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Queen Sugar - S1E5 - By Any Chance

Previously on Queen Sugar, “The Darker Sooner”

Queen Sugar S1E5 – “By Any Chance” | Starring: Rutina WesleyDawn-Lyen GardnerKofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett,Nicholas L. AsheGreg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez, Bianca Lawson

The Borderlon siblings have mastered the art of self-sabotage, each either giving in to temptation when they know there’s a better way or ignoring their own culpability in the troubling situations they’re in. Ralph Angel had the roughest go of it last week, losing $15K on a bad seed purchase. This week, he finally answers for his mistake to Charley and confronts the overly helpful (but not really helpful) co-worker, who claims ignorance and offers up nothing more than “buyer beware.” Even though Ra vows to have no further dealings with him, he listens to the guy’s plan for ripping off the company when Ra discovers their boss shorts their checks on purpose - and then leaves with the Apple products mysteriously placed in his locker at the end of his shift. Or did Ra take it upon himself to make up for his lost wages?

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Not everyone is impressed with Nova’s piece on police corruption; namely, her police officer lover, Calvin. He stops just short of “Blue Lives Matter,” and can’t reconcile what he thinks of police work and the system is worth dismantling because of “one kid who broke the law.” We haven’t seen much of their relationship, but two things are apparent: They love each other and Nova has kept him at a distance. These is proven here when Calvin calls Nova out on her shit. Too Sweet had the weed Nova sells on him when he was arrested. She can brush it off as “a little bit of weed,” but she knows it’s not that simple - especially when she now knows how the system is padding charges on young black men for profit. Nova’s relationship with Calvin is complicated, and not just because he’s married. Hopefully we’ve not seen the last of it; even though he returned the key to her house.

All of the savvy Charley displayed last week is non-existent in “By Any Chance.” Twice she ignores advice from people who know better to do what she wanted, and both times out of ego. First, she visits Goldy, the woman accusing her husband of rape, and offers more money. When Goldy refuses and implies Charley doesn’t know Davis as well as she thinks, Charley slut shames her. As their criminal attorney later pointed out, this wasn’t smart all. Charley hasn’t learned a lesson, though, and agrees to pay Goldy the $3 million she asks for later in exchange for dropping the charges against Davis.

In St. Josephine, Charley overbids on farm equipment at an auction simply to show up Landry and against the advice of her reluctant new farm manager. The one bright spot was Micah agreeing to move to St. Joe with his mom, hoping for a fresh start.

The most heartbreaking development came when Hollywood is called to check his wife (yes, his WIFE) out the hospital. She’s biploar and they’re only still married so she can use his health insurance; both are secrets he’s keeping from Aunt Vi, who has a rough go of it when she has to deal with her much younger and overbearing boss. Considering she quits her job, chances are pretty high she’s not going to be in the mood for Hollywood’s confession when he comes home - if he even plans on telling her.

Leave your thoughts on this week’s episode below and we’ll read them on the podcast this weekend. 

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9 Comments on Queen Sugar - S1E5 - By Any Chance

  1. Ugh. I wanted to slap the taste out of white bae mouth. It’s about more than one kid and we all know weed was made illegal to cut out the hemp Industry against the paper industry. The beginning of the episode reminded me of this podcast I listened to that talked about the medicinal uses of weed and how really it’s illegal bc big pharma doesn’t want any competition. It’s ridiculous that someone could get years in jail for one joint whereas a damn rapist would get off Scott free. Bc you know how those weed heads are so dangerous right? I would rather be drunk with Too Sweet than Davis’s rapey ass. “How do you unrape someone?” I so hated Charlie in this scene. Just bc Goldie is a sex worker doesn’t mean she can’t get raped. No one is unrapeable (I’m looking at you Damon Wayans). I felt so bad for aunt Vi. So did Vi used to own the restaurant or did her friend just make an assumption? Do y’all think she know about Hollywood’s wife? Is Vi married or just dating Hollywood? Bc if it’s the latter then her marriage is illegal. It was nice to see max from living single acting again. Micah’s attitude is totally warranted. That’s what I just can’t understand how people, men particular, can mess up their kids and their families for sex! Seriously? Is it really worth it!!!! Ugh. The only reason why I want it to be settled is for Charlie and Micah but I feel like if they just pay her off then Davis learns nothing. Probably be sleeping with the next girl during the next away game

  2. Hey Ya’ll
    Each episode is better and better. I must admit, at first, I was lukewarm about this show. I LOVED the imagery and I like Rufina and Glen but the premise was only okay.

