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Queen Sugar - S1E6 - As Promised

Previously on Queen Sugar, “By Any Chance”

Queen Sugar - S1E6– “As Promised” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle DurrettNicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

In what has become expected in Queen Sugar, “By Any Chance” shows the Borderlon siblings making small progress, but with big setbacks. For every win, there’s an L, yet all roads to peace seem to be leading them to the farm.

Ralph Angel draws Aunt Vi’s suspicion by flashing cash and putting a lock on the farm’s shed. He sold just enough of the stolen iPhones to get on his feet and wants out, but Melvin (Anthony Michael Frederick) drops all of his “aw shucks, I’m just trying to help” demeanor and makes it clear backing out of their arrangement is not an option. He emphasizes this with a workplace beatdown and forces Ra to store more stolen goods at the farm, in the shed.

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The brawl isn’t enough to get Ralph fired, so he plays the only card he has: He threatens his boss with reporting his shortened checks if he doesn’t lay him off; not fire him. His bluff is called and police arrive at the farm with a search warrant on behalf of Ra’s employer. Being the angel she is, Vi already moved the phones to the bottom of the Bayou, and Ralph Angel once again avoids serious trouble. However, this has to affect the way Vi views him and most likely chips away at her trust. Also, I can’t imagine Melvin and his boys will let that stolen merchandise go.

Nova also puts the farm in jeopardy when she uses $10,000 from its account to bond Too Sweet out of jail. Her advice of going to his happy place when things get rough isn’t working. Just a day after a four-hour surgery he’s sent back to prison and he’s about to break.

Nova’s appearance on a radio show does little to spread the word or get Too Sweet a decent attorney as the shock jocks would rather make jokes about Davis’ case. When Nova tries to steer the conversation in the proper direction, she calls Davis’ accuser a victim and this doesn’t sit well with Charley. After their fight, and a heartbreaking call from Two Sweet, Nova’s frustration is understandable. Using the farm’s funds is the one thing she can do to help a young boy who relies on her. Still, doing it without input from Ralph Angel or Charley is sure to cause more drama. On the plus side, she has a fellow activist (Reagan Gomez-Preston) flirting with her. Calvin who?

Charley agrees to take a chance on a strain of sugar cane Remy has engineered since he’s offering it for free. She also - with the help of Vi’s good cooking - convinces Prosper to take the management position. And she’s one step closer to putting Davis’ case behind them; she just has to get through the meeting with Goldie and listen to her husband apologize for a rape she doesn’t think he committed. Before he can, Goldie reads a statement that shatters everything Charley thought she knew about her husband and her marriage. Davis had been seeing Goldie for more than three years. He left her in the hotel room with the other players to tend to an emergency with Micah. He also left the other players with his permission to have sex with her because he’d already paid for it. When she refused, they raped her. If Charley had any doubt about Goldie’s story, they’re quickly squashed when Goldie plays a recorded call from Davis in which he reveals himself to be depraved, misogynistic, a liar, and all around fuckboy. Goldie came there for $3 million and an apology from Davis; she leaves with $3 million and an apology from Charley instead.

Can Remy be trusted? Is Charley truly done with Davis? Will Ralph Angel’s and Nova’s decisions come to back to haunt them?

Leave your thoughts on this week’s episode below or on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on the podcast this weekend.

Queen Sugar S1E6 = 9.3/10
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8 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E6 - As Promised


    This show. This muthafuckin show. I went through ALL the emotions on this latest episode.

    I wanna throttle RA; why he so got’damn dumb?? I keep waiting for him to grow up and get it together, but it seems like it’ll never happen. Do y’all think the boss sic’d the police on him because he was salty or do y’all think that punk ass Marvin had him do it?

    I thought the chemistry and sexual tension between Nova and Calvin lit my screen on fire, but the tension between Nova and Reagan’s character damn near made my TV explode. It’s that fine ass Rutina. She’d have chemistry with cactus. I feel like she handled herself on that radio show well and brought up an interesting thing, with the victim blaming. Did y’all think she was wrong to make that statement?

