4 - The Darker Sooner

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Inherit the Earth”

Queen Sugar S1E4 – “The Darker Sooner” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett,Nicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

The seed cane isn’t even in the ground and Ralph Angel has already learned taking over his father’s farm won’t be easy: In the course of one day, he’s swindled out of $15,000 in a shady seed purchase. This could be chalked up to his over confidence and inexperience - Remy did offer to help and Ra declined - but we can’t overlook his sisters’ parts in this failure. Charley may have had good intentions, but her constant phone calls and need for reassurance that Ralph Angel wouldn’t screw up certainly added to the pressure he was under. On the other hand, Nova’s lack of interest, choosing to chase down leads on a new story instead of helping him, didn’t help either. Ralph Angel makes sure to point this out, accusing his sister of caring more for the locked up strangers than she does her own brother.

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Back in Los Angeles, Davis’ indiscretion threatens his future with his team and his endorsements, but worst of all, it’s affecting Micah’s life at school as well. His girlfriend’s mother is openly hostile towards Micah and Charley, but things get ugly when she finds a picture of a boy’s penis on Stella’s phone. As Micah is blamed and faces expulsion from school, he realizes Stella has been cheating on him since he never sent any dick pics. Thank goodness, too, because I really didn’t want to learn Micah was that damn dumb.

In the first episode, character after character praised Charley for her business savvy. In “The Darker Sooner,” we get to see this for ourselves. The Gladiators are trying to distance themselves from Davis, and the other accused players are mounting a joint defense without him. Charley manipulates a friend and learns which power attorney they plan to hire, and then hires that attorney for Davis. She doesn’t blink when this attorney mentions the possibility of paying the accuser to go away. Unfortunately, the escort isn’t interested in Davis’ money.

I can’t quite figure out where this storyline is going. It didn’t make sense that Davis wasn’t named in the initial accusation, yet he was very clearly there. The refusal of a payoff suggests there may have been an actual relationship between the prostitute (Goldy) and Davis. Clearly Charlie doesn’t believe that Davis raped the woman if she’s willing to part with hush money instead of letting the victim seek justice. At least, I hope that’s not the case.

Nova uncovers corruption within the police department and prosecutor’s office, coercing black teens to take plea deals on bogus charges, and all to line their pockets from for-profit prisons. Once the story runs, she apologizes to Ralph Angel and promises to make an effort to show up when he and the farm needs her.

Queen Sugar S1E4
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Another solid episode. It was great seeing Nova use her profession and activism to seek change. Though, I wonder if this will put her at odds with her lover, Calvin. Seeing Charley in her professional element was welcome, too. Here’s to hoping next week is a bit of a breather for Ralph Angel, who has taken lumps for three weeks straight now. Oh, and more Vi and Hollywood, please. #LoveGoals

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3 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E4 - The Darker Sooner


    This show gets better and better. Seeing this great storytelling, with this wonderful cast at the height of blackting…it’s almost too much. Add this black ass podcast and it is too much.

    Thank God people are now calling this dude RA. I was bout tired of working my mouth around Ralph Angel, everytime I wanted to talk about him. Why is he so dumb? Okay, not dumb-clueless. Why doesn’t he listen? I get it; he’s the baby and wants to prove himself, but there’s shit he don’t know and he needs to learn to step back to ask for and accept help. I think he’ll get there, but I fear he’s gonna FUBAR some shit before he gets it together.

    I want Charley to kick Davis’ ass. I don’t wanna see her helping him. I want her lighting up clothes, smashing windows, SOMETHING. And I want her to just say, she may not believe he raped that lady, but he did cheat. And I DEFINITELY believe he raped that lady. I need her to go back to St. Joe’s and get her life in order. And tell Micah to watch it around these Darth Beckys.

    Can Nova and Calvin get it on in every scene. The chemistry between those two actors is smokin hot. I’m interpreted to.see where the story she’s writing takes her, but I hope she doesn’t get hurt behind it.

    Aunt Vi and Hollywood are peak relationship goals, but I swear my cynicism is trying to take over. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and I don’t want it to. Please let this Black Love shine, PLEASE!!

    I love this show so damn much, as well as the podcast. Can’t wait to hear my people talk about it. Love you guys!

  2. For the podcast

    Another fantastic episode!

    Poor RA. He just can’t win. And his pride is gonna cost him a lot. So is he gonna attack his new work friend immediately or wait until later? Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna lose his day job over it. What you think Landry’s interference has been in this? Did he buy up all the seed came? Find some dude to scam RA outta some money? Both? And wtf did they give that boy $100,000! Smh

    Nova is fierce! And she got the hookup too! Loved that hug at the end between her & RA cause they are riding his ass hard. He needs to let people help and they need to help him without being overbearing. And so far except for the married thing, Calvin is a good boyfriend.

    Charley is about that business as I suspected. But poor naive Micah. His mama has been trying to school him! So is he now gonna be expelled for something he didn’t even do because his dad ain’t shit? Smh.

    Btw, Davis still ain’t shit. And he’s living in a dream world thinking everything will work up. Since his professional ho didn’t want the money and didn’t name him, something else is going on there. Hmm. How long has that arrangement been going on? Why did she cry rape? Is Davis her regular dude but he let his friends in there and that’s not what she agreed to? Hmmm.

    Ok, that’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. And we need more Blue! And Vi & Hollywood remain #relationshipgoals. Let’s hope they stay that way.

    Another great episode! The ladies of Queen Sugar were in charge this week.
    Nova-I love everything about her-essence, confidence, the way she carries herself-she can be a tough cookie & difficult but she seems 2 handle the various things in her life. Her married bae (looking good)-there was talk in previous podcasts about how the came 2 hook up-is it possible they were kept from being 2gether due to family particularly his? Wasn’t his father the county sheriff or some prominent official?
    Charlie took care of business too on all fronts-I was like “Go Charley” when she was meetings w/team officials, lawyers, school officials-u know she’s not done w/that situation. BTW was Micah set up by the HS Becky?
    My beautiful black RA-😍 (is Ralph angel another name for Raphael?) he’s trying but paying 15 grand for suspect sugar cane?!? What?!? Young man has a lot 2 learn…..
    Viv/Hollywood-so good 2gether like the comfort of a well cooked soul food meal but trouble is brewing……
    Looking forward 2 podcast

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