    I’m glad I satiated my curiosity because I REALLY like this show. I LOVE the blackass podcast and I look forward to what unfolds.

    I appreciate how these characters are not one dimensional, there are layers.

    Nova is self righteous and I happen to fall in line with her current cause but I wonder if she was sabotaging an already fragile relationship between her and Calvin. They clearly love each other and I hope that we did not see the end of their romantic relationship.

    Charley has been on the fence for me. I feel as though her actions with Goldie will come back to bit her in more ways than her pocket book. By the way, that move, of going to Goldie directly, was an example of Charley throwing her status around with disregard and shaming someone for their choices. Charley may have crossed over that fence that she straddles for me. Lastly, why the fuck did she not deal with that bullshit about her son at school?? Even though change may be good for them, she STILL needed to set the record straight.

    Oh RA, he is a classic example of a sheltered child. He has some arrested development and clearly needs guidance. I’m looking to Remi for that. I did not trust that seed cane dude from jump and STILL don’t. Do we think RA will stand his ground and keep his nose clean??

    I feel like none of the kids have a firm grasp of the importance of their farm and maybe that’s the father’s fault? The thing is, they may have actively rebelled against the father when growing up and at some point he may have just said, fuck it and dealt with the farm on his own.

    I really think these kids are being forced to reevaluate what is important to them and also what family means.

    This show is amazing. You all keep up the good work in talking about it.

  3. Hey guys,

    I am loving this podcast especially since you’ve opted to have guest podcasters from your FB group. I’ve been meaning to leave feedback on Queen Sugar for weeks now so I’m doing it at work cause I can’t get no down time at home, Lol.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this show but some of the decision the Borderlines are making got me side eyeing them really hard.
    Lets start with Charley’s bad decisions:
    1. Should I put Micah’s parents on the “shitty ass parents” shit list with Don and Betty Draper? Charley’s alright with allowing her son to get kicked out of a (I’m assuming) prestigious private school over a horrendous of a lie? Hell nah, Charley should be fighting that school with the same power that she used to go to Goldie’s house.
    Davis is damaged goods whether he get out of the mess or not.
    That school and Stella’s parents just shitted all over you son’s academic profile that will most likely be viewed by universities that he’ll apply to in a few years.
    2. Charley needs to put her ego in check fo real, who in their “right” mind would seek a face to face with the woman that’s accusing you husband of rape? The mere fact that Charley actual sought out this woman’s address to speak with her is ridiculous. She gave Goldie everything necessary to start a lie about how Davis Wests wife with came to her house to threaten her.
    That was a bad idea as a wife and as a manager. Charley needs to get that ass off her shoulders before she has to give Goldie every Manolo and red bottom shoe she owns.
    3. Why, why, why wouldn’t Charley listen to Remy and that old man? She don’t know shit about farming or buying tractors at an auction. Just because she got an M.B.A don’t mean that you smarter than folks without one. It just means that you paid a hell of a lot of money for a piece of paper stating that you could run a business when everybody else at the auction is currently running a business.
    It seems pretty clear that she isn’t in love with Calvin so I don’t even understand why they have whatever they have. Or maybe she already knew that they weren’t meant to last in the first place. Nova probably understands that if she were to become Calvin’s S.O. then she would be worrying about him getting a side chick.
    Still not a good idea to let your “secret cop lover” know that you grow and sell “weed”. That’s gotta be bad juju or something.
    In addition, to be fair Nova really should’ve told Calvin about the article before it was published. Calvin already knew that she sold weed but he most likely would’ve prepared himself and her for the repercussions that the article would bring. Her name is on the lips of the entire police department.