    Charley and Davis. Fuck. That. Dude. Charley should have known something was up when his trifling ass decided to “prepare” her for the meeting with Goldie. What he shoulda done was be honest, piece of shit. Charley’s reaction during that meeting, sweet jesus, bruh woulda got smacked in the face with a carafe. Fuck that shit. For a second, let’s forget what he did to Charley; the way he talked to Goldie in that meeting and on that phone call. I would still be kickin his ass. Charley gotta know somebody who can take care of him, right? I’m sure she can ask Nova for a name. Davis needs his ass BEAT. Punk ass, mark ass, piece of shit nigga.

    Remy bet’not be an asshole, too. I need Rooobert (you gotta say it like Vanessa) to make the Bordelons lives better.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast.


    I have been slacking on feedback for shows I would otherwise leave comments for. But I am trying y’all!

    Those ashy ass nigga’s talking about Davis and Goldy need to get hit by parked cars. Fuck them.

    DAVIS AIN’T SHIT. THIS NIGGA GOT A BEARD AND I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE. I guess the rule is light skinned first, beard second? The light outweighs the dark! His light skin shined through his beard and exposed his ain’t shitness.

    Reagan Gomez was so beautiful. And um was I the only one who felt chexual chemistry? I mean I felt it and I am here for it. But looking at Nova’s face, she was confuzzled.

    BLUE is the cutest fucking child. He must have been a Gerber baby.

    RA is fione. But he going to have to bust a cap in that creole nigga’s ass. He at least need to pistol whip his ass. Last resort is to have Nova to throw that Voodoo on his ass because this shit with creole Freddy is too much for me. Next thing you know RA will be swallowing snatch packs and doing drugs. I don’t believe that is the last time we see racially ambiguous conk nigga. I refused to believe this because quitting the job and getting rid of the guns went down too easily. And I still need him to get molly wopped by RA.

    Remy obviously wants to get in those panty drawers cause he giving his seed cane for free (no pun intended)? I believe in love so I choose to believe that he is doing some good. But my light skinned nigga senses are tingling. This nigga got ruddy brown skin and no beard. All things point to ain’t shitness, but again, I believe in love!

    Auntie Vi is GAWD. She has done everything she could to keep shit together. The alcohol, the most proper sounding “well that was expensive piece of ass” line made me laugh, and she is everything especially for saving RA’s ass. I aspire to be the black auntie Vi is. She the truth! I cried.

    Finally, I know that Nova broke up with White Calvin, but can we get Copbae back and a sexy scene? I um need that. Alright, I am out.

  3. For the podcast:
    Hi guys

    RA is so frustrating, he makes every wrong decision possible in the heat of the moment, short his check? He’ll steal from you. Force him to keep stealing? He’ll fight you. Fire him for fighting? He’ll do what he should have dying in first place and report you shorted his check. WTF Ralph, if you had proof he shorted you maybe you should’ve just told in the first place. Good thing Aunt Vi knows hg stays doing hottest things with… Anybody.

    Nova was right on the radio, she was pretty much right on how she read Davis but then immediately prices her and Ralph related. Charley was extremely annoying, glad she knows what her husband is, but here’s still gonna be around for Micah, funny know if I’d want Davis to teach my son anything ever.

    Why the fuck didn’t Remy know when to exit a conversation? Nigga was just standing there, being nosey. Why did he even stop? Was he just their to show Davis how it feels to have your personal space violated?


    Great episode I am loving the progression of the plot.


    All I gotta say about her that she is dead wrong wrong wrong for stealing from stealing from the family farm account to bail that boy out of jail! I mean I get it, she feels bad for him and wants to save him but girl you have other options. That’s not your money to just do what you want to with. Maybe Regan boo can reform her!

    Ralph Angel

    Look child abandonment and churros aside I really like that my dude caught a win this episode. He started off fucking up by getting caught up in the theft ring but at least he smartened up and stood up for himself. Now he can get full unemployment for being laid off until Charley can hook up the pay stub situation.

    Aunt Vi came through in the clutch for the win! But throwing the good shit in the bayou?! Come on girl you could have fenced that shit off and came up!