    When I saw the previews last week all I kept thinking was, Please don’t let Hollywood be the regular ole’ “tropey dick” that we’re always expecting to see. And he was not.
    I really felt bad for Hollywood because he’s probably gonna carry some serious guilt if Maxine Shaw takes her life. Even though he shouldn’t.
    And how Vi gonna take it? I don’t think she knows about Hollywood’s wife but if she does find out I hope she can show some type of compassion for his situation.
    That was a well-played plot twist, indeed.
    I felt Vi’s humiliation when her young ass “High Yella” boss called her out so rudely in front of her friends when she was finished her shift.
    In that one scene the writers were able to convey Viola’s current situation compared to her Black girl magic friends, (I could remember her friends names). And as much as her friends tried to wipe away the sting she felt, the fact that she hadn’t progressed in life was just too much.
    The hurt was so bad that she immediately had to call Hollywood to confirm that she at least has him and he values her.
    I loved the short scene of Vi leaving the message for Hollywood at the auction. The quick focusing of the random people in the immediate area as she left the message brought realism to how Vi viewed her surroundings as she experienced that uncomfortable moment of doubt.
    So Ava please don’t turn Hollywood in to asshole, pretty please?
    I find myself more and more interested in Viola and Hollywood than those “borderline” Borderline kids, lol.
    Ralph Angel: (smdh)
    Damn, since the very beginning of this show I haven’t been able to tell if RA is trying to go back to prison to get out of raising Blue, or if Ernest just did that bad of a job raising him.
    1. RA had to know good and damn well there was no way in hell he was gonna get Charley’s $15K back. I had to laugh out loud when he asked for a refund, then I laughed even harder when the guy said that him and the seller were just play cousins, lol.
    And that supervisor probably got close to half of RA’s $15k, believe that.
    2. Even Micah just straight up ended the call with Charley like a grown up, RA’s immature ass gonna do the “I can’t hear you. You breaking up” then end the call routine.
    Heavens, I think it’d be safer for all involved if RA starts all over again by taking up a seat next Blue in school cause he has the maturity of preschooler.
    3. Why, why, why, is he gonna go along with stealing from the job that he has to have in order to stay out of prison. I bet by the end of the season he’ll be on his way back. RA is continuously saying that he’s gotta be there for Blue and yet he’s doing just about everything to ensure that he‘s not.
    Ernest could’ve did RA a really big favor after bailing him out of jail the first time by telling him, “Son, you’re not smart enough to be a criminal”.

    None of RA’s actions indicate that he wants to be there for Blue. None.
    The one thing I’m noticing so far with this series is the lack of consideration for the children in the Borderline family. It’s starting to feel like for every bad decision these siblings make, they use a child as the reason.
    That’s all I got, keep up the great work, I can’t wait to hear the podcast.
    I became premium member today but, I couldn’t log in to the website to leave feedback. Sorry for the length.
    Lanie Love

  4. I can’t wait on this podcast. I will keep it short:
    Aunt Vi blazing with the girls and talking bout her boo Hollywood had me crying laughing. And I swore when she was taking off her apron when she quit she was gonna grab a belt and tear that lil arrogant nigga up.
    It was great to see Max (Erika Alexander) on the show but does Vi know Hollywood is still married?
    Charley needs to kick Davis’ ass for real. Every time I see his beige ass i wanna throw something at the screen (sucking my teef UGH). And speaking of them I just found out the actor who plays Micah is 21 but looks all of 15 like his character. What are he and Bianca Larson drinking????
    Anyway, I know the podcast is gonna be one of the best so i’ll be anxiously awaiting that free shit. Thanks for all the laughs you give whenever I listen.

  5. For The Podcast: Hi lovelys! Nina thank you so much for podcasting queen sugar with an already expansive line of podcast you’re the best. Now on to the show. No blue this week and that sucked. I’m glad to know Hollywood isn’t a dick but I still feel like hiding regine is going to backfire on him.

    I was so mad at Charley speaking to the accuser like that, she’s doing to much but that might be to just not make her one dimensional. Like I hate what she did but I understand but this is why you can’t be wife, lover, mgr, and blackmail negotiator. P.s I hope she went back to that school and set the record straight.

    Nova broke my heart this heart this episode with Calvin. That is one complicated ass relationship. But no way in hell should Calvin have said what he said but he’s a cop in love with a justice warrior.

    I loved the scene with the trailer Charley needs to chill even though I still don’t trust light skinned dude in the hat. All together love this show and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  6. For the podcast

    Love this show & I can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

    Everyone has pretty much said everything.

    Charley is doing too damn much.

    RA will never learn. He’s still making piss poor decisions. But fuck his boss for taking their money!

    Nova probably should’ve given Calvin a heads up about that article. But he was treading on some thin ice there. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the first time they’ve thought over the injustice of the criminal justice system. Probably not the first time he’s returned her key. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have smokin hot make up sex at some point in the future. The feelings are deep but he totally isn’t understanding her pov.

    Love Aunt Vi so much! And that scene with that little boy running the restaurant was so real. That happens a lot. Young folks come in and don’t respect the knowledge the elders have. You know that joint is gonna fall apart without her.

    Hollywood is not cheating on Vi. Phew. But I doubt she knows about this situation. He’s doing the right thing morally but not being up front with Vi from jump is gonna be a problem. And that can’t be the last we see of Max! Btw, y’all notice how she & Vi favor each other. Hollywood definitely has a type.

    That’s it. This black ass podcast is gonna be lit!