    I’m glad Charley has thrown herself into farming full time now. It might do her soul some good to focus on managing something else. Remy keep trying to get in there on the low though. So this nigga a botanist now?! Ion trust that light skinned seed cane!

    We finally got an answer about ain’t shit Davis. He wasn’t named because he wasn’t there but he left her there with his ain’t shit raping ass teammates. Charley was right he is a monster for the way he callously treated her and what he did to Charley. I hope she gets everything in the divorce! Fuck him forever!

    That’s it. I can’t wait for next week! Love you guys. Peace out!

  5. For the podcast

    This show continues to be amazing!

    Aunt Vi is the MVP! She knows that her idiot nephew needed help. Yes he has to grow up and make better decisions but his fine ass didn’t need to be back in jail either. It’s still not gonna end well either. That dude is gonna come looking for his merchandise and I just hope Blue don’t get caught up in this mess. So who’s gonna come for him next? And where is Bianca Lawson? We have t seen her since that booty call with RA.

    Nova was right on that radio show but why do they stay making bad decisions?! Where is Too Sweet’s mama? Instead of using farm money, couldn’t she have got with his family to raise the money for his bail? Charley is gonna shit a brick when she finds out. Plus, I’m totally here for her hooking up with Reagan.

    I’ve been saying it all along. DAVIS AIN’T SHIT! I knew Goldie was his regular but damn! He’s more ain’t shit than I originally thought. How you gonna leave her there like that? You paid for yourself! She ain’t said nothing about your boys! And what she’d done in the past didn’t mean she wanted to do it then! I hope Charley takes everything from him & that someone makes him feel like poor Goldie felt with 5 dudes raping her!

    Love this show so much! Can’t wait to see how the Bordelone kids fuck up some more. And you know that fight over the money is gonna get UGOLIE.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Who are the black ass cohosts this week?


    I’m proud of Charley for apologizing to Goldie, who, BTW, has turned out to be a rather tech savvy “entrepreneur.” She expected loyalty and she trusted Davis to protect her. I’m definitely not on Team Side Piece, but she played this well. In Goldie’s defense, she did attempt to warn Charley in the previous episode with all the Davis shade and familiarity. She really did need to bluntly state it for Charley, otherwise, Charley would have continued to be in denial.

    Speaking of savvy, Prosper definitely knows his value. I’m sure he didn’t have a hard time crunching numbers after he heard about the $3 million payoff.

    Is Too Sweet Nova’s abandoned child or a secret Bordelon brother? Is he the family we don’t know about? He better be closer than a first cousin for her to steal from the farm.

    (Inner thought: I still don’t understand why the same cameras that saw Davis walk in the hotel didn’t see him walk out alone.) I hope he takes too many Cialis and suffers from all 100+ side effects.

    At least Ralph Angel was able to upgrade his phone. Blue now has some games like a normal kid. Ralphie deserved that ass whopping. Maybe he will wake the hell up now.


  7. For the podcast:
    This week’s episode-whew! I’m just loving this show.
    RA-my beautiful angel so young & dumb. I know he’s trying 2 do better but fighting/stealing/hiding stolen items-thxs 2 aunt vi he’s not in jail. Blue is back (yay) & I enjoyed their bonding moments & yes he needs those patenting classes.
    Nova/too sweet-I so felt for this young man-he knows his situations appears hopeless & he’ll probably die in jail. Nova comes to his rescue but I thought she was using her own $ not the farm $.
    Enjoyed the dinner scene & how the girls not acting right by loudly arguing in front of company albeit family. Welcome back proctor & remy had a wife? Interesting/some feel remy is not whom he seems-too good to be true. I like remy but I too have slight reservations about him. I enjoyed the family bonding while working the land under the direction of proctor.
    Charley/Davis-as my auntie would say Davis is a low down lying dirty dog. What an ass! As I watching Charley, I couldn’t help but think of her earlier argument w/nova re: victim blaming-i think she finally understood what nova was saying. She & Davis should be through but I feel he’ll make it very difficult.
    Finally aunt vi-she’s the best, providing unconditional love & support to her family (though I thought she was going to slap RA upside the head) 😄
    That’s all I have-looking forward to the podcast.

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