    One last thing, that scene with Vi, Charley & Nova was everything. Reminded me of chatting with my sisters, aunts and cousins after a family dinner. Just putting it all out there. Minus the weed tho. I think I would pass out from shock if my 70+ year old aunt started smoking weed. Lol

  7. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST

    Ralph Angel gotta be the dumbest Negro in the world. He gets out of jail, robs corner stores, takes on a farm that he knows nothing about, gets mad when he’s called out for knowing nothing about it, gets swindled by a coworker for $15k, then starts stealing from his boss WITH THAT SAME COWORKER. Dumb. Just dumb. When he got mad at Charley for not getting the tractor, I rolled my eyes. He probably don’t even know how to drive that damn tractor.

    Hollywood, what the hell?! We were rooting for you! He’s out here married to Maxine Shaw, attorney at law! I never saw that coming.

    I loved the scene of Nova, Charley, and Aint (no typo…we say “aint”) Vi having a good kiki. Done that plenty a time with my cousins!

    I hope Nova and Calvin get back together. Only because that alabaster man is fine.

    Micah is out here ready to move to the country! This will be hilarious. Davis is finna cry in the car.

    All I got! Love y’all!

  8. I’m out of town again so I hope I made it.


    This was my favorite episode so far in terms of progressing the plot. I love how they are continuing peeling back the layers and showing us who these characters are.


    She strikes me as the kind of woman who either has rarely been told no or doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s very strong minded and strong willed and can run with the big dogs which may work fine for her in LA when dealing with agents, lawyers, and publicists but she’s totally out of her element in St. Josephine’s. She outbid Landry against the advice of the people she hired to help her make good decisions and who know how the game is played. Hopefully she’ll take this lesson to heart and smartens up so she won’t get took.

    Davis needs to fall back. I still want to say it’s more to the story behind the rape case but Ava is on record of saying she wants to explore it from a perspective of affirmative consent and that more will be revealed as time goes on.

    I wonder if the 3 million is just for Davis to be left out or does that make the whole case go away for the rest of the guys? That’s kind of fucked up if Charley is left to foot the bill for the rest of those trifling raping ass niggas. She better invoice those shady wives.

    Ralph Angel

    I told y’all this nigga was gonna be stealing boxes!

    I really want my dude to win but he’s in a no win situation. I think he truly wants to do the right thing by Blue and go straight but his circumstances are not lining up that way. I wonder if he could have gone to his parole officer and told him what the deal was. But hell he part of that fucked ip system too so he may not care.


    Lord Vi gave me life when she quit her job. I felt that shit when she jabbing her finger at that high yellow nigra! However, I don’t like how clingy she is. I know she may be feeling vulnerable and emotional but calm down and let that man be sometimes.

    But then again it’s complicated y’all. Hollywood may be a genuinely good dude but what is kept in the dark will soon come to light. Vi may not understand and this secret marriage of convenience will probably be doom for their relationship.


    Yo I was rooting for Calvin but he’s one of “those good cops” he turned Blue Lives Matter on Nova real quick when it came to her exposing the corruption and systematic racism of the police. He was right about her being a hypocrite because it was he weed that led to Too Sweet being locked up. But he’s also a hypocrite because he smashing the plug and looking the other way!

    I hope Nova sticks to her guns but she may need to watch her back. Cause if she gets raided by one of Calvin’s good cop colleagues it’s over for her if they find that greenery!

    This show continues to amaze me and it’s really been a joy to experience. That’s it, sorry for the length. Love y’all. Peace!

    This show continues to amaze….
    Ladies Night @ Aunt Viv’s: the bordelon women enjoying good wine, good weed & good conversation-aunt viv is so cool/I don’t know if I could do this w/my aunties because they are much older, conservative & from a different generation/aunt viv on Hollywood’s package-I hear ya! 😄
    Speaking of viv, I loved the way she schooled junior Mgr on customer service.
    Nova/Calvin-are they done for good? Hope not but that conversation, the way he threw the key to the floor or was it at her & his teary exit…..
    Charley seemed to be doing things her own way & not heeding advice whether from the lawyer, remy, farm Mgr….noticed how her lips got tight when the woman mentioned Davis’s name w/familiarity as if he’s also her man
    My RA-he can’t seem to stay out of trouble-have 2 give him some props for not hitting boss man for limiting his pay.
    Hollywood-we learn his secret married but separated but he stays to provide medical care for his mentally ill wife-very sweet of him though he should’ve told Viv from the start
    Hope I’m not too late for the podcast